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28: The Sun Also Rises

As soon as Dean parked the Impala on their driveway, Brooke didn't wait for him to turn the engine off; she left the car in a hurry and quickly walked inside their house. Dean quickly shut the car engine off and followed Brooke into the house.

"I know you're mad, but please let me explain," he said before Brooke could utter a word.

Brooke wiped the tears from her eyes. "What, you're gonna tell me that Rachel just happened to be with your friend Preston? Do you even have a friend named Preston?"

"Babe, I'm sorry, okay?" Dean reached for her hand, but Brooke backed away. "Rachel called me. She said she was in trouble."

The hurt Brooke felt doubled. Dean just admitted that he lied to her. She tried to think of a reason why he would lie to her about Rachel, but she couldn't come up with anything. "Why did you lie?"

"Because..." Dean looked deep into Brooke's eyes.

Brooke's eyes gave away all the fear she felt as she stared at her husband and waited for an answer.

"Have I ever cheated on you, Brooke? Since the day I fell for you, did I look at other women? Did I?"

Brooke looked at Dean with fear in her eyes. "No. But there's always a first, Dean."


Brooke Davis had known Dean Winchester for almost a year now. She had seen him drunk, angry, sober, sad, and happy. He had been her husband for six months now, and she got to know him for a few months before their marriage. He had yelled at her, bossed her around, and made her look like a fool at one point, but this was the very first time he lied to her – big time.

The first time she noticed something was during their first Christmas together. If she was not mistaken, someone had sent him a message just right after they exchanged gifts. She saw the panic in his eyes as he opened the message, but when he looked up at her after he shoved his cell phone back into his pocket, he was forcing a smile. Though she smiled back at him, her mind started to go crazy once she got inside the bathroom. She shrugged the bad thoughts off and decided that it was probably just a random person from her husband's wild past.

The second time he lied to her was the day Haley gave birth. She had just finished talking to John about borrowing his private plane and was about to enter their (her and Dean's) room when she heard him talking to someone in a hushed way. He said it was just an old friend. Old Friend. She just shrugged off the bad thoughts away. She wanted to believe that Dean wouldn't try to hide something from her.

The third time was just a couple days ago. Dean left in a hurry, told her that his friend Preston was in trouble. She was left alone in their house, waited until midnight, only to find out that Dean was with Rachel. Rachel. It was her after all. Brooke felt crushed the moment she heard the redhead's voice on Dean's phone line. The redhead had tried to ruin her life long ago – she tried to steal Lucas from Brooke – and now she's trying to steal her husband. The thing that bothered the hell out of Brooke was that Dean fell for Rachel's stupid games.

Since Dean came home from Savannah, the two of them haven't talked much. Brooke couldn't bear to talk to him or even look at him directly. She knew how badly he wanted to talk to her, but she just couldn't. She needed time and space, so she spent most of her days at Haley's house, helping her best friend take care of Little Jamie.

Now, as she lay in bed, Brooke couldn't help but think of what to do with Dean. She knew she had to talk to him some time soon, but she still doesn't know how and what to say. Too much things were running on her mind. She wanted to know how he could do that to her. She wanted to know why he fell for Rachel's crap. But most importantly, she wanted to know if she was still important to him, because she feared that Dean would come back to his old jerky life.


Ever since the day Dean came back from Savannah, Brooke barely talked to him. The silent treatment drove him nuts. Brooke usually left the house right after her breakfast and only comes home well past dinner time. He opted to give her some space and decided that it would be better if he slept on the guest room. It killed him inside – being a few feet away from her but feeling like he was a thousand miles away. He could still remember the last conversation he had with Brooke, which was a night ago...

"Brooke, can we please talk about it?" Dean asked, his voice giving away the sadness and longing he felt.

Brooke didn't look at him. "About what, Dean?" It was painfully obvious that she didn't want to talk to him.

"Brooke, please."

This time, she looked at him, but it was very brief. She avoided his eyes. "I'll talk to you when I'm ready."

He knew how hard it was for Brooke. What he did was damn stupid and reckless. It was stupid of him to think that he could really help Rachel change for the better, or even think that she wanted or needed his help at all. In all honesty, he went to Savannah because he thought he could do something good to help others. For once, he wanted to solve something without anyone's help. Alice helped him get over his mother's death. Alcohol allowed him to get by for four years after Alice died. And then his father brought Brooke into his life to help him get his act together. He had been helped by other people throughout his life. He felt like shit most of the time when he was alone and all he could think about was how he couldn't solve a problem on his own. So when Rachel came up and is obviously stirring up a problem, he swore that he would stop Rachel on his own and wouldn't tell Brooke a thing about it.

