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As Danny slowly awakened he almost started at the feeling of a warm body pressed into his. This was an unusual sensation; Danny Messer was not a cuddler. Unfortunately for Danny, his partner was obviously not aware of this. As he was about to make his displeasure known he paused, actually, it wasn't a bad feeling, he kinda felt a bit warm and snugly, nah nah, banish those thoughts Danny, you are NOT a cuddler. He plucked his glasses of the bedside table and finally looked at his partner; unfortunately his glasses didn't completely clear his vision as the copious amounts of alcohol and fatigue made themselves known. His partners face came slowly into focus. Well I'll be? Ahhh, he remembered, Danny Messer wasn't a cuddler but Don Flack certainly was. He gazed at Dons peaceful face and reconsidered his decision to extract himself from the embrace. This wasn't the first time he had had to override his non-cuddling side.


Danny had been right, Louie had wanted more than a beer, his big brother sat sweating, wracked with tremors and asked for a favour. An illegal favour that Danny didn't consider for a second, when he dismissed it out of hand, Louie had asked for 'a short term, kinda have trouble payin it back Danny' kinda loan. Danny had refused this as well and had started to walk away. Louie suddenly changed from a sheepish, twitchy big brother askin a favour to a surprisingly indignant big brother whose little brother had refused him something. Danny's short snort, shake of his head and 'see ya round Louie' had obviously been heard as 'fuck you Louie you are a piece of crap and I am obviously above you'. This misunderstood phrase incensed Louie who followed Danny out of the bar at a clip and shoved him into the next alley.

Danny turned around to confront who ever had shoved him to be met with a fist in the face, the fist dislodged Danny's glasses, cut his cheek and sent him reeling into a wall, where upon his temple connected rather solidly with a gutter pipe and he slid stunned to the ground. His attacker grabbed him by the lapels and Danny made out the rather fuzzy features of his big brother, contorted into a mask of anger.

'Louie....' Danny breathed.

'Shut it Danny, I don't wanna hear it, you think you are too good to help your big brother, we'll see.'

With that Louie started to lay into Danny. Danny too stunned from the initial assault lay there and took it. Mentally unable to cope with the idea that it was his brother who was currently punching and kicking him. As Louie took the first swing with a pipe that he had found Danny heard his name called in an unmistakeable voice of his best friend. The call was too late to stop the swing and the pipe connected with his ribs. His breath left his body in a whoosh and he noticed with some detachment that he seemed unable to draw breath.

The next thing he was aware of was the voice of his other friend Sheldon Hawkes.

'Danny, Danny, can you hear me, relax, try to breathe, you're gonna be OK, just stay with me, Danny, Daaaaannnn......'

The last word seemed to drag out slowly as a black whirlpool dragged Danny into its centre.

The next thing he was aware of was a steady beeping and a tickle on his nose. He tried to raise his hand to sort the annoying tickle but it was trapped in something warm.

'Danno, are you awake?' Don Flacks' voice softened to an almost whisper.

Danny wasn't sure how to respond to this, his mind was foggy and slow, he remained silent and tried to think. I must be in a hospital, but why? A soft sigh interrupted his thoughts.

'In your own time Danno, I am only worried sick about ya here, gawd Danny, only you could go for a beer and end up in hospital. Good job Hawkes and I heard the ruckus when we were walkin home. Geez, Danny you need to wake up, I can't take this, I need you man.' At this Danny's mind came into sharp focus as flashes of his and Flacks recent relationship, nice relaxed dates and varieties of raw passionate sex and languorous day off sex, playin hoops and lazy making out on the couch while watching a game. A gentle smile played on Dannys lips.

'Danno? Come on wake up, you are smiling, open your eyes lemme see those baby blues'

'Don,' Danny rasped, 'you are such a girl.' His eyes peeled open to see the worried face of his best friend and recent lover.

'Oh thank God, Danny, you had me so worried, but don't think I am letting that comment slide, I will save it for later,' with that he swooped in and pressed a chaste kiss onto Danny's lips, 'I am gonna get the Doc.'

The next few minutes were a blur for Danny as the Doctor came in checked him over, told him about his numerous injuries, nearly all contusions with the exception of a pair of broken ribs. He let the information wash over him, certain that Don and Hawkes would fill him in on anything important. As his eyelids started to droop he saw Dons longing look. With a sigh Danny scooted over and lifted his arm, smiling as Don all but leapt onto the bed to snuggle close to Danny's nearly uninjured side.

'How did you swing bein' able to stay?' Danny breathed as he started succumbing to his body's desire to rest.

'Hawkes' Don said as if that explained everything.

Flashback Over

'Danno?' Don mumbled into Danny's chest.


'Take your glasses off, quit starin at me, enjoy the cuddle and go back to sleep.' The small speech was muffled by Danny's own body but the instructions were heeded and they fell asleep in each other's arms unaware that their day off was to be less relaxing than they had planned.