"A Different View"

by Miyo-chan02

A Hayate no Gotoku Fanfiction
(Hayate x Nagi)

I don't own Hayate no Gotoku

Hayate always viewed Nagi as a child, but for a reason he isn't aware of, he noticed sudden changes, thus changing his perspectives of his dear mistress.

Chapter I: Maturity
"Hayate... changes occur to people. When you met Miss Nagi, she's 13. It's been three years. She's 16 now. Sudden changes are unavoidable."

The sun has risen up starting the day and ending their winter break. The blue-haired butler smiled upon seeing his reflection on the mirror. "There. That should fix it." he said fixing his butler uniform. As a Sanzenin butler, it's a great honor to wear one of those suits. He felt so comfortable everytime he wore it. "Time to wake the mistress." he said, still having that smile plastered on his face.

Taking steps, he reached his mistress's room. "Good morning mistress! Time to wake up!" he greeted and proceeded by opening the door to her room. He was greeted by an all-set Nagi.

"M-mistress?" a confused tone escaped from the young man. If he knew her too well, she would still be sleeping on her bed, often changing positions. Or if she wakes up, she'll say one thing. "I don't want to go to school..." But now...

His mistress Nagi... she wore that pink uniform that fitted her perfectly. Her usual pigtails were out for her long blonde hair remained down. "Oh, good morning Hayate." she greeted smiling although her eyes looked drowsy.

For an odd reason, Hayate felt his cheeks rise in temperature. It's as if this girl right before him is a total different person. He knew that she is the mistress that he grew to know, yet at the same time, he felt that as if she's not. To make it worse, he felt a fuzzy feeling.

Upon seeing his dazed expression, the young girl made it a must to ask him. "Is something wrong Hayate?"

"N-nothing mistress!" the butler got out of his trance. "I-if you'll excuse me, I'll help Ms. Maria with breakfast."

"Okay then." Once again she smiled at him.

He quickly stepped out of the room and shut the door at his back as a frown slowly occupied his face. "Something's wrong with the mistress." those were what wandered in the young man's mind.

The young girl gazed at the door where her butler had just exited. "Hayate...".

Not a long time ago, she had realized. She realized the feeling exchange between her two loyal servers: Maria and Hayate.

It was the happy atmosphere between the two. It's like they had no problems talking with each other. Everytime she watches them, she can't miss those blushes that escape from each of them.

But with her, nothing seemed different. To Hayate, she's just a kid. She's just that rich girl who helped him. If she didn't help him, would Hayate even stay there? Would he have swore to protect her with all his life?

She knew that Hayate was a great man. But being great doesn't mean that he's returning her feelings for him.

And so she decided. Maybe it is better to keep the master-butler relationship they had. Forgetting was never easy. But maybe, changing some of her usual routines would help her get over.

~ o O o ~

"Miss Maria..." the butler called the other server who stayed in the kitchen.

The young maiden spotted a tone of confusion and worry in the young man's voice. "Is something wrong Hayate? You're usually cheerful every morning." she noted while cutting some potatoes.

"Well... the mistress seems different."

"Miss Nagi has always been different." she replied.

"I-I know. But now... I...I can't explain. It's like she's not the mistress that I knew." Hayate admitted with honesty.

Maria completely understood the young man. "Hayate... changes occur to people. When you met Miss Nagi, she's 13. It's been three years. She's 16 now. Sudden changes are unavoidable."

Unlike Maria, Hayate didn't really understand. Yes three years was long enough, but a sudden change? He barely knew Nagi. He did notice that she has been pretty isolated the past week. All she does is stay in her room. It was normal if she drew manga, but what she did was to read novels and other books. She rarely calls for them unless she needs food. She also started doing school work.

Most of her changes are for the better. But there was that wary feeling. "I guess."

~ o O o ~

It was Maria's turn. "Miss Nagi, breakfast is ready." she called.

"Okay Maria." Nagi replied casually and opened the door.

Hayate was right. Something was different with the mistress. "Miss Nagi, would you like me to help tie your hair?" she offered seeing it completely down.

"Oh. No thanks. You see, I've seen this manga called G***** A****. The guy asked the girl for how long will she keep her hair on pig tails. Then he said that she looked better with her hair down." And so Nagi continued blabbering about anime and manga.

Hayate was wrong. Nagi was still her old self. "I'm glad you're okay Miss Nagi." Maria smiled at the young Sanzenin.


~ o O o ~

Just like a second, dismissal came and the butler and his mistress were on their way back to the mansion.

"Mistress, are you sure it's alright to walk back?" Hayate broke the silence they had.

"Of course I am. There's just one special place I'd like to visit." she replied with a smile although her eyes looked sad. The blue-haired butler just nodded.

~ o O o ~

And so, after some steps, they were able to reach that place. "See? I told you it's a special place. Has it really been three years ever since we met here?" she said reminiscing. She went to one of the vending machines for purchase. "Here. Another treat from me." she said giving Hayate a can.


"No buts. I told you it's a treat." she smiled.

"Thanks... mistress." he accepted it from her hands.

"So shall we go now Hayate?" Nagi started walking with Hayate still standing there.

"Mistress..." all he could do was to watch her walk away.

Author's notes: U-uhmm... so what do you think? It's my first time to write a Hayate no Gotoku fic. I haven't finished the series nor the manga. But I'm on my way there. ^^

I watch the english dub so, the parts when Hayate call Nagi "oujo-sama" aren't mentioned since I haven't watched an english subbed of this.

Like what I said, it's my first time so I hope I didn't make any of them OOC. Well nagi was meant to be like that for this fic. That's kinda the main plot. It's about her changing, and Hayate changing his perspectives of her. So... that.

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