One week later

Brennan climbed the last stair leading up to the front door of Booth's apartment. Just outside she stopped. She raised her hand, but didn't knock. Before calling for him she decided to take a moment. Was she ready to see him? She wanted to. Maybe she even needed to. Want and need were two entirely different things. All she knew was it'd been a few days since she'd seen him, and she missed him.

A menagerie of police and paramedics had arrived at the scene to pick them up. Paramedics had worked on Myers, but the man had already been too far gone. The same went for "Slim." Police still were unsure of his involvement with Myers.

Brennan had lost track of Booth at the hospital when the two were separated. Over all, except for some cuts and bruises she was all right. His injuries were a bit more extensive. Luckily, the knife hadn't entered his chest far enough to damage his heart. He'd been kept for a few days while being treated and for monitoring. Mostly during that time he slept off his ordeal. Brennan had remained with him as much as she could. At last he too had been discharged with strict instructions to rest.

Brennan had been the one to drive him home. She hated to admit that she would have stayed with him at his apartment if he'd asked. But he hadn't, and figuring he needed some time alone, she respected that.

However she couldn't stay away any longer. Repeatedly she knocked until she heard him yell, "hold on!"

The lock clicked and the door opened hesitantly. Booth peeked out. Seeing it was her, he smiled widely and opened it all the way. "Hey, Bones. What are you doing here?"

She studied the still off white color of his features. The fatigue still showing in his eyes. He'd done this to himself for her. I couldn't stay away. "I hadn't heard from you." I needed to see you. "I just wanted to see how you were."

He shrugged.

She didn't like his silent answer. "Can I come in?"

Booth seemed reluctant. While he seemed like his usual self something was off. After a few seconds he moved aside and allowed her entrance. Brennan moved into his living room with him trailing. She stopped dead suddenly, her eyes drawn to a spot on the floor. The spot where she'd found him dangerously close to death.

He followed her gaze. Upon coming home he'd nearly become ill when he'd seen his own blood stain on the floor. Though he cleaned it he hadn't been able to step anywhere near it. The pit from the bullet was the only reminder of what had happened there.

"I told everyone you wouldn't try to kill yourself. Nobody believed me," Brennan murmured.

"You believed in me."

She turned her back on the spot. Now she understood his unwillingness to let her inside. Booth hadn't wanted her to see that. Again she looked him over critically. "You're tired," she stated.

He didn't deny it.

Taking his hand, she led him into his bedroom. Booth followed, blown away by her actions. His bedroom?

Brennan laid him down, then crawled in besides him. She laid close but not quite touching him. Booth didn't know what to do; didn't know what she was doing. At a loss he finally just shut his eyes. Sleep came all too easily to him these days.

Brennan still had questions for him. And she was ready for some answers. "How'd you get out of the hospital?"

"You drove me."

"No. When Myers abducted me, how did you leave the hospital?"

"I just left. I woke up to Angela looking down on me. She'd told me you were missing. I just reacted."

"Booth, you'd been in a coma."

"I know."

"How did you have the strength? How did you know where I was?"

These were both questions he'd been asking himself. At the time he hadn't really thought about it. Brennan, his Bones, was in trouble. His physical problems had been thrown to the wind. All he cared about was finding her. Saving her before it was too late.

Knowing where she was? He really didn't understand that. Something had just told him to head for the warehouse. It was a gut feeling he'd gone with and gotten lucky by being correct. Brennan wouldn't comprehend that. "I don't know, Bones. I don't have any answers for you."

She didn't respond. Her head drifted onto his shoulder; her cheek rubbing against the soft fabric of the t shirt he was wearing. Booth turned his head to look at her. Their gaze locked. Brennan thought of everything she'd been through with him. Everything he'd done for her. The love that no matter how hard she tried to reason or ignore it burned for him like a flame. And there in that moment she kissed him.

He kissed back. His eyes drifted shut, savoring the feeling in case he never felt it again. Her hand smoothed over his chest, resting just over his beating heart. Softly he sighed when she pulled away.

Together they laid enthralled with one another, shutting out the world around them.

The end