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The end is nigh!

Don sat by Danny's bedside day and night, leaving only when Mac forced him to eat, drink, shower and go to the bathroom. Danny's condition had not changed, his physical injuries were healing but he was still catatonic. A week later Don had resigned himself to this state of affairs and was simply sat holding Danny's hand. Mac came in following his shift and sat by Don.

'Don you need to get some rest, sitting here making yourself ill is not helping Danny. Sonny is being charged with numerous offences relating to Danny's kidnapping and rape, Louie is going to testify. Danny will be OK.' A soft whimper from the bed brought Mac and Dons eyes snapping to Danny's prone form.

'Danno? Can you hear us?' Don asked firmly. His response was Danny pulling his hand form Dons and turning away from them in the bed. 'Danno? Oh my god Mac, get the doctor! Danno?!' But Danny remained silent and didn't move again.

The doctor came in and asked Mac and Don to leave the room so he could assess Danny in private. 'Danny, can you hear me? If you can you don't have to talk can you move for me? I know it must be difficult for you but we are here to help you.'

'No,' the doctor started at the unexpected response from Danny. Danny had not moved but repeated a couple of seconds later, 'no'. It was then the doctor saw a tear running down Danny's face.

''No' what Danny? I can't help you if I don't know what is wrong?' Danny didn't respond but tears continued to fall as he curled into a ball and sobbed silently. The doctor sighed and went out to speak to Don and Mac.

'Mr Flack, Mr Taylor, you were right, we are getting some response from Danny but you must not get your hopes up too far, it can take a while for the catatonia to completely lift. I think you should go in and be with him for the time being, I need to talk to some people and he needs people he can trust around him. Keep talking to him and reassuring him, he will come up eventually.'

Don and Mac entered Danny's room and Don, upon noticing Danny's distress immediately went to him and sat on the edge of the bed drawing Danny into a fierce hug. 'I'm here Danno, I'm here, it'll be OK man, it'll be OK.' Don softly rocked Danny and Danny began to sob in earnest, gut wrenching sobs pouring from him. Mac quietly left the room, leaving the lovers to their own devices and giving them the privacy they should have. Danny's sobs quietened after a while and he began to relax into Don's embrace, and it wasn't long before Danny went completely limp and Don realised that his boyfriend had actually fallen asleep, eyes shut and swollen with tears. Don settled Danny back onto the bed and simply sat with Danny hand in hand, face a picture of sorrow.

It seemed that that night was the beginning of the end; Danny began to steadily improve becoming more responsive to all around him. One thing that took Danny longer to get past was the idea of being touched by anyone other than Don. Don was his anchor and any touch was met with a violent flinch. The doctors had said this was natural and that with therapy Danny would eventually be able to deal with life again.

Two months later Danny returned to work, he was practically his normal self again, don by his side waiting patiently for Danny to be ready for them to be intimate again, but in no hurry because he had Danny back and he didn't care if they never had sex again, he loved Danny for Danny and it didn't matter to Don if Danny never wanted sex again.

Three months later Don was surprised when he returned to his and Danny's home to find the place lit by candles only, he followed a trail of tea-lights to the bathroom to find his lover waiting, flushed by the heat of the bath water he was laying in. 'Don,' Danny whispered, 'I love you, come 'ere'. Don couldn't have stripped faster than if his clothes had spontaneously dematerialised and he was soon sliding into the tub behind Danny, his long legs wrapped around Danny's, his hands caressing Danny's stomach.

'Danno, I love you so much, ya hear, I love you no matter what.' Don whispered into his lover's ear, gently nibbling on the lobe causing Danny to moan and relax his head back onto Dons shoulder. Danny reached back and clasped the back of Don's head pulling him in for a deep kiss, simultaneously turning over so they were chest to chest. Danny reached down into the water and without breaking the kiss grasped dons cock in his hand jacking him slowly. At this Don pulled back, 'Danno, are you sure?'

'Don I have never been more sure in my life... or more glad that we have a large Jacuzzi tub.' Danny answered with a twinkle in his eye. Without further preamble Danny straddled Don and lowered himself onto Dons throbbing cock. Don gasped as he slid into Danny, his lover obviously having prepared himself before. He gazed up at Danny who didn't break eye contact his eyes burning and boring into Don as he began to rock in a delightful rhythm, Danny's hands lowering to toy with Don's nipples as lazily as his gentle rocking. Don grasped Danny's hips and began to add to the rhythm, adding gentle thrusts to Danny's canting hips. He took one of Danny's hands in his and began to suckle on his fingers at the same time using his other hand to stroke Danny's cock. They stayed lie this slowly but surely reaching a joint and mind blowing climax. Danny sagging onto Don's damp chest whispering, 'I love you, I love you for being with me, I love you for staying with me in the hospital, I love you for being there for me and I love you for waiting.'

Don couldn't find words to reply so hugged Danny tightly and pressed a kiss into his lover's hair, a tear escaping down his cheek as he thought how lucky he was to be loved.

I know a sappy ending but I couldn't help it, but hopefully the slight porn will make up for it. The plot gecko for this story kinda skipped out on me leading to the conclusion that I should refrain from posting before I have finished fics. My next fic is gonna be a threesome fic Danny/Mac/Don with an AU twist.