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I stood in Edward's room, looking out over the Cullen's "backyard", more like an endless field. Down the center Alice had organized no more than two dozen chairs, split down the middle by a long white isle. I couldn't have asked for anything more beautiful. Alice had cactus flown up from Arizona, that acted as pillars at the beginning and end of the isle. White ribbons twisted with lights that ran between them. It was absolutely gorgeous.

She had cut the guest list down to close family and friends and promised me no matter what our wedding would not be a public spectacle. I'm pretty sure Edward told her that the 200 person wedding in the center of town was just going a little too far, but neither of them would admit it. Jacob had decided once and for all to stay away until Edward and I had moved to Alaska and although I missed him, I was glad. Edward was the man I was supposed to be with and I just didn't have room in my heart for Jake anymore.

My nerves started to get the best of me while I chewed on the corner of my lip, but quickly I stopped. Alice would shoot me if I smudged anymore of my lipstick. I took a deep breath looking down at my wedding dress. It too, was perfect. Only a few more minutes and I could see Edward. Alice had kept us a part for a full 24 hours prior to the wedding. She, Rosalie and Angela took me out the night before, a night of extremely girlie fun. I tried to hate it, but I couldn't. Even Rosalie, came out of her shell, laughing and cracking jokes, trying to make the night enjoyable for me. It was the perfect beginning to the rest of this new life as member of the Cullen family.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," I took a deep breath and turned to face Carlisle. He peeked his head around the side of the door. His eyes instantly lit up.

"Bella, you look beautiful." He stepped into the room, closing the door behind him.

"Thank you so much – should I call you Dad now?" I smiled at him.

"We'll make it more official after you say your I DO's."

I looked down. I was stalling and he knew it.

"Alice said you needed to speak to me. Are you okay?"

This was going to be tough. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just -- well I had a- a medical question."

Carlisle walked over to Edward's couch and sat down. He patted the spot next to him.

I walked over and sat down, careful not to hurt the dress.

"Bella, you know you can talk to me about anything." Carlisle leaned forward to catch my eye. I finally looked up at him. Of course I could trust him. I was being silly.

I took another deep breath. "I had a question about, well your kind---

He waited patiently.

"—And my kind. And well -- babies. Pregnancy more specifically."

"What specifically would you like to know?" I should have known. Carlisle had a great bedside manner, but he wouldn't feel right only half answering any questions I had. Damn it.

" Well Edward and I are going to – ya know, tonight. And I was wondering if there was any chance that I could get pregnant?"

Carlisle took a moment to contemplate his answer. I was so glad I wasn't having the conversation with Charlie. Our last breach of the subject was nearly unbearable. I was glad Carlisle had experience with way more embarrassing stuff than this and plus he couldn't blush.

"Bella, that is a very good question. Unfortunately, I can't say for sure. You and Edward are sort of a first. In the sense that you are getting married and ya- know—" He nugged my shoulder. I couldn't help but smile. "I've never heard of a vampire and human settling down together and living as man and wife. Of course people have turned their partners before or made love to humans, but they usually killed them during or shortly after."

A small gasp escaped my lips.

"Bella it was intentional. The vampires in question had never planned on keeping these humans alive. They usually seduced them to ease their minds before killing them. I'm pretty sure Edward wants to keep you alive. Now I know the females of our kind cannot have children, trust me Emse and I have tried, but that's primarily because we don't grow, we don't age. If I were to, say, get Esme pregnant, the baby would remain an embryo."

I nodded, looking at 23 year old, frozen in time. I really appreciated his scientific approach.

"However, I know the males of our kind are capable of producing a substance similar to that of semen, but I do not think that it would combine with your eggs."

"I see."

"As a father, I would say it could never hurt to be too safe. It would be wrong of me to not tell you to use protection, even just as a precaution."

"Thank you Carlisle." Just as the words left me lips there was another knock at the door.

Alice came in without waiting for a response. I knew she had been listening.

"It's time."

I stood and looked out the window.

Alice had already assembled all the guests. Everyone was in their place, waiting. Edward had is back to the window. Alice's idea of course. Even from behind he looked so handsome, not that he didn't all the time. Jasper stood in front of him adjusting his tie. Ben sat holding Angela's hand. Seth, Leah, Billy and Sam all sat on the "bride's" side. Even Mike and Tyler came, forcing some closure I supposed.

