"A Different View"

by Miyo-chan02

A Hayate no Gotoku Fanfiction(Hayate x Nagi)

I don't own Hayate no Gotoku

Hayate always viewed Nagi as a child, but for a reason he isn't aware of, he noticed sudden changes, thus changing his perspectives of his dear mistress.

Chapter IV: Rivalry
"If only I had a boyfriend I'll show'em..." the subconscious statement left her lips out of rage.

"I can be your boyfriend..." an unfamiliar voice called her attention. "...Miss Nagi Sanzen'in." From the shadows, he revealed himself.

"Stupid Hayate." Nagi Sanzen'in, only heir of the Sanzen'in estate murmured as she munched on some crackers. Her morning just didn't start out perfectly. Aside from failing to set her alarm clock, Hayate caught her. Caught her defenseless. Not that she's thinking he'd do something. It's just... Just thinking about it made her blush. Basically, its something about her character change. "I feel so embarrassed. This must have been what Amu H******* felt when she accidentally confessed to Tadase!" the young lady thought to herself.

"S-stupid Hayate." It once again came from her lips. Only this time, she stammered a bit. Like what she decided earlier. She wanted to forget about him. Yet at the same time, she didn't want to. It was something complex and hard to understand even for her genius mind. She also decided to change her routines just for it. But now, her cover is slowly being peeled off.

If Hayate finds out... what would she do? With all her efforts going to waste, what'll happen? If Hayate finds out about her feelings for him... "Kyaah!" she dropped her crackers with her face all steamed up. "Stupid Hayate!" For numerous times, this phrase never failed to leave her lips but right now, she felt like she missed saying this. She just missed being her old self.

~ o O o ~

At the Tachibana Video Rental Store...

Wataru Tachibana,16 years old, is still taking care of their store. Like usual, he had his place on the counter with some reading material on his hands. Business has been doing fine. He still can't beat the Sanzen'in's wealth like his dream, but their store is gaining profit. That was enough to place a small smile on his face.

Although today's not the day for those smiles.

He heard the door open. Perhaps a customer... or not. "Tachibana-san!" it was a familiar voice for Wataru. But he didn't like it one single bit.

Kazuki Nishizawa, younger brother of Ayumu Nishizawa, entered the video-rental store to greet Wataru. "Oh yeah, I also brought Saiga-san." the young man in glasses pointed at the young man beside him.

He had a hazel colored hair, with his sharp but friendly eyes sharing the same color. He was as tall as Kazuki and his body built falls to normal. "Hey Wata!" he had this jolly but deep voice.

Wataru glared at him. "I told you not to call me that Takeshi!" the other party just smiled at him cheekily. "Anyway Kazuki, let me guess, you came here because of your love problems again." Wataru said as he once again focused on his reading material.

Kazuki blushed and bursted. "H-hey! I-it's not that!"

"Oh... you mean you have given up on your Nagi Sanzenin?" Wataru asked teasingly the enraged Kazuki.

"Nagi Sanzenin?" Takeshi asked interrupting them.

"Nothing. She's just that bratty girl who's the only heir to the Sanzenin estate." Wataru explained with a low voice.

"Hey don't talk about her like that!" Kazuki said defensively.

Kazuki and Wataru continued bickering, not even realizing the absence of Takeshi Saiga.

~ o O o ~

The phone rang. "Yes young master?"

"I need a favor. Do a research on Nagi Sanzen'in. Also. Find her exact location." a deep voice said on the other line.

"Yes right away Saiga-sama!"

"Nagi eh?" Takeshi Saiga, eldest son of the Saiga household, had a satisfying smile on his lips.

~ o O o ~

The blonde young woman still failed to remove her anger. "Geez..." she has never felt so helpless and angered like this in her whole life. "If only I had a boyfriend, I'll show'em!" the subconscious statement left her lips out of rage.

"I can be your boyfriend..." an unfamiliar voice called her attention. "...Miss Nagi Sanzen'in." From the shadows, he revealed himself. He had a pair of hazel eyes and hair with the same color.

Nagi chose to ignore him. "Is it your hobby to bother people?" she said irritated.

The guy smiled at himself. "Nah. My hobby is to get to know cute girls." That caught Nagi off guard. "Oh yeah these crackers taste good!"

"Hey that's mine!" Nagi tried to hit him but the mysterious guy dodged it with ease. "Know what Nagi?"

The young Sanzen'in couldn't take this guy's guts. "Who gave you permission to call me Nagi huh?"

Once again the young man smiled. "I did." he said with full confidence.

"Whatever. Do what you want." Nagi decided to leave him. Talking wouldn't do anything. Besides, she wasn't on the mood to play games with some stranger.

"Oh yeah Nagi, ever tried riding a roller coaster?" She hates to admit it. This guy may seem to be her least favorite person but the roller coaster was a different topic.

~ o O o ~

"Yay!" Nagi never felt so enjoyed before. Who knew that this ride she often sees in mangas truly existed?! Or so that's what she thought.

After the ride, he brought her back to the academy and all of Nagi's rage drifted with the ride. A large smile was now engaged on her face. "That was fun!" Her neon eyes were sparkling in joy.

"Well..." the young man knelt before the Sanzen'in. "H-hey what are you doing!? People are looking!" she said with embarrassment slowly painting all over her face.

The lad grabbed her hand. "Nagi Sanzenin. The only heir to the Sanzenin estate. 16 years old, who loves anime and manga, and a mangaka herself. Has great fear of darkness. Lives together with maid named Maria and butler Hayate Ayasaki. Mother, Yukariko Sanzen'in and grandfather, Mikado Sanzenin or 'old bag' as she calls him." he subtly stated.

Nagi felt a mix of emotions. Aside from the mystery this guy's emitting, how could he know so much about her? "Who... who are you really?" she asked with great determination to know the answer.

He placed his lips at the back of her palm. "You'll know sooner or later." And then he left the young lady dumbfounded.

~ o O o ~

"You'll know sooner or later." his words left a trail or mystery in it. And it never left Nagi's mind. But whoever that guy is, he's someone with power.

"Nagi!" Nagi's eyes shot wide open. "What's wrong with you? I've been calling you for many times." Maria asked with a worried tone. Nagi has been spacing out for so long.

"A-ah... i-it's nothing Maria... nothing..." her voice was trailing as well.

Maria tried to smile despite how worried she is. "Are y--" she was interrupted by Hayate's arrival. "Oujo-sama, your grandfather is looking for you."

Nagi sighed. "Not the old bag..." she whined. Wearing an irritant face, she marched to the living room to go and see her 'old bag'.

~ o O o ~

"Hey midget." Mikado called her granddaughter.


"Let me introduce you someone you might know." he said looking deep into her eyes.

"This better be not some stupid stuff..."

The old man smirked and chuckled. "Heh. As bratty as always. Oh well here he is." Mikado opened the door and revealed a young man with a familiar face. He quickly knelt before Nagi and placed her hand on his. "Takeshi Saiga. Nice to see you again Nagi." he smiled at her making her blush.

He looked at the young man that stood near his mistress and gave him a mischievous look.

Author's Notes:

Finally updated! wooh! What do you think of my OC Takeshi Saiga? Oh well, maybe you don't like it but this is how my story goes. xD oh yeah if you can't imagine him, he looks a bit like Kukai Sohma from Shugo Chara.

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