Dean heaved a sigh as he sat up from his bed. He had found it hard to sleep these past few days, mostly because he didn't have Brooke by his side. He missed the way her chest gently rises and falls as she sleeps like an angel beside him; the way she smiles at him first thing in the morning; the way she flips an egg as she cooks their breakfast; the way she smiles when he kisses her. He missed it all, and he couldn't bear to be stuck in that guest room while she was alone in their bedroom, probably crying herself to sleep. So Dean jumped out of the bed and went to the master bedroom.

Brooke was there, lying on the bed, her back facing the door. Dean quietly crept towards the bed and stood there for a moment and stared at his wife. She was sleeping, though he could tell that she cried herself to sleep - her eyes were puffy and there were tear stains on her rosy cheek. He knelt down so he could see her face up close. A small smile escaped his lips. She looked like an angel.

"I'm sorry, Brooke," he whispered ever so softly. "I know I hurt you big time, and it kills me inside – I couldn't bear to think that I did this to you. I would never hurt you on purpose. I went to Savannah because I thought that for once, maybe I could do something right. That maybe I could help Rachel from completely destroying her life, because I was once headed in that direction. It was wrong of me to not tell you the truth. I was wrong, Brooke. Being away from you, not being able to talk to you and see you smile – it's killing me. But I know you need some space and time to think things through."

Dean wiped the tears that were welling in his eyes. He wished Brooke was able to hear him, and he wished that she'd tell him everything's going to be okay. But no; it would probably take a while before things between him and his wife get better. With that, he heaved a sigh and went a little closer to his wife.

"I love you Brooke," he whispered, and then planted a soft kiss on her forehead. With that, he left the room.

Little did Dean know that Brooke just pretended that she was asleep, and that she heard every word he said.


The next morning, Dean woke up with a feeling of dread. It was the third day that he woke up without Brooke by his side. He didn't want to go through another day again without talking to her. He grudgingly got out of the bed and dragged himself to the bathroom to take a shower. He then went downstairs to have some breakfast, but as he neared the kitchen, he could hear Brooke humming. He could also smell fried eggs. He felt like a burden was lifted off his shoulders as he stood still for a moment, taking in the soft humming of Brooke's voice. After a few moments, he took a deep breath and hoped that all would be well today.

He walked into the kitchen and there she was, standing by the stove, her back facing him.

"There's bacon on the table," Brooke said.

What Dean told her last night still played inside her head. She knew he was undoubtedly honest; she could tell that he was honestly hurting and sorry. What he did last night lifted some of the sadness and pain she felt. She knew that there was a right time to talk to Dean, and that time was now. But before she could start talking to Dean, the door bell rang. She turned around to face Dean. The two of them exchanged longing glances.

Dean broke the silence. "I'll go get it."

Brooke reluctantly nodded.

Dean looked at her for a second. Though they shared brief glances, it was evident that they both wanted to talk to each other. He finally gave Brooke a slight nod and then went to the front door. He didn't expect anyone at this time of day, so he thought it just might be Haley or any of Brooke's Tree Hill friends. But when he opened the door, he was taken aback when he saw the faces right before him.

"Surprise!" Jo squealed, while Sam, who stood right behind her, gave his older brother a smile.


Lucas Scott hates Dean Winchester.

He hates every part of Dean, especially now because of what he did to Brooke. The brunette gave him her trust and her love, but he wasted it; he made Brooke look like a fool just because of Rachel Gatina.

Lucas smirked to himself. He felt like he had accomplished something. Rachel tried to steal him away from Brooke way back in high school, but he refused – he didn't let her get into his head. Now Rachel did the same thing to Dean, and Dean gave into her. So now Lucas felt like gloating. It was childish of him to think like that, but he couldn't help himself, especially now that he came back to thinking that he and Brooke still had a chance.

"Luke," an all too familiar voice called out.

Lucas turned around and saw his brother standing by his door way. He gave his younger step-brother a slight nod.

"Your front door's open so I let myself in," Nathan explained as he folded his arms across his chest; one could tell that he looked like he was going to give Lucas a sermon. Nathan knew his brother like the back of his hand. He knew that Brooke's recent falling out with Dean made Lucas feel or think that he still has a chance with Brooke. Luke's been like that ever since – always had, always will. Everyone in Tree Hill probably knew that Lucas won't ever lose his love for Brooke Penelope Davis.

