A/N: This is something that I originally wrote for House, M.D. I was looking through some of the things that I had previously written to see if I could come up with something to rearrange to fit the Plum Series. This is one of the ones that I came up with. It was born from my looking at a list AFIs 100 most favorite movie quotes. Just a bit of silliness.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my laptop and a poodle who things he's human.

Favorite Movie

Ranger and Stephanie were sitting on his couch watching television.

"So what is your favorite movie?" Stephanie asked out of the blue. In an attempt to learn more about her boyfriend, she would come up with random questions to ask from time to time.

"The Godfather." He answered without hesitation. She looked at him in surprise.

"What?" He asked.

"I'm just shocked is all. I figured it would be something with lots of action and bombs exploding."

"Babe." He grinned at her. "I don't have to watch a movie for that… I've got you.'

"Hey!" She would have smacked him, but she knew she would only end up hurting herself.

"Have you seen it?"

"Of course, you think a sweet little girl like me can't appreciate The Godfather?" She asked sarcastically. "I like the movie, it's just not one of my favorites."

"I know how much you love Ghostbusters. Aside from that, I just figured you for a lovey-dovey chic-flic kind of girl." He threw an arm up to deflect the pillow she attempted to smack him with.

He chuckled as he got up off the couch. "Be back."

"I'll have you know that The Godfather is full of philosophies and ideas I can use to deal with you." She hollered after him.

"Like what?" He hollered back.

Stephanie got a mischievous grin on her face, shut off the television and lights. Then she headed towards the bathroom.

"Like I brought you your robe and hung it on the bathroom doorknob."

"Why?" He asked suspiciously.

"Cause I don't want you to come out of the bathroom with just your dick in your hand." She told him with a grin. He grinned back, but then he looked over her shoulder towards the living room.

"Why did you shut the TV and lights off?"

"We're gonna go to the mattresses." She said sweetly and went into the bedroom. He laughed and followed her.

"And what if I don't want to?" He asked. "Are you going to give me a Sicilian message?"

"No sleeping with the fishes for you big boy."

Ranger watched as she quickly stripped off her clothes and jumped onto the bed.

"I'll just make you an offer you can't refuse." She said in a low and sexy voice.

As he started towards the bed to take full advantage of her offer, she spoke again.

"Oh and Carlos."

"Yes, Babe?"

"Leave the gun and bring the cannoli."



I had to play with the quotes a little bit to get them to work, but I had fun. The Godfather is my favorite movie and couldn't resist this. Silly right?!?!