Emmett stood in the center of it all, donning the traditional clerical black and white. I couldn't help but be proud of him. He spent the entire two months leading up to our wedding learning everything about weddings and marriages, even going as far as getting certified in Seattle. Rosalie and Alice helped him study every night. It was quite impressive.

Charlie came in the door behind Alice.

"You ready, kiddo?"

"Yes." I said, confidently with a smile. I think they were as shocked as me.

Carlisle stood up and quickly walked out of the room, keeping to a normal pace. This wouldn't be a good time to scare that crap out of Charlie.

Charlie waited by the window until Carlisle was in the backyard seated by Emse and Renee.

Alice handed me my bouquet, and threw her arms around me.

"I am so glad you're going to be my sister." She pulled back and quickly wiped a tear from my cheek. Alice was right. I would want this wedding.
"Water proof. Works every time." She winked at me.

Charlie walked over to us patting Alice on the shoulder. She stepped to the side, letting Charlie stand beside me.

"Here goes," Charlie held out his arm for me to take.

The walk down the isle was a blur. All I could see was Edward. I fought back the tears of joy the entire way. Finally there we were, side by side. Alice took the bouquet out of my hand.

Edward bent down, his lips pressing against my ear. " You truly are an angel." I looked up at him biting the inside of my lip. A single tear escaped and Edward reached up and wiped it away smiling down at me.

It was over before I knew it.

"Ladies and Gentleman, Allow me to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen." Everyone stood and clapped. Rosalie let down a several loud whistles. It was perfect.


Edward swept me around the dance floor during the entire reception. My feet barely touched the ground. Ben's face turned purple when Angela caught the bouquet. Finally the night came to an end.

Renee had already returned to her hotel in Port Angeles. Emmett was challenging Alice to yet another arm wrestling match. She let him win in front of the other guests. Emse and Carlisle were the only two on the dance floor. Enjoying the romance in the air.

I walked with Charlie out to his limo. Alice would not have the father of the bride arrive in anything less than style. The driver held the door open for him.

"I know I gave Edward a hard time, but I am so glad to see you this happy. I'm glad you found someone you truly love."

"Thanks Dad." I gave him a huge hug.

"I'll always be here for you, Bells."

"I know. I love you Dad."

"I love you too kid." He gave me one more hug before getting in the limo.

The window rolled down. " Remember, I'm here for you, if you need anything."

The limo began to pull away. As it pulled down the long drive I waved one last time.

Suddenly I felt Edward at my side.

"He's gonna be fine, sweetheart," Something was different about Edward's voice. Every since, starting with the words "I Do", it was as if Edward's voice had become more enchanting, more powerful and beautiful. I didn't hate it.

He pulled me close to him. I looked up into his eyes. I didn't think it was possible to love someone this much. He gently ran his icy fingers across my forehead. He bent his head to mine and our lips met. I felt my eyes well up again. He kissed me for what seemed like an eternity, letting his cool lips gently massage mine. Letting his cool tongue explore mine. Too soon it was over.

"Shall we." He held out his arm the same way Charlie had earlier that day. It felt oddly symbolic, I was no longer Charlie and Renee's, but Edward's. I was his forever.


Our plane was on schedule. Alice had scheduled a flight to Aruba, that would land at exactly midnight. She had also managed to book us at one of those pricey resorts where you have a large villa to yourself and you are never bothered, let alone in the view other people. I had missed the sunshine more than I would let on. Edward said I had been talking in my sleep about sunshine ever since we came back from Florida. I loved Forks, but I could use some UV exposure, at least for a few days.

I sat curdled up in the airline seat, my head rested on Edward's shoulder. He pulled me close, kissing my forehead. It felt so good to be in his arms.

"We'll be landing soon." He whispered softly.

"I can't wait." We sat again in silence. I was didn't know what to say. I was still so nervous about my talk with Carlisle. The day had been so perfect, but I hadn't forgotten about all my questions. I knew the act itself wouldn't be a problem especially for me. I was actually worried I might hurt him. I had waited for this for so long.