"Let go," Nathan said in the simplest manner, like it was just an easy thing to do.

Lucas looked at his brother, his eyes filled with something Nathan could not explain. "How could she come back to him after what he's done?"

"She loves him, Luke. Just admit it to yourself."

"I can't," Lucas murmured.

"Then she won't be completely happy. She'll never be able to completely enjoy her life because she knows that you're still messed up, that you couldn't be happy because of her decisions. It's as simple as that," Nathan said. He loved his brother, but he knew that Lucas' 'obsession' with Brooke was getting the best of him. It wasn't healthy. His brother should let go and enjoy his life rather than hole up in his room and mope and hope that Brooke would come back to him someday.

"Brooke's a big girl now; she knows what she's doing. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Dean right now; I wanna punch the daylights out of him for what he did. But Brooke loves him, and Brooke chose to stay with him. They're not in speaking terms right now, but I know they'll eventually talk about it and figure it out," Nathan continued.

"But still..." Lucas began to protest.

"Just drop it, Luke. Let Brooke live her life the way she wants it. If you really love her, you'll let her go."

Nathan looked at his brother intently and studied his brother's face. Lucas was bothered with what his brother told him, but he knew, deep inside him, that Nathan was right.


"Surprise!" Jo squealed.

Sam was standing right behind her, towering over Jo's not-so-small physique. Dean's eyes then landed on the bags they were carrying.

"What're you two nutheads doing here?" Dean asked, baffled.

"Duh," Jo muttered and rolled her eyes. "We're gonna stay here for a couple weeks."

Sam could easily see the awkward look on Dean's face. Sure, they showed up without telling the couple that they were going to stay in Tree Hill for a couple weeks, but there was something off with the way Dean's brows furrowed as Jo told him that they were going to stay with them for a couple weeks. Dean should've been glad, not worried or something.

"Is everything okay, Dean?" Sam asked.

It was only then when Dean realized that his brows were furrowed. He quickly straightened his face and forced a half smile. "Uh, yeah. Sure. Come on in," he said and made way so his siblings could enter the house. He almost felt like his mind was going to spin; how could he and Brooke mend their problems if his siblings were there?

"Where's Brooke?" Jo asked as she headed to the sofa.

"In the kitchen. She's making breakfast. I'm gonna go call her," Dean said and left Sam and Jo in the living room in a hurry.

Brooke, who was almost done cooking, heard her husband walk into the kitchen. "Who was that?" she asked. She was taken aback by the weird look on Dean's face – like panic or something. She hadn't seen that look for quite a while now.

"Sam and Jo are here," Dean stated. "They're gonna stay with us for a week."

"What?" Brooke almost dropped the spatula she was holding.

Before Dean could utter a word, Jo came into the scene with a huge grin plastered on her face. "Hey preggo!"

Brooke smiled and tried to sound as excited as possible. "Jo!"

The blonde teen gave the expectant mother a hug and beamed at her. "I'm assuming Dean already told you our surprise, yeah?"

Brooke nodded and smiled back. "You're just in time. Dean and I were just about to eat breakfast. Are you hungry?"

"Starving," Sam chimed in as he entered the kitchen with a warm smile on his face. "Little miss sunshine over here didn't want to stop at any fast food restaurant because she didn't want to get fat."

Brooke laughed. It sounded like music to Dean's ears; it had been a while since he last heard her laugh like that. In some way, he was thankful that Sam and Jo went to stay with them

The rest of the morning was spent talking about why Sam and Jo decided to stay with them for a couple weeks. Jo said she wanted to take a break from school and Sam, well, he just missed Brooke. The Winchester manor was just too plain now that Brooke and Dean are living in Tree Hill. So Sam agreed without hesitating when Jo suggested they should take a vacation. John and Ellen were both cool with it, so it was all good.


"What're we gonna do?" Dean asked as soon as Sam and Jo were both out of earshot. Jo went upstairs to get ready for her shopping spree with Brooke.

Brooke shrugged. "Nothing. I guess we'll just have to..." she trailed off, wondering if she would really want to hold off talking to Dean about their issues. Two weeks of pretending that everything would be okay would be torture, she thought. "Think about Sam and Jo first, then we'll talk about it."

Dean sighed; he didn't like the idea. He knew he'd just have to find the perfect moment, whether Sam and Jo were there or not. "I want to fix this so badly, Brooke."

