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So, yes.

Buffy sat cross legged on her uncomfortable lumpy bed. She rocked back and forth slightly as she stared at the coffee coloured wall opposite her. It had been 3 months since Spike had died and in all that time Buffy hadn't even begun to think about moving on.

Willow and Xander leant against her door frame, both staring intently at her. Willow had been worried about her friend for quite some time. Willow and Xander stood awkwardly outside their friends door for quite some time before realising she wasn't going to notice them. Willow took the initiative and started walking slowly towards Buffy, as if scared of her reaction. Xander, however, stood a foot or so behind. Willow made her way towards Buffy with big and deliberate steps. She came to a stop directly in front of Buffy, looking directly into her grey-green eyes. Buffy just stared straight past Willow, looking at the wall as if she wasn't even there. Willow shuffled her feet a bit, leaning from side to side, trying to subtly snap Buffy out of her trance. When that didn't work she cleared her throat, a little less subtle. When that didn't succeed, she looked towards Xander with urgent eyes. "What should I do?" she half mouthed half whispered. Xander helplessly shrugged. Willow rolled her eyes exasperatedly and turned back to Buffy. She reached her arms forward and placed them on Buffy's shoulders. Buffy jumped and blinked several times before focusing on Willow.

"Willow" she breathed out, the name sounding so unfamiliar and unused on her lips.

"Buffy. We're worried about you." Willow looked down at Buffy giving an all knowing glance.

"Why. I'm fine" Buffy spoke absently, clearly not fine.

"No, Buffy, you're not. We know Spike's ... passing on was hard for you..." she trailed off, analysing her friend's reaction.

Buffy smiled bitter sweetly, and got a dreamy look in her eyes. "Yeah. It was"

"Well. We want to help. Is there anything we can do?"

"Anything?" the slayer asked hopefully

"Anything" Willow agreed.

Buffy looked like she was about to say something, opening her dry lips slightly, before quickly shutting them. Willow was confused as to why her friend wouldn't tell her what they could do. She saw Buffy look towards the door. No, looking at Xander. Willow realised what she wanted.

"Xander. Can you go down stairs to Giles for a bit" Willow pushed.

"Um yeah" Xander left in a hurry, little stumbles in his step.

"Ok, Buffy, what can I do? Anything at all." Willow smiled warmly, putting Buffy's worries temporarily at ease.

"Bring him back"

I'm not completely happy with this first chapter, but I always hate my first chapters. Guarantee the next ones will be better


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