We finally landed and Edward grabbed our luggage and led me to the car. A simple black Jeep waited for us.

"Just in case we take to the mountain trails." He smiled at me.

We arrived at our honeymoon suite and it truly was desserted. Far off in the distance we could see a single light from our closest neighbor. It had been a 15 minute drive from the reception area. I felt like I could finally relax. The wedding was over. My parents had their closure. Jacob was out of my life. We truly were alone, finally. Now came the interesting part.

I had been fighting Edward on this for so long, building up my side of the defense, filling in any possible holes in my logic. But now I actually had to go through with it. I think we both thought I would chicken out.

Edward made me wait outside the door, while he dropped our bags inside. He calmly walked back out and scooped me up in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I love you," He said, his eye smoldering.

"I love you too." He kissed me again, carrying me into the honeymoon suite.

The room was beautiful. Rose petals were strewn all over the white bed spread, candles everywhere. A composition I had never heard before was coming out of invisible speakers. He gently put me down but kept his arms around my waist. I never wanted him to let go.

He grinned down at me. "What would you like to do first?"

I decided it was now or never. "Well I have one idea," I would looked back at him flashing an equally sinful smile. "But I think I need just one minute to freshen up. That was a long plane ride."

He motioned towards the bathroom, "Please." He watched me walk through the bathroom door. I looked back at him before closing the door. He winked at me. I nearly melted.

My over night bag was placed carefully on the enormous counter, between the "his and hers" sinks. I laughed eyeing the unnecessary sink.

I unzipped my bag and pulled out the lingere Rosalie had picked out for me. Alice and I agreed that maybe intimates might be more Rosalie's department. She had picked out a white lace teddy with matching panties. I'm glad Rosalie told me what it was called, cause before two days ago every time I thought of Teddy I thought of Emmett skipping around teasing Alice. She had also been nice enough to take me to get my whole body waxed. I wanted to kill her, but looking in the mirror now I could see she had a point. This thing left nothing to the imagination.

Luckily my hair held most of its curls during the flight. I took it down out of the twist and let the curls fall around my shoulders. I looked pretty good. I took a deep breath and went to face Edward. I was acting more like I was going to face an executioner.

I slowly opened the door, to find Edward sitting on the large couch across from the bed. He held his head in his hands, leaning forward playing with his hair

He looked up as the light from the bathroom spilled across his feet. I reached back and turned off the light.

His expression was frozen and definitely making me nervous.

"Say something." I pleaded. He was totally freaking me out.

"Wow. I mean --- WOW." He stood up and took one step towards me and stopped.

"Do you like it? Rosalie picked it out. So I can't take any credit."

"Well you can take credit filling it out, the right way."

Blood rushed to my cheeks.

We both stood on opposite sides of the room. I had no idea what to do next. I immediately thought back to the conversation Alice and Rosalie had a few days before.

"Esme is the only one of us to have sex before becoming a vampire and she says the mechanics of it all are the same. I'm pretty sure Edward can figure it out. Just let him take the lead." Alice said.

"I don't know. Emmett let's me take charge in the bedroom. I have no problem giving you a few pointers." For some reason Emmett letting Rosalie have her way with him was not surprising.

"Thanks, but I think I'll just play it by ear." I blushed uncontrollably, grateful that neither of them had insisted on sharing their techniques. But right now, I really wished I had listened.

I looked up from the floor and Edward still stood frozen on the other side of the room. He looked at me and confusion spread across his forehead.

"What?' I asked. Did I have something stuck in my teeth?

"Did you just say something?"

"No." I replied.

"Oh, I must be hearing someone in the other villas."

"Oh," I looked down bashfully again, twirling a loose ribbon from the teddy in my hand.

"You know what I think?" Edward asked. He had relaxed a little bit.

"No, what?"

"I think there's a little too much space between us. Now I can come to you or you can come to me, but either way ---"

"I agree, too much space." I had never been in a room Edward and been this far apart for this long. I looked at the clock. It had only been 2 minutes since I walked out of the bathroom.

"Let's meet half way." He said, nodding towards the bed.

"Okay," I whispered. Edward took a step forward but I was still frozen. God, I was such a coward. All those months begging and pleading and here I was honestly chickening out.

