Today was the first day back at school and I was dreading it. My name is Bella Swan and I live in a small town called Forks with my father Charlie and mother Renee. My mum is currently travelling the world designing clothes for major fashion companies. Hopefully she will be back next year.

I closed the laptop after replying to one of mum's long, I miss you emails. I turned to look at the clock on my nightstand and nearly had a heart attack when it read 8:00 am. I was going to be late.

I quickly grabbed a pair of jeans, my favourite green t-shirt that my best friend Alice bought me, my converse and ran into the bathroom.

As I ran down the stairs I lost my balance and slipped down the stairs landing on my but.

"Ugh" I groaned.

I sighed and got up off the floor. Man my but hurt! As I walked into the kitchen I saw two pieces of toast and a note.


I made you some toast before I left, hope this saves you some time.

Have a good day

Love dad.

I took the toast and headed for the door grabbing my keys off the bench on the way out.


After pulling into the parking lot I walked over to my group, which usually consisted of Alice, Rosalie, Mike, Tyler, Ben, Angela.

"Bella" They all ran up to me and gave me a hug

"Hey guys"


"Phew" I panted "made it just in time"

We started to walk to roll call. My stomach turned as we moved down the path. There was a reason my stomach always did this and it was because of a very handsome, green eyed, bronze haired god named Edward Masen.

Edward always walked past me in the mornings on the way to roll call. He plays Basketball and football and sits with the football team at the cola closest to the field. Edward also hangs out with his two best friends who happen to be Emmett Cullen who is Alice's brother and Jasper Hale who is Rosalie's brother.

Alice was totally in love with Jasper as Rosalie was totally in love with Emmett. As much as they hate to admit that they were in love with each other's brothers it, it was true.

As they walked past we giggled and if blushed, as usual.

We only have two classes together, Biology and English. I sit next to Edward in biology and always have to concentrate on trying not to faint.

"What do you have first Bella?" Alice asked, interrupting my stare that was completely fixated on Edward.

"Umm... English" I said sighing.

"What bout you guys?"

"English" said Rosalie

"Geography" Said Alice frowning.

Just as we were about to walk into our roll call room an announcement was made.

Attention to all year 11's. Please report to the hall for a year meeting.

"Wonder what this is about" Rosalie said rolling her eyes.

Year meetings were always boring and usually about the way we wear our uniform.

As we all sat in the hall Mr Banner tapped the microphone.

"Now, I'm sure you're all wondering why you're in here. Well, the year adviser and I have decided to do a fun little challenge...."

He smiled strangely and the whole of year 11 turned to look at each other.