This fic is completely AU!!.

Warnings: Mentions of self harm, attempted suicide, and abuse...

Chapter 1

Jack Harkness adjusted to the light around him as his senses started to kick in. There was silence around him, and he generally took that as a good sign because silence meant no screams of people he wasn't able to save. He blinked a couple of times; it always took a while to adjust to differences of Heaven and Earth. Jack was in what he guessed to be a living room. His living room, for the time being any way. It was... cosy. There was a fire place with little ornaments on the shelf, a large mirror and a few canvas photos of city sky lines. He smiled. It was nice. Large white leather sofas clashed with the dark red walls but it seemed to work. Jack took the time to appreciate his new home, for all intents and purposes, before he let the task sink in.

He had been sent to help a troubled teenager, he wasn't aware of his name yet he was simply informed that when he saw him he would know who it was. Jack never doubted his elders but he was the type of angel that needed information before he was to do the task. It was mundane task and Jack wanted a little more adventure. Jack wanted to be standing by his friends in the front line fighting in the war that never seemed to end. But he was here and as much as he hated it, he had a task to do.

Jack wondered through his new house up to what he guessed to be his office. It was already disorganised, and he guessed that the elders were trying to make this alias fool proof which to Jack's dislike meant he would be here for a while. As a human. He couldn't even feel the powers that belonged to him flow through his veins and he felt naked without them. He sighed and sat his desk, propping his feet up on it as he did so.

"History?" He sighed. When he was a student, many light years ago, history had been his best subject. Mainly because his father had been an explorer of sorts and his passion for it rubbed off on him. He smiled; at least he wasn't teaching biology or something embarrassing like that. The school he was assigned to was a rough comprehension school, and Jack knew it was going to be trouble. He was going to be teaching kids who didn't care about the World Wars, the Presidential history or Indian tribes. As he read through the lesson criteria he hated the task even more.

Feeling bored of looking through the piles of papers already, Jack decided it best to get an early night. Tomorrow he'd find his fallen angel and do what he can to put him on the path that would lead him to his destiny.


Ianto walked to school on his own, his black hooded jumper that was miles too big for him felt like a security blanket keeping him safe. The loud rock music in his ears motivated him to walk towards the school gates that he often thought of as prison. Ianto felt sick whenever he stepped over the white line that told him he was now on school property and until three thirty it was against the law for him to leave.

"Oh look it's the fag." Ianto didn't want to give in to Rhys's comments, he hated that he was used to the snide remarks from most of the boys and girls in the school. "Don't ignore me." Rhys snapped, he pushed his arms out, causing Ianto to buckle and hit his head against one of the lockers. The boys that had gathered around them started to laugh. Ianto had never been so glad to hear the bell ring and everyone seemed to scatter to their form room. Ianto sighed grabbed his books from his locker, took off his jumper and swapped it for his school blazer and headed to the second floor to his form room before the bell goes. He couldn't be late. Not again.

Ianto for most of his day didn't speak, he made a signal to his teachers whenever they did the register but he never spoke. Whenever he spoke he was ridiculed for what he had to say as no one wanted to listen to the fag. Even most of the teachers seemed to ignore him. At lunch, Ianto avoided the canteen and headed to the fields and pulled out a book and sat under a tree and just read, loosing himself into the world of fiction.

At ten past one, Ianto was glad that he was heading to his last lesson of the day. He walked up to the third floor, every so often he would be pushed up the stairs buckling when he lost his balance causing people around him to laugh. He stood outside his class waiting for his teacher to open the door.

"I heard we had a new teacher," A girl grinned. "And apparently he is really hot."

"Seriously?" Her friend asked.

"Yeah. Mr Smith left - didn't even leave a note."

"So who have we got now?"

"That would be me." A loud, American accent was heard and they all turned their direction to the door where Jack Harkness stood. "My name is Mr Harkness, come in."

The students piled into the class and sat down. Jack looked around anxiously, his stomach felt funny, tingling. He knew the angel he was supposed to save was in this room. When his hands landed on a skinny boy, who was sat at the back his text book already out and open, he knew he had found him.