Edward let out a deep sigh. I could tell he was teasing and he could tell he was gonna have to help me along. He walked across the room in three quick strides and was standing beside me. His cold fingers found the small of my back and started gently tracing small circles.

"What seems to be the problem, Mrs. Cullen?" My heart melted again as he words left is lips. I was instantly calm and more importantly I was ready.

I took a deep breath. "Nothing." I reached behind my back and interlaced my fingers with his, pulling myself into his chest. He lifted my chin with his other hand and kissed me again. His lips drifted down my chin and found their way to my ear.
"You can still back out."

"You wish."

He quickly pulled back, laughing " No I don't!"

I couldn't help but laugh with him.

"Come here, you." Edward picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and gently slapped me on the butt. I screeched with glee. He was so good at lightening the mood. He gently tossed me on the bed and climbed up next to me.

He looked at my "outfit" once again. "I can't seem to put my finger on it," He began tracing the length of my collarbone with his chilling fingertips, "but for some reason I feel a little over dressed."

"Maybe we should do something about that." I sat up and began unbuttoning his shirt. My courage had returned completely. I took his shirt off and tossed it on the floor and immediately, went for his belt buckle. Before I realized it I was pushing him back on the bed, climbing on top of him. He pulled his pants and his boxers off and chucked them across the room. I kissed every inch of his perfectly sculpted body. His cold skin felt wonderful against the heat that raged through my lips. He swiftly rolled his body and was on top of me, kissing me again passionately.

He pulled away, looking into my eyes. He stroked my hair.

"Isabella, Do you have any idea how much I love you?" The fire in his eyes, tugged, hard, at my heart and I felt the tears coming again.

I couldn't speak, so I settled for a nod. He kissed my face again, wiping away the tears. He kissed his way down my neck. I couldn't help but notice the music again. It reminded me of my lullaby, but although I didn't think it was possible, it was better.

"Did you write this?' I asked, barely breathing.

"Yes. I wrote it for you. Especially for tonight. Do you like it?" He continued kissing his way down my stomach.

" I love it."

He stopped kissing me and pulled himself back up to look me in the eye.

"Are you sure?" He asked sincerely.

"Are you kidding me? Of course I'm sure. I'm more sure that I've ever been more sure except—"

"Except what?" His brow contorted.

"The only thing I am more sure of is how much I love you and I how much I want to spend forever with you." I pulled his hand up and gently kissed it. "But I mean, if you're scared, we can wait."

"I'll give you scared." He began tickling me and kissing me all over. Before I knew it we were making love.


I did not have a dreamless night.

I drempt I was walking through the Cullen's house, which seemed to completely empty. Suddenly I could hear voices. They sounded like they there coming from Carlisle's office. I followed the sound up the stairs and it grew louder the closer I got to the door. I reached the door, but before I could touch the knob the door drifted open. There stood Carlisle and Charlie talking to each other beside Carlisle's desk. They turned to me, but only Carlisle spoke.

"Well Bella, did you use protection?"

I shot up with a start. I felt the fringes of a heart attack. The sun was beginning to rise and I could see Edward sitting across the room, looking at the floor, playing with his hair like the night before. I was confused. My dream hung heavy, still behind my eyelids and I could barely breathe. But Edward didn't look up. He was usually so aware of my movements and usually always reacted to them. But it was like I wasn't there. It was so strange.

" I know it is." He said looking up. There was pain and confusion in his eyes.

"Baby, what's wrong?" I jumped off the bed and quickly rushed to be beside him. His body felt good in the Caribbean heat.

I put my arm around his shoulder. I don't think I had ever comforted him this way.

"You're right Bella. You haven't." He didn't look up at me.

"Edward, please tell me what's wrong?" He was almost trembling.

He took a deep breath. "Last night after we made love I - - I."

"Edward please you're scaring me."

He took my hand and held it in his. His pain quickly turned to compassion. He looked me deep in my eyes. I was so frightened, what had happened, what had I done.

" Baby, you didn't do anything." He said.

"What?" I was so confused.

He focused deeper into my eyes like he was searching for something, looking for an answer. I had seen this look before. That day on the cliff with Victoria. Like he was bracing himself for me to completely flip out.

"Bella," He said, "I can hear your thoughts."


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