Another iNcest

It was another Friday afternoon, at 3:53 PM. Carly Shay had arrived at her and her brother's apartment after school, deciding not to go out to get smoothies with her best friends Sam and Freddy due to lack of sleep. She had stayed up very late the previous day studying for a test and she hoped for some rest.

When she walked in the front door she was greeted by her big brother Spencer.

"Hey kiddo, how was school?", he asked, hoping that she was pleased with herself over the math test she practically killed herself studying for. Carly just let out a groan as she plopped down on the coach beside of Spencer. "I take it that it didn't go so well." She leaned her head against the armrest and just closed her eyes.

"I guess I did fine. I'm just so wore out. Is there anything good on television?". Spencer would turn the channel to nickelodian.

"Drake and Josh is on. I know how much you love that show.", he said with a smile, hoping his sister would feel more peppy. She just sighed.

"That's cool, Spence, but I think I'll just go up to my room and lay down for awhile." Spencer just nodded as he watched his beautiful little sister get up off of the couch and scurry upstairs.

"That kid needs to stop working too hard…", he said to himself. A few minutes later, one of Carly's favorite episode of Drake ad Josh came on, and Spencer thought that it wouldn't hurt to go and tell her, thinking it could get her excited and not so gloomy.

As he came up from the elevator, he made his way to her door, but froze dead in his tracks when he looked through the class. What he saw was completely shocking which shocked him terribly. Carly was laying down on the edge of her bed, shorts and underwear around her ankles, massaging her private area. Her head was leaned back on her pillow as her mouth moved, to which Spencer just assumed were moans. He slightly stepped back, but then what happened made him feel terrible. Carly opened her eyes when she raised her head up.

'Shit, she must have heard me.', he thought, before he ran off downstairs as quickly as he could, hoping that she didn't see him. He didn't bother her for another five hours, and she didn't bother coming downstairs out of her room for that long either.