It's been about a month since arrival, which has been named 'Event Zero', mainly because Event Zero sounds cool. Everyone in Las Noches is trying to settle in with the new 'guests' staying with them for a little while.

"So," one nameless Arrancar starts, leaning against the wall of the hallway with his arms crossed over his chest, "You see the new freaks staying a visit? I hear Szayel fucked up and brought 'em all here."

"Yeah," His companion yawns, glancing down each corridor cautiously. "I hear that something walks down the hallways and slaughters anybody that it sees."

"Something? Slaughtering Arrancar? Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it." The first stretches, as he and his companion walk into one of their rooms to relax. It's no secret that everyone has been nervous about all their new roommates, since not all of them are…human. Not human, not Hollows; nobody has seen Envy since that first day, and that clown with the balloons is said to constantly lure foolish Arrancar into dark rooms or down lonely hallways with what is assumed to be an odd Kido technique. People that walk away with him are never, ever seen again. Clowns are something everybody fucking avoids nowadays.

"True facts," the second Arrancar sits down in his chair, crossing his arms behind his head for a makeshift pillow. "Really. Friend of mine says that he was walking down the hall to his room when he ran into that one clown, the one with the green hair and the scars."

"The freak?" The first Arrancar queries, sprawling on his bed.

"Yeah. Anyway, he ran into that guy, and the guy nearly carves him with a goddamn knife. He said that this clown was the scariest fucking thing since Jiruga in a bad mood."


"I don't like these new guys around here," the second Arrancar continues, warily glancing at the door. "I mean, with the Espada, you can feel 'em coming and split before they see you. But these guys got no reiatsu; ya don't know when they're showing up. I hear Aizen's spending a lot of time with that Lecter guy."

"Yeah, supposedly they have dinner all the time."

"I don't trust 'em."

The first Arrancar snorts. "Nobody fucking trusts Aizen. The bastard would cut off your balls just as soon as talk to you."

"That Lecter is just like Aizen. They're just…similar. Who's the other guy that walks around the hallways with a coat on and a briefcase, screaming like a fucking loon?" The second glances towards the door, hearing footsteps pass. They both go silent until the steps fade away, when the first answers.

"That guy? Fuck if I know. Bateman, I think. Patrick Bateman?"

"Who gives a damn? Bateman, the green-haired clown freak, that snotty little brat with the fishing lure on his back, I don't give a fucking damn. I want them all to get the hell outta here; Las Noches was bad enough with shinigami running it and Lord Barragan out of his throne, and now we've got superpowered freaks running around, too!"

The second Arrancar sighs and stands, walking slowly towards the door. "Sorry, but I gotta get some sleep. Fucking tired lately. See you, guy." The first Arrancar waves him goodbye as he walks out the door and down the hallway to his room, boredly watching Alex DeLarge slip into Orihime Inoue's room. He sees the clown with green hair innocently gathering materials from the human world, God knows where he got them (probably Ichimaru), and heading into his room to make something or other, either clearing his throat or giggling, it's hard to tell which. After the clown leaves, the Arrancar runs his finger through some black powder left on the white floor. He can't recognize it for what it is and shrugs his shoulders, walking along by and leaving the little smear of gunpowder behind. When he opens the door to his room, he spots something large and metallic perched inside, and walks in, confused.

"Who the fuck are you? What the fuck is this?" He asks, as the huge computer seems to flicker. The world flickers as well, and a message burns behind the Arrancar's eyes, a flash of something in his conscious.


"What?" The Arrancar rubs his eyes, frustrated but most of all, panicking. Something is horribly wrong here.


"Oh go fuck yourself, AM." The Arrancar spits, and turns for the door, only to find that there is no door there anymore. He's in a blank white room that's slowly darkening, trapped with this AM thing. He screams when he sees that the white floor has turned from a solid into a gelatinous form, now pulling him down towards an icy death. AM's cords and other various technologies are hooked around the room, intact.

This is its domain now.




The Arrancar tries to pull himself from this horrific trap, as he feels the floor hypothermic around his legs, inching towards his thighs.


As the whiteness envelops his throat and face, the nonexistent door opens and Grimmjow stares between AM, the Arrancar, and what appears to be an impossibility happening right in front of him. He closes the door quickly, and walks away. As he walks, he passes a slightly ajar door, and hears a whispering coming from it. Backtracking, he stops a few feet away from the door and peers inside, fearlessly. What he sees appears to be a clown. A kindly looking, smiling clown with…yellow eyes?

"Hi there," The clown greets, and Grimmjow blinks at his eyes. He could've sworn that they were pus yellow for a moment, but apparently he was wrong, because now they're a dancing, laughing blue, just like his. "Why don't you get a little closer? I can't see you too well. But I can promise you a way to become even more powerful."

"What the fuck? Why the hell should I?" Grimmjow queries, suspiciously. "I don't even fuckin' know you."

"You're right." The clown says, and the door remains only slightly cracked, enough for a sliver of his clown face to be visible and one laughing blue eye. "I am Bob Gray, otherwise known as Pennywise the Clown. Pennywise, meet Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez. Grimmjow, meet Pennywise."

After a moment, Grimmjow puts his hand on Pantera's hilt, stepping forward a pace. "And what've you got to offer me in power?"

Pennywise smiles, the door opening a bit further. "I can show you many things, so that you can kill all your enemies in horrible, horrible ways. Just like you like to. You can even kill Kurosaki. You want to kill him, don't you? So just come a little closer. Can't you smell the battle?"

And Grimmjow can. He can smell blood and sweat and hear pained screams, dying gurgles, the wind whipping over corpses and spreading the perfume of rot. He loves this smell. It's what drags him out of bed in the morning. Grimmjow is intelligent, however, and knows that this isn't normal; he shouldn't be able to smell or hear these things.

"Who the fuck are you?" He growls, finally standing in front of the cracked door, hand gripping Pantera's hilt. He wants the power, but he wants, more than that, to know what the hell is happening. When he leans down to look at Pennywise's face, he sees the eyes turn vicious and predatory and a pus yellow once again, the clown open his mouth to show razor teeth, and the door flies open as Pennywise grabs him. He roars, grappling with Pennywise as the two roll into the pitch-black room, and the door shuts. Nnoitra walks past and watches them roll out of sight, and shrugs while walking past.

"Not my fucking problem. Grimmjow's the dumbshit that walked too close to it anyway."

He's been excited lately, but overall disappointed with the new guests. Some of them are just human, which is annoying when they think they rule the place, but some of them are inhuman creatures. Nnoitra's been trying to hunt one of these powerful inhuman things down so that he can fight one, but Envy's disappeared, Grimmjow is fighting Pennywise, that Joker guy is busy doing something nefarious, he's not risking it with AM, and he can't find anyone else…yet.

So he prowls the abandoned, empty hallways to try and find the rumored creature that kills Arrancar it encounters.

He walks down these hallways, alone, stalking after shadows, until when he's about to give up, he hears a scraping noise in the distance. Intrigued, he follows it, until he turns a corner and runs head-on into what has the body of a man, is wearing nothing but an apron of some sort, and oh yeah, is wearing a giant steel pyramid helmet. It seems to stare at him, somehow, the gigantic cleaver dragging on the white ground behind it, until it makes a jerky rush towards him and heaves the cleaver about as long as Nnoitra is tall, a gigantic overhead swing that Nnoitra doesn't doubt would've cleaved him in two if he hadn't have moved. He dodges left, drawing Santa Teresa (Aizen has allowed him to carry it for protection) with a grin. The pyramid creature hefts his cleaver again, and prepares to swing in this narrow hallway. Nnoitra laughs, and prepares to fight.