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One: The Guest

Kaname's POV

I glanced at the girl sleeping on the couch next to me. She's only ten years old, I thought as I dropped a blood tablet in my glass. It had not been too long ago that young Yuuki had found me. What was the chairman thinking leaving Yuuki in my hands? I was lucky that I crossed her. I could clearly remember how I just happened to see a little girl wandering around town.


"Where are you going at this time of day Kaname?" asked Ichijo as he appeared in the doorway leading to the living room.

"I'm just going for a walk. I'll be back soon," I said as I walked out the door.

"It's bright out though," replied Ichijo.

"I'll be fine," I said as I slipped out the door. Ichijo was definitely right about how bright it was. I walked through town gazing at the stores and markets. I could hear an all too familiar voice. I could smell a scent that was unique among the ordinary.

"I have to have it!" I heard a little girl's voice.

"Sorry, you have to pay for it," said a man. I peered around and into a jewelry shop. There was a little girl who was rather small compared to the tall store owner.

"I don't have any money," said the girl searching her pockets. "I have to have that necklace." The girl pointed to a silver necklace. The design was rather beautiful. At the end of the necklace was a golden cross; it held red jewels at the tips.

"You need money to buy it. If you don't have money then get out," said the man harshly. The girl stood her ground obviously waiting for the man to give in. "Look, I said get out kid."

"I'm not leaving till I get that necklace!" she yelled. I suddenly recognized the girl's voice. It was none other than Yuuki Cross daughter of Kaien Cross. The man seemed rather aggravated at the annoying child.

"I told you to get out! If you don't have money then scram!" he yelled at Yuuki. She flinched as the man yelled at her. I decided to step forward. I walked toward Yuuki and placed my hand on her shoulder. She flinched again at my touch. I placed some money on the stand.

"Will this be enough to pay for the necklace," I asked nonchalantly. The man looked dumbfounded as he counted the money. I grabbed the necklace from the rack. "Thank you for your patience. I've been looking for my dear sister." I dragged a dazed looking Yuuki out of the store. We rounded a corner and I looked around. I crouched down to Yuuki's level. Yuuki still seemed to have a blank look on her face.

"Yuuki, are you alright?" I asked as I stared into her eyes. She seemed to respond to my voice, because she suddenly ran forward and embraced me.

"Kaname-sama, I've been looking everywhere for you!" she cried happily. It was now my turn to be confused.

"Looking for me you say? Now why on earth would you be searching for me?" I asked still puzzled. Yuuki pulled back to stare up at me.

"Oh, the chairman left to go somewhere and told me to go to your dorm," said Yuuki explaining the situation very clearly.

That idiot…he thinks Yuuki's going to know automatically where my home is. I was silently cursing the chairman in my head. Yuuki's voice brought me from my thoughts.

"Kaname-sama," said Yuuki quietly blushing slightly. "Thank you for helping me." I smiled at her cutely shy behavior.

"Don't worry about it," I said happily. I had almost forgotten the necklace in my hand. I placed the necklace around her neck. "You look very beautiful Yuuki."

"Y-you think so?" asked Yuuki timidly. I nodded.

"Let's get back to my dorm then," I said standing up. Yuuki tugged on my shirt.

"Can I get my things from home?" asked Yuuki.

"Ah, yes I guess we should," I said. It's not like we have little girl clothes sitting around. I laughed silently at the prospect of having little girl clothes; though Ruka's would be too big for Yuuki.

~Flashback over~

Again I gazed at the exhausted Yuuki sleeping next to me. She's only tenI'll have to keep watch of everyone to make sure nothing goes wrong. I thought again still cursing the chairman. She was lying on her side resting her head against the armrest. I heard a door upstairs open and Aidou came down the stairs.

"Hello Kaname-sama," said Aidou before seeing young Yuuki sleeping on the couch. "What's she doing here?"

"The chairman has gone and Yuuki was told to come here," I said as I looked at him. I would especially keep my eye on Aidou; he always seemed to go too far with things.

"Oh, really? I guess this dorm will be livelier with her here," said Aidou as he sat next to me. I looked warmly at Yuuki.

"Perhaps it will be," I said scooping Yuuki up in my arms. Aidou looked up at me curiously.

"Where's she going to sleep?" asked Aidou. I began to think about it.

"She'll sleep with me until we find a room," I said as I walked up the stairs. I entered my room and placed Yuuki in my bed. I began to wonder how the next day would go.

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