Bath Time

Sesshomaru Tasho is at home right now bathing his and Kagome's 3 year old son Maru. Well at least he is trying but never knew children were so hard to though

'How in the world does Kagome do this every night?'

'Ask her when she get's home'

'Good idea'

Not soon after that he heard the front door open and his mate Kagome walk in. Only 3 and a half years have been after there wedding Kagome found out that she was pregnant with Maru. He heard his mate climb the stairs and into there sons room. He stopped trying to settle Maru down for a second to look at his lovely mate. What he found he did not like. She was laughing at him. How could she laugh at him. After a while she finally calmed and looked at Sesshomaru with apology in her eyes. Then he said

"Kagome how can you do this?"

"That my dear Sessho is a Mother's gift."

She turned around and walked straight back out my eyes went wide as I watched her. I turned back around to splashed some more suds into my face. I shock my head and though

'I will never offer to do bath time again'

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