"I know," she murmured. "I know, Dean."

"I'm sorry," was all Dean could say.

For the first time, Brooke flashed a genuine smile at him. She then patted his shoulder. "It'll all get better in time, Dean."

Jo then showed up, dressed in a black Van Halen tee and dark jeans. "Ready, Brooke?"

Brooke beamed at her. "You look nice!" she mused. "Let's go."

Brooke surprised Dean by giving him a small peck on his cheeks. "See you later, Dean," she said with a smile that could launch a thousand ships.

A small smile graced Dean Winchester's lips.


While Brooke and Jo went out shopping, Dean decided that it was a good time to deal with Lucas regarding the garage. He was sort of lucky to have Sam with him because it would've been a very awkward meeting if it was only him and Lucas Scott.

Dean mentally prepared himself for all the snorts and sarcasm or whatever it is that Lucas might throw against him as he knocked on Lucas' front door. To his surprise, Nathan Scott opened it.

"Dean," Nathan said, clearly taken aback. He tried his best to control his feelings; Lucas wasn't the only one who's mad at Dean. He then directed his eyes to Sam, and then back to Dean. "What're you doing here?"

"Is Lucas here? I need to talk to him about the garage papers," Dean answered.

"Come in," Nathan said as he made way for the Winchester brothers. "Luke!" he hollered.

Lucas walked into the living room within a few moments, and the second he saw Dean standing by his sofa, rage crept through his veins. It was all evident in his face. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Luke," Nathan said, looking at his brother intently, like a trainer trying to tame a lion.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Lucas turned to Nathan. "Why did you let him in?"

Sam looked at Dean, then Lucas, then Nathan, and then back at Dean. Obviously, something happened and Dean didn't tell him anything. Heck, his brother should've warned him that there might be blood or something once they step into Lucas Scott's house.

"Don't get mad at your brother," Dean calmly stated as he looked right into Lucas' eyes. "I just need to get the last permit you forgot to give me last week and then I'll be out of your face."

Lucas walked out of the living room without saying a word. The three remaining men just stayed there in silence, each of them wondering what would happen next. A minute later, Lucas came back with an envelope in his hand. He gave it to Dean without saying a word.

"Thanks," Dean said as he looked right into Lucas' eyes once again.

For some reason, Lucas thought he saw something else in Dean's eyes. It seemed like Dean was thanking him for entirely something else; not for Keith's garage permit. Lucas nodded and looked away.

"Thanks," Dean said, this time addressed to Nathan.

Nathan gave him a nod and said, "Say Hi to Brooke for me."

"Sure," Dean said and then made his way to the door, Sam trailing right behind him. Just before Dean was about to step out of the house, Lucas called his name. Dean turned around.

"I want to talk to Brooke," the lanky blonde said, looking straight into Dean's eyes.

The first thing that came into Dean's mind was how persistent this guy was. But he knew that Lucas was very dear to Brooke. And he hoped – though he knew that it wouldn't happen – that Lucas would give up the idea of getting back together with Brooke. "I'll tell her that."

Lucas nodded, and it was Dean's cue to leave Lucas' house. Once they were on the street, Sam asked his brother what he was dying to know.

"What the hell was that?"

Dean sighed. "Just some...issue."

Sam scrunched his face like a confused toddler. "Issue? Come on, Dean."

"I lied to Brooke, okay? I screwed up big time and everyone in this small town is pissed at me," Dean said, his voice raising as his feelings welled up. "I f*cking lied to Brooke."

"Dean," Sam began, "why?"

The brothers finally got to Dean and Brooke's house. Dean felt relieved that Brooke and Jo weren't back yet. He wanted so badly to have someone to talk to, and he knew the perfect person to spill his problems to was his brother. Dean headed to the kitchen without saying a word, and Sam followed his brother. Dean took two bottles of beer from the fridge and handed his brother one.

As he recounted to Sam what he did, Dean felt somewhat lighter as his story progressed. By the time he was almost done, he felt like a burden was lifted off his shoulders. It was one of the rare moments when Sam saw his brother like that – guilty and deeply sorry. Sam knew that his brother would literally do everything for Brooke, and he also knew that Brooke truly loves Dean, so he felt sure that these two would reconcile in just a matter of time.

"Everything will turn out fine, you'll see," Sam said as he patted his brother's shoulder.

Dean nodded. Sam was right. Everything will turn out fine.