Me:Hey people, I'm back.

(dodges things thrown at him)

Me:That wasn't very nice.

Sasuke:That's what you get for not doing anything , idiot.

Me:Yeah, least I'm not a whiny, little, self-absorb, easy to manipulate, bitch.

Sasuke:GO TO HELL!

Me:Meh...been there, done warm for me....


Me:Anyway.....ONTO THE STORY!

Hinata sat in front of her mirror with a towel wrapped around her matured figure, brushing her long, dark blue hair.

'This is it!' she thought excitedly. Tonight was her first date with Uzumaki Naruto. Hinata paused for a second and recalled how this wonderful day had come about.

Two Weeks ago - Flashback

'Two months...' Hinata thought glumly, laying on her bed 'Two months and he hasn't said anything to me about how he feels.' The Hyuga heir rolled over onto her side. It had been two months since the attack and defeat of the Ataksuki by Naruto and her own admission of her feelings.

'Maybe he doesn't feel the same about me and is just trying to figure out a way to let me down easily...' she wondered, her thoughts spiraling down quicker and quicker.

A knock at her door broke her out of her dark reveries. "One moment" she called out as she rose to open the door. When she did so, Hinata came face-to-face with her cousin Neji. "Oh...ah...hello Nii-san" she said, bowing to her cousin. Neji return the bow and replied "Hello to you as well Hinata-sama."

Both raised their heads in well practiced unison. "Wh-what do you need Nii-san?" Hinata asked curiously. Neji's eyes, while usually hard and pierceing, seemed to soften slightly but did not betray his reason for being at his cousin's door.

"There is someone here to see you Hinata-sama. He is waiting in the main hall" he said matter of factly. Before Hinata could ask who it was, Neji turned and walked away. The young woman couldn't believe how her cousin had just acted.

'He hasn't behaved like that since before Naruto-kun beat him in the Chunin exam finals three years ago' she thought, 'did I do something to upset him?' Trying to ignore her cousin's attitude, Hinata left her room and made her way to the main hall. 'It's probably Kiba or Shino' she thought.

Reaching the door to the main hall, Hinata began to slid the door open when saw a glimpse of orange. She instantly slammed the door shut. '


Hinata began to hyperventilate. 'He's here! He's here! Oh no, oh no!' her mind kept repeating, as every bad dream she had and scenario she thought up of this day slammed into her full force. Time seemed to stand still for Hinata, as every nightmare gripped her heart.

she was broken out of her now nightmarish reverie, as the door beside her opened and Naruto himself stepped in the hallway. He closed the door and looked Hinata in the eyes.

"Um...hi..." he said in a typical Naruto-ish way, while scratching the back of his head sheepishly. Hinata blushed at the proximity of the one person she loved with her whole heart. Despite this, she could still see that Naruto was himself blushing. About what, Hinata had no idea.

"Um...hello, Naruto-kun" the dark haired young woman managed to get out. They both stood in awkward silence, neither one thinking of something to say to the other.

Finally, something seemed to pop into Naruto's mind. "Would...would you like to go for a walk with me,Hinata?" he asked nervously. Not trusting her words, said Hyuga could only nod. Suddenly, Naruto reached out and took hold of her hand. It took all her will power not to pass out right there.

But she didn't. The two made their way out of the Hyuga compound and into the forest that had survived Pein's assault on the village. They walked in complete silence. Again, neither knew what to say. Finally, they came to a spot atop the Hokage monument and Naruto ceased walking.

"This is my favorite spot in the village" Naruto said softly. Hinata noticed that they were on the Yondaime's head. "Wh-why did you br-bring me here Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked shyly, her little confidence beginning to crack.

Naruto didn't say anything for sometime. Then, "because I have something I want to talk about with you and I thought privacy would help" he said not looking back at her. Hinata want to cry and scream that it wasn't fair. But she didn't.

"What-what is it Naruto-kun?" she asked, pooling her remaining confidence and resolve. Now Naruto did turn around, and looked into her eyes again. Those deep blue eyes of his peirceing her as though looking for truth.

"During Pein's attack" he started "when he had me pinned down and you came and defended me, you said something to me. Do you remember what it was?" he asked. Hinata's face fell. "Ye-yes I do Naruto-kun...." she trailed off.

"What were they?"

Hinata felt tears beginning to pool behind her eyes. "I-I said 'I-I love you'" she replied, tears beginning to fall as her control over them faltered.

"Did you mean it?"

"Yes" Hinata said as she hiccuped "I meant it with all my heart...." Tears continued to pour from her eyes until she felt a hand softly lift her head up. Naruto's face wore a genuine smile and even through her tears, Hinata could see a few of his own forming.

"Thank you, Hinata" the blond jinchuriki said, as he pulled her into a tight hug. Hinata continued to cry but now with happiness instead of despair. Minutes passed by and eventually the Hyuga heir's sobs subsided.

Pulling away from Hinata, Naruto once again looked into her eyes. "Now, Hinata, let me say something." Hinata's elation faltered.

"I don't feel the same way yet" Naruto said. Hinata's face began to fall before she replayed his words. 'Yet....' she thought

Naruto continued, seeing realization cross her face, "but give me time and I will come to see you the same way. Okay?" he asked.

Hinata though disappointed, couldn't help but feel optimistic. 'Yet' she thought again. A rush of confidence that seemed to materialize out of nowhere, filled the young Hyuga woman. Hinata nodded to Naruto's answer.

"I think I can help you with that" she boldly stated. Naruto grinned. "Good. Now, on a slightly different I have to ask your father to date you?" he asked, his grin faltering slightly. Hinata nodded in the positive.

She watched him gulp and giggled. "Don't worry Naruto-kun, he won't hurt you. Too much." Naruto's jaw dropped. "Did-did you just make a joke at my expense?" he queried.


Hinata looked at him as he grinned again and took her hand. They walked at a slow pace back to the compound.

End Flashback

Hinata sighed contently as she finished remembering how it came to pass. 'Well, to time to daydream. Got to finish getting ready' she thought as she resumed brushing her hair. Hinata looked over at the dress she was going to wear tonight.

'I hope Naruto-kun likes it' she thought.

Across town, in a much nicer apartment then he had before, Naruto was getting ready as well.

Naruto:Well it's about time you idiot.

Me:Hey, genius takes time. You can't rush a fine piece of art.

Naruto:Art my ass.

Me:Do want to end Aftermath on a good note or would you like to die at the end?

NarutoFine, I'll be quite. But you had better get working on it you asshat!



Me:You got nothing.

Naruto:No, not really.

Me:Thought so. Anywho, moving along. For those of you who don't read Kingkakashi's "Naruto vs. Sasuke: The Aftermath", you do not know of the war going on.

Me:Simply put, there is an invasion of NaruSaku zombies occurring in Europe. They are led by their leader, Zombie Hefster. The most effective form of attack on them is NaruHina fluff. The more the better.

Me:Now, while the infection is confined to Europe for now, Zombie Hefster has declared he plans to invade the United States during Thanksgiving. We cannot wait for it to come to us. We, the citizens of the United States of America, must take the war to Zombie Hefter, and aid our allies in their time of need.

Hinata:Please do your part for the war effort and write as much NaruHina as possible.

Naruto:Yeah....what she said.

Me:And once again, readers, if you spot a mistake with spelling or grammar or the like, send me a pm and tell me about it.