Unfamiliar Chapter 4

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"…my will be done" Willow whispered, bringing the spell to its completion.

Seconds ticked by, nothing happening bar the skittering of a rat along the side of the church.

Suddenly, a flash of light exploded from the small puddle of mysterious mystical goop and Buffy and Willow both threw their arms in front of their eyes and shied away from the burst. Once the blinding light settled into a duller ethereal glow, the girls allowed themselves a hesitant glance at the result of their conjuring. There, lying hunched over on the ground, was the very familiar bleach-blonde vampire. Willow smiled gently and nodded at the hesitant, almost unbelieving, hopeful look Buffy shot her. With Willows silent permission Buffy lurched forward and wrapped herself around the confused vampire.

"Spike…oh, god…Spike, you have no idea…" she whispered reverently, "I've missed…"

She expected her Spike to be a bit muddled, disoriented maybe, but she didn't expect the snarl that ripped from his throat and she certainly wasn't prepared to be thrown ten feet back, straight into the cold stone wall. Buffy slid to the ground and gently patted her hair, checking for any potentially problematic head wounds. As she was still attempting to reorient herself, Willow had leapt to her feet and was edging carefully backwards as a very animalistic Spike slowly prowled towards her. The back of her legs hit one of the churches pews and she stumbled. In the few seconds in which she'd lost eye contact, Spike had covered the distance between them and had his nose against her hairline and a hand clenching around her forearm.

He inhaled deeply and Willow trembled slightly, her terror showing itself momentarily, before she gave him a quick and ineffective shove, attempting to escape. His grip on her arm, however, remained strong and she swiftly found herself back in his clutches. His vampire visage violently tore through his features and he lowered his snarling teeth to her ivory neck. Just a Willow braces herself for searing pain, Spikes head lurched violently backwards and Willow opened her eyes to see Buffy in full slayer mode as she landed a few good punches. Spike retaliated, his graceful movements matching Buffy's as they danced for the first time in a good while.

Buffy allowed a smile to slip onto her face at the comfortable feeling of exchanging blows with the blonde vampire but it quickly faded as she realized it wasn't quite as it used to be. Spike momentarily gained the upper hand and he swiftly grabbed her neck.

"Slayer…" he snarled, pleased comprehension slipping across his face, "You and I, we're going to have ourselves a little fun."

Had this been old Spike, Buffy wouldn't have objected to a little 'fun', but this Spike was more deadly and animalistic then she remembered and somehow she didn't think they shared the same idea of fun.

Willow, previously forgotten to the pair, managed to grab Spikes shoulders and wrench him off Buffy. Buffy was now back in control and after a serious of rapid punches and a few round house kicks she saw Spikes eyes flicker to the small side door to the church and in an instant he was gone, the echo of his boots the only indication that he'd even been there.

"Buffy…" Willow hesitantly said, walking towards the wide eyed slayer.

"Willow." Buffy replied strongly.

"So, um…I'm not really sure what went wrong but.."

"Willow. Nothing went wrong!" A wide smile spread across Buffy's face, "It's like when you brought me back…you wouldn't understand but it's like everything's just…muddled. He's just confused. Give him some time. It'll be fine" She whispered the last bit mostly to herself.

"Buffy, I really don't think..." Willow saw the doubt flicker across Buffy's face and saw the empty sadness begin to take control again, "Ah, I just mean…well if he's not in his right mind, it's really not safe to let him wander around. He might hurt someone. Or do something he might regret."

"You're right. He'd feel terrible if something happened! Don't worry, I'll go find him," Buffy shot Willow one of her killer smiles, "You go home, you've done more than enough for me today. Thank you. Thank you so much, Willow, you don't know how much this means to me."

Buffy pulled Willow into a tight hug and Willow hesitantly smiled and tapped Buffy's shoulder comfortingly.

"I'll see you later!" Buffy shouted to Willow as she rushed out the door that Spike had left from, checking that her stake was still tucked in her jeans, "Don't wait up."

"At least she's a bit more like her old self…even if something isn't quite right…" Willow whispered to herself before leaning down to clean up the mess their spell and subsequent fighting had left on the church floor.

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