Aizen was very displeased. Normally, this did not happen because others made sure it did not happen, but right now, nobody really cared.

"Szayel..." He began, standing beside the scientist and staring out across the blank white sands and at a huge crack in the sky. A literal cracking of the starless black night, as if it were a pane of glass.

"That shouldn't be there."

Szayel was silent a moment, left elbow supported by his right hand and right hand at his chin as his golden eyes observed the crack in the sky.

" it should not." He mumbled, watching the crack spread very slightly with the noise of a glacier as it cracks. Aizen remained staring, watching the anomaly closely.

"Then why is it there?"

"I...I'm not quite sure."

"Could it have been product of that experiment of yours?" Aizen was getting tired of playing this guessing game, and so cut to the heart of the matter. Szayel nodded slowly, blankly, as if he weren't paying attention, which Aizen knew that he wasn't.


They both watched the crack largen again, before Aizen turned around to walk back inside Las Noches.

"Fix it."

"Captain Kurotsuchi...what is that?"

The Twelfth Company Captain was silent a moment, now staring quite closely at a rather large crack in the sky that was slowly spreading. Byakuya Kuchiki was at his side, not even staring at it and staring at Kurotsuchi instead.

"It shouldn't be there." Byakuya added afte a moment of silence. Kurotsuchi nodded blankly, watching the crack spreading.

" shouldn't."

"Then why is it there?"

"Further research will be needed to verify that."

Byakuya stared a moment, noting that Kurotsuchi was very much trying to ignore him so that he would leave. "Could it have been a product of your recent experiment?" He asked, in his normal monotone. Kurotsuchi answered very shortly.


Byakuya looked to watch the crack largen, before he turned and headed back towards First Division to report in.

"Fix it."

"Urahara...what's that?"

Kisuke Urahara was standing outside his Shoten, watching the crack in the sky spreading as Ichigo Kurosaki stood at his side, arms crossed over his chest and an apprehensive look on his face. Apparently, normal humans couldn't see it, so that was good, but it was still there and that was bad.

"It shouldn't be there."

"I agree; no it shouldn't." Urahara finally answered, remaining transfixedd on the anomaly.

"Then why is it there?" Ichigo growled.

"I haven't the faintest clue."

Ichigo was getting annoyed with being ignored so completely as Urahara remained transfixed on the crack. "Could it have been that explosion from the Shoten earlier?"


Ichigo watched the crack largen, before turning and walking back towards home.

"Fix it."

"What's happening now?" Aizen sighed, standing from his throne and staring out a nearby window at the crack. And he looked just in time to see the entire crack shatter like glass, and a hellstorm erupt. He couldn't follow what happened for a moment, and when whatever it was stopped, there was blank whiteness hanging in the air high above the ground, and it looked furhter away than before. For a moment, he just remained at that window, knowing that when he went down, there would be hell to deal with. It didn't take long to hear footsteps clapping towards him, and Aizen turned to see Gin Ichimaru looking a little disturbed.

"Yes, Gin?"

"Well..." Gin started, his smile now a childish frown as he tried to find the words to explain what had happened. "We got...visitors."


"Nah, nothin' like that...nothin' like anything I seen before, actually..."

Aizen raised an eyebrow, walking past Ichimaru and down to see the ruckus at the gate. He watched as Arrancar parted like the Red Sea for him as he arrived, and glanced out the window at the sands far away, only to stare blankly.

"Who is that."

Gin leaned against the wall, shrugging.

"I got no idea. But they're pretty freaky lookin', and they want in 'cos it's cold out."

Aizen watched the group at the gate for a moment, before ordering the door be opened. The Arrancar and Espada could handle any trouble, and now, Aizen was just very, very curious. As the gate opened and Aizen made his way over to the group shuffling in and finding out that the only temperature difference between Las Noches and Hueco Mundo was that there was no wind in Las Noches, Aizen looked them over.

"Attention." He called out in a commanding tone, though keeping himself looking polite, calm, and not at all like an egotistical man with a god complex ruling over soul eating monsters. He got the attention of most of them, and that was enough. "Who are you?" He asked them, and one stepped forward. He looked to be a human, though around his fifties, maybe sixties. When he spoke his tone was very eloquent and polite, much like Aizen's, and he kept himself calmer than the others behind him.

"Well, we aren't quite sure ourselves. But, introductions seem to be in order for everyone here." The man spoke calmly, as Nnoitra stood behind Aizen and stared at a man with off-green colored hair and some freaky looking makeup, currently wearing a three-piece purple suit and hanging back, looking quite interestedly at everything around him. Aizen shook the hand of the speaking man, who had maroon eyes and dark, slicked back hair, and they both seemed to click.

"Sosuke Aizen." Aizen introduced himself, as he and the other man sized one another up and very quickly realized that they were both much more than they appeared.

"Hannibal Lecter."