Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, so don't blame me!The True Way Of Getting StrongerBy Redstar Henry

Summery: Raven went back to Azarath to get stronger. Before she left, she said one of the reason to leave is Beast Boy's annoyance. With Raven out of the team, Beast Boy told them not to find a replacement and stated that he will learn Raven's magic. However, as he got stronger because of Raven's magic, he may even find out that how to be strong for an Azarathian mage.


Chapter One: The Departure

Raven stared at the blue sky in her room. It has been three weeks since the Teen Titans defeated the Brotherhood of Evil and the Teen Titans celebrated for two days. Now, all the Titans members went back to their place to protect the world. But Raven thought she was not very strong to fight against evil and she thought Beast Boy was very annoying. So she decided to go back to Azarath to get stronger and today she will pack and leave.

After packing all her uniforms, spell books and magic objects, she went to the common room to tell the others about her leaving.

In the common room, Cyborg and Robin played the game station fiercely. They were playing a racing game called Need for Speed Underground 2. Cyborg was driving a yellow and strong racer while Robin was driving a black and small sport car. Because of Cyborg high skills in racing games Robin was no match for Cyborg. At last, the TV screen showed "The winner: Cyborg".

Cyborg threw the controller in gee and shouted "Boo-Yeah!"

"No way! You always win!" shouted Robin angrily

Meanwhile, Starfire was busy feeding Silkie with her home planet's dishes. Silkie was happy when it ate the berries.

Raven looked around and saw Beast Boy was reading a book about jet fighters. But Raven thought that Beast Boy was just looking at the pictures.

Just then, Starfire looked around and saw Raven was carrying a backpack. She began to open her mouth and said: "Friend Raven, are you planning to go somewhere?"

"Yes, I'm going back to Azarath to get stronger." replied Raven in her monotone.

At that moment, Cyborg and Robin paused the game and Beast Boy closed his book. The boys faced Raven and they all shouted "You are going back to Azarath?!"

Raven sighed and said: 'Yes, I begin to feel that I'm not strong as the Monks of Azarath. I want to go back to Azarath to learn other magic so I can fight better when I come back."

"You are already very strong in this team, we can't fight without you!" shouted Beast Boy desperately.

"No, I'm still very weak and so I made up my mind." replied Raven in her monotone.

"Okay, so when will you leave?" asked Robin suddenly.

"I will leave after I finished talking." answered Raven quietly.

"Okay, take care and be sure to come back a soon as possible." said Robin

"Yes, Friend Raven. We will really miss you." said Starfire sadly.

"Take care, sis." said Cyborg quietly.

"Yes, Raven. We will miss you." replied Beast Boy.

"Oh, I forgot. One of the reasons for me to leave this place is because of Beast Boy." said Raven suddenly.

"WHAT?!?! WHY?!" shouted Beast Boy.

"Because you are so annoying! Your jokes are not funny! You are so immature! You are so stupid! Why should I stay with you annoying around? Because of you, I'm leaving! Good Bye! Beast Boy!" and after that, Raven ran out of the door.

Beast Boy was very sad about that comment that Raven just made. Why would Raven think he is so annoying? He only tells those jokes because he wanted to lighten up the team spirit. He hated to see the team unhappy. Even though Raven always pushes him away, he continues to make those jokes because he really cares for Raven. And now Raven really hurt him.

"Ouch, that was very cold. Beast Boy only wanted Raven to smile. Why would Raven think he is annoying? He only wants to lighten the team." said Cyborg.

"Yes, I agreed with you, Friend Cyborg." aided Starfire.

"Even we catch up with her, it is too late. Raven's communicator is offline. Means Raven has already left." said Robin sadly.

After hearing this, Beast Boy broke down and started sobbing. "Why could she treat me so badly? I only want to care for her because I have feelings for her. I only wanted to make her smile so I can be happy!" shouted Beast Boy sadly.

"We know, Beast Boy. But now it is too late. Raven has already gone back home. We don't have anyway to get to Azarath. It is an alternate dimension of Earth. None of us expects Raven have the power to get to that dimension. I suggest we all go back to bed. It is already very late." said Robin sadly.

After that, all Titans went back to their room to get some sleep. Beast Boy broke into sobs when he approached his bunk bed.

"Even though Raven always shouts at me or threaten me. I still care for her. How could she treat me like I'm the biggest jerk in the world?" said Beast Boy to himself before sleep claimed him.