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Edward sat at a table for two in the middle of 'Angels in Angeles'. He made sure he was sitting in a seat facing the entrance so that he would see Bella as soon as she entered. As he sipped his coffee, he wondered if Angela had set him up. Perhaps she had lied about helping him. Maybe she and Bella were off having breakfast somewhere else laughing at him. He mentally kicked himself for caring so much. Who cares if she doesn't show up, at least I tried. But he couldn't really fool himself, he needed to see her. He couldn't stop thinking about her. He hadn't been able to get to sleep last night because of it. All he could see in his mind was look on her beautiful face when he had told her the truth. It was a look of shock, fury and self-doubt. He had done that to her. He had.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. He didn't know he was going to feel like this. 'Ok, so I did have a major thing for her back in high school,' he thought to himself as he took another sip of his coffee and glanced it at door. 'But that was years ago. The plan was to give her the book, be nice to her and apologise. He had hoped that the reunion would bring him some kind of peace - that it would set him free in a way. But all he could do was think about her. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves.


As Bella walked up the steps to her favourite cafe she frowned in confusion. Angela had just called her to say that she would be late because her car had broken down. Bella knew that she had been lying, Angela always giggled nervously when she was lying. Bella just couldn't figure out why Angela would message her to meet for breakfast and then cancel on purpose.

It all became clearer as she walked through the door only to find a pair of dazzling golden brown eyes staring at her.

"You have got to be kidding me," she said loud enough for him to hear and she turned around to walk straight out. Edward jumped up.

"Bella wait!" he called, not caring that the rest of the customers were staring at him. He slapped down a ten dollar bill and ran after her.

He caught up to her easily as she walked towards her car, arms crossed, handbag hanging rigidly upon her shoulder and eyes fixed in front of her refusing to look at him.

"Bella, please will you just give me a minute?"

"It's Isabella to you!" she snapped without stopping. He had wondered if her reaction would be passive as it was in high school or if she would fight him like she had the night before. Backbone still intact, he though to himself,

He quickly grabbed her arm and spun her to face him.

"Let go!" she said between gritted teeth as a wave of pure anger flooded through her body.

"I just want to give you something!"

"What else could you possibly give me? Let me assure you that a sucky high school experience was gift enough!"

"Bel-Isabella I'm so sorry-"

"Stop it, stop trying to be the nice guy," she looked furious as if she actually wanted to kill him. Then he saw her raise her hand to slap him but he caught it with his and pulled her towards him to the point where their noses were almost touching.

"Don't," he whispered sternly, slightly panting.

Bella's heart was racing. But it was no longer because she was angry. She felt excited by his closeness and that made her even more furious. After everything he had done to her, he of all people was able to make her feel like this? How could that be?

"Edward?!" came a shriek of excitement near them. "Oh my God, fancy running into you here!" It was Lauren Mallory. She had been in Edward's group and had always bullied Bella. She walked right up to Edward, pulled him away from her and practically attacked him with a hug. Bella stepped away from them.

"Uh, hi Lauren, it's good to see you," said Edward awkwardly patting her on the back as she hugged him.

"I saw a silver Volvo car parked out here and just knew it was yours! I can't believe you've had the same car since high school! I have some fond memories of us in that car you know Edward, especially the back seat," she said in a voice that she obviously thought was seductive.

Bella felt her blood begin to boil with jealously, but she brushed it off as being upset at seeing the blonde haired bitch. She saw a rush of mental images of Lauren hanging off Edward's arm and kissing him against the lockers. She hated this feeling and wanted nothing but to get out of there. But this time she wanted to walk away with dignity. 'You will not lose control, yell, scream or cry' she commanded herself as she made sure to look disgusted at what Lauren had hinted at. She then slowly turned to leave.

"That was a long time ago Lauren, if you'll excuse me I was talking privately with Bella."

Bella's heart skipped a beat and she turned back to see Lauren's reaction.

"Who?" the blonde asked and then turned to Bella as if seeing her for the first time.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there," Lauren said with a fake smile.

Bella wanted to throw herself at Lauren and beat her to the ground, but Edward's words brought that impulse to an immediate halt.

"I don't know how Lauren, not many could miss such a natural beauty."

Again Bella's heart began to beat faster. This felt so strange, not at all like it had been in high school where she was used to them both picking on her. She saw Lauren's face turn slightly red at Edward's remark.

"Really?" she began. "Well I don't believe I've had the pleasure." She then grabbed Bella's hand and gripped it painfully in what was supposed to be a friendly handshake. "I'm Lauren Mallory."

"I know who you are," Bella said trying to look as if she didn't care to play the game Lauren was trying to trap her in. "We were in the same classes together for 3 years, I'm Bella."

Knowing very well who Bella was, Lauren put on a show of pretending not to remember her.

"Oh wait, Bella Swine right?" she said finally.

"Swan," the brunette corrected her.

"Whoever," was the response. "Your skin has really cleared up. Things really do change in ten years huh?"

This would be a perfect time to slap the bitch. But for some reason with Edward watching, Bella began to feel exactly the way she did when she was 16. Inferior. So she simply looked down and again tried to fight the tears. She had to get out of there.

"Yeah things change. If you'll excuse me I have to get going I have to meet a friend, it was nice to see you two again." And she walked in the direction of her car and didn't dare turn around.

What she didn't know as she rushed off was that she had just missed Edward calling Lauren "a stuck up bitch who he would never consider touching in a million years." As she walked to her car her thoughts were focusing on Edward, her feelings towards him were back to anger. He's probably glad I left so that he can now put the moves on that stupid slut. She thought of him pulling Lauren close to him as he had with her only moments before, then she thought of him kissing the whore and she felt her anger take on a life of its own. Bitch, she'll probably worm her way into his bed tonight and he'll probably welcome it gladly'. The tears of fury streamed down her face at the thought of them having sex.

For the third time in two days Edward chased after Bella.

"Isabella!" he called running to catch up to her. She kept walking her pace quickening as he got closer.

"Hey," he touched her shoulder when he caught up. She refused to look at him. "What happened back there? You've had no problem telling me to shove it for what happened back then and now all of a sudden when Lauren shows up you don't know how to defend yourself?"

She gave no answer.


No answer.

"The silent treatment. How mature." He was trying to provoke her and it worked without fail.

"Oh and you know all about being mature don't you Edward? Screwing half the cheerleading team, you're real mature," she spat at him viciously. They had now reached her car.

That changed his mood instantly. He was pissed

"That was more than 10 years ago Bella," he emphasised her nickname, which he had been too scared to use before. 'This is what she thinks of me, that I just play around and think with my dick'.

"Oh please, what bull shit, don't try and tell me that you don't whore around like you did when you were younger. You don't seriously think I bought that crap about you having sisters and respecting women did you? You know, being adopted and all I wouldn't be surprised if you even hit on them, all you need is for a woman to have a pulse and you're up for it right Cullen?"

As the words left her mouth she knew she was hitting below the belt. Even though he had been the one ruined her teenage life, she was fighting dirty.

Edward's eyes widened and he grabbed her abruptly and pushed her firmly up against her car while griping both her arms to her sides above her head.

"You can say whatever the fuck you want about me, but don't you dare talk about my sisters like that!" he snarled.

"Edward y-your hurting me." Bella was scared. "I-I'm sorry."

His eyes snapped up and met hers, his grip tightening. This is not what he expected. He had come here to apologise to her.

Bella was very aware that their faces were only a few inches apart and her breathing began to accelerate.

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