Hello, Kelly here.
This is kinda weird to write.
But it's a true story.
It's also a oneshot.
Please give it a try.
I rewrote the charactors so it's amuto.
Please enjoy.

(Amu Pov.)

I logged on to facebook, and saw my online boyfriend was on!
I IMed him and said

'hello, ikuto'

'yo amu. howya doing?' he wrote back.

'i'm good...tired tho.' i typed.


'so how was ur day?' i wrote

'ah good i guess..i worked out and played some video games with a friend of mine.'

'oo sounds fun'

'yea we played our asses off'

'so amu-koi, what did u do today?' he wrote to me

'oh nothing much, i had to take my little sister to sum fair~'

'oh that sucks.'

'ya i guess...' i typed.

'well i have to go amu-koi *kisses u on the cheek*'

'ok bye ikuto-koi'

TI12 has logged off.

I stared at the screen for a while and then logged off and lied down on my bed.
'i hate lying like this....why don't i tell him?' i thought and drifted to sleep.

(an Hour later)

uggg what time is it? I'm so tired.
I looked at the clock.
12:54 PM i sighed and walked over to my computer but decided not to log on.
I looked at it and then went downstairs.
there was a note on the counter.

dear amu-chan,

sorry but we had to go to your grandmother's.
She got sick suddenly and needed our help.
Sorry we didn't bring you but you looked so tired.

Love, mama, papa, and ami-chan.

I put the note down and sat on the couch and thought for a couple minutes about my current situation.
Want to know why i was so messed up? I'll tell you why...

(flashback 8 months ago)

I made a facebook account! yes.
I made my homepage look super cute and i had a picture of me looking rather old. I looked about 16 in the photo although i was only 13.
i sighed and looked for some new friends i could add.
I already added the guardians...who else?
I looked at one of tadase's friends.

"TI12" i said to myself.
'sounds cool' i thought as i added him.

(2 months later)

Yay~ my boyfriend was on! I was so happy that ikuto-kun asked me out.
Too bad he lived in america and i lived in Japan though.
i guess it won't matter.
But...he IS 17.
ah who cares. it's not like it'll amount to anything. let'ssss say i'm 16!
I giggled and put up my "age" on my profile.

(end of flashback)

thats how this mess got started.
I had fallen in love with TI12...also know as ikuto.
It had ammounted to something.
He loved me back, or so he said he did.

I love T ikuto.
And he said he loves me back.
So thats all that matters...

'you'll end up hurting him.' somebody in the back of my mind thought.

'i know...but i can't tell him now...too many things had happened..' i argued with myself.

'ok amu...if thats what you think...But remember. Ikuto thinks your 16. but your not.' the person said again.

i sighed.

'I guess this is what i get for lying... and falling in love...with a teenage guy half around the world' i thought bitterly.

'I'm sorry ikuto..' i thought as i walked up the stairs.

I logged on and saw TI12 was on as well.

I IMed him.

'hey, ikuto-koi.'

'hey babe, i love you' he wrote.

'i love you too..hunny.' i typed slowly and pressed enter.

A single tear rolled down my cheek.

And I continued typing.


kelly- i'm sorry guys... *cries*

ikuto- amu lied to me!

amu- ahhh!!! whats the point of this story!

kelly- it's a true story you know.

amu- oh...then..thats kind of sad.

kelly- yes...and it's happening right now!

ikuto- wow that girl has some messed up life.

kelly- HEY that girl is my f-friend!

amu- kelly....it's ok *pats her back*

kelly- thanky you for r-reading!! please do t-the honors somebody.

ikuto- Please R&R amu- kelly does not own shugo chara or any of it's charactors.

kelly- should i make it a two-shot? tell me p-please..

(NOTE- this rlly is true...I;m not just saying that for show or whatever.....please wish my friend luck~ thank you very much)