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(Normal Pov.)

Amu sat at her computer and thought.

Thought and


and thought.

So she had fallen in love with an older boy..


But before she had relized it.
it had gotten old.
not boring.
but she was used to it.
When she first found his account.
it was new and exciting. but now she didn't know.
She liked talking to him but She wanted a change.
Something new.

She couldn't break up with him she wanted to leave everything as it was.
and light and cheerful and relaxing.
nothing can be the same forever.

Her friends had gotten tired of her whining.
She fought with Rima about it

(flash back)

"he's too old for you!" rima yelled

"b-but-" amu started

"you're obsessed with him anymore!"

(end of flashback)

Her best friend wasn't even on her side.

It hurt to know that her friend wasn't even there for her.
Rima wasn't the greatest friend though.
She was cold and vain.
funny at times but when you said something she didn't want to hear.
she would ignore you.

She sat in her chair..thinking.
She didn't say a word.
She only thought.

It was almost ikuto's and amu's 5 month anniversary.

amu barely cared.
she thought ikuto was sweet. and she did care for him.
but at times...she would forget about him.
and she knew.
she wasn't stupid, she new things had to end.

Rima, her best friend, hurt her. She was going threw something she didn't understand.
and she didn't need to be told "your losing me as a friend"
because rima had texted her that.
She was a bad friend.
Amu had delt with a lot of crap from her....but this was low.
she needed a friend. She didn't need to be told such awful things.

Amu wondered what would happen if she told ikuto not to PM her anymore.
or maybe she would just not go on facebook anymore.
but she wanted out.
out of this seemingly cruel torment.
She wanted to be set free.
Rima told her to set ikuto free.
well maybe amu needed to be set free.
She felt like she needed to talk to him.
She felt caged.
Like a white lovely bird...stuck in a cage.

What was she to do? She couldn't give up on him.
But she wanted to...almost

She needed to be set free from her cage.
She knew death wasn't the answer.
she wanted to live.

She even felt guiltly when she looked at boys her own age.
She often wondered if life would have been better...

without ever knowing ikuto.
He was sweet...and nice..and comforting.
but he was also sexual.
Because he was 17.

He didn't think that it was a bad thing.
For all amu knew, he was planning on marring her.
She wanted to be able to fly away.
Far away from her cage.

She never thought that.
that it would cause so much pain.

People would think that it's stupid and not that serious.
but if they were her, they would change their minds.

Amu felt alone.
She wanted a friend. She needed a change.
Something big.

But she had waited.
Like before she met ikuto, she wanted a change...thats why she was so happy that she had talked to ikuto.
Over the past summer she was so happy when she talked to him.
but they talked so much that.
She was full.
almost enough of him.

She wanted to be able to fly again.
Her grades were terrible.
She wasn't that nice of a person.
and to make matters worse.
Her own mother told her "your failing at life"

Why was amu like this? well can you blame her?
She didn't know what to do.
Ikuto and rima.
They were both problems.
She liked ikuto.
and rima was being a total bitch.
The only times she felt relaxed were when she was sleeping.
sleeping was a chance to.
relax and dream a better life.
She loved dreaming.

It was a time for her to fly.
But she was soon closed up when morning came.
or aftersoon...whatever time she woke up at.

So thats it.

"I'm trapped" amu said with a sigh

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