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Chapter 2

Hermione stood facing the door for several seconds, blushing and feeling completely mortified that obviously her father had told Dumbledore about her spanking last night. Hermione turned, rubbed her bottom through her robes and ran back to the Gryffindor common room before she could possibly feel anymore embarrassed!

Besides her parents and her books there were very few things that Hermione missed when she had left for Hogwarts. However, the one possession that she missed the most was part of what had caused the dull ache that was still present in her bum. Hermione was so excited when, for her 9th birthday her parents had given her a laptop computer. Although she excelled in her computer classes, like everything else, Hermione hardly considered herself a "computer nerd". No, her love for the computer wasn't for the technology but for the cathartic release provided her by e-mail and instant messaging friends.

In real life, Hermione had few friends, and the few "friends" she did have were her teachers and other adults. But on-line, on-line was another world. Over the past two years or so, she had made many friends all over the world with whom she e-mailed/instant messaged regularly. She had even made friends with a girl who was about a year younger than her and lived in Devon. As much as Hermione loved Hogwarts she was very upset by the fact that her computer wouldn't work on campus and, apparently, no one in the wizarding world had heard of that wonderful thing called the Internet!

Finally getting back to the common room, Hermione went straight up to her room and decided she was just going to study. She let herself flop backwards onto her bed and let out a slight yelp from the dull ached in her backside.

"What's wrong?" her roommates Parvati and Lavender asked?

"Oh, nothing." Hermione stammered, embarrassed that they had heard her. " I, uh, just sat on a book that's all."

Parvati rolled her eyes. "Listen, Lavender and me are going to get a snack in the great hall. Want to come?"

"Thank you, uh, no." Hermione replied. "I have a lot of studying to do."

"Suit yourself." Parvati replied and her and Lavender walked out of the room leaving Hermione alone lying on her bed staring up at the ceiling. So many thoughts were going through her mind at the moment! The part of her that hated the pain of a spanking was crushed; she missed her parents but was grateful for leaving this discipline behind, if only for the semester. But now it seamed the discipline was going to follow her. There was another part of her that enjoyed the feeling of being over her father's knee as her hairbrush was striking her bum and that part, that had been disappointed to be leaving her father and mother behind was now glad to know that her spankings would continue.

"Wait, what? Seriously? That can't be right? I can't possibly be looking forward to the spankings, could I?" Hermione thought to herself. "No, normal people don't like getting spanked." She tried to push the thoughts from her mind, but they wouldn't be pushed. No, the more she tried to ignore the thoughts, the stronger they got. Would Dumbledore spank her hard or soft? He was an old man, surely he couldn't spank that hard… could he? Would he spank her over his knee, would she be bent over a chair, would he lay her over his desk? Hermione had read enough fiction stories on the Internet about schoolgirls being spanked by teachers to imagine many scenarios. Would he use his bare hand, a strap, a cane… would her father actually send Dumbledore her very own hairbrush?

And what about clothing? Would he spank her over her clothes, raise up her skirt and spank her over her underpants… he wouldn't pull down her underwear and spank her bare would he? Worst yet, even totally naked! "Wow, where did that thought come from?" Hermione wondered to herself? The thought of presenting her bare-bottom to Dumbledore for a spanking horrified her, making her feel she would just die of embarrassment. The thought of her possibly being completely unclothed made Hermione feel as if she would not only die of embarrassment, but come back to life and die a second humiliating and embarrassing death! Yet, part of her was strangely excited…

"No, get a grip Hermione!" She scolded herself mentally. "These thoughts are inappropriate on so many levels." She rebuked herself in her mind. "Well, they may be inappropriate, but you know you love the feeling of that brush on you bare bum!" a little voice responded deep insider her with devilish laughter.

"Oh, good grief!" Hermione exclaimed, scaring herself when she realized she had said it verbally instead of mentally. "I just need to sleep." She told herself. Hermione got off the bed, changed into her pyjamas, climbed back into bed and was fast asleep before her head hit the pillow.