Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, so don't blame me! The True Way Of Getting StrongBy Redstar Henry

Summery: Raven went back to Azarath to get stronger. Before she left, she said one of the reason to leave is Beast Boy's annoyance. With Raven out of the team, Beast Boy told them not to find a replacement and stated that he will learn Raven's magic. However, as he got stronger because of Raven's magic, he may even find out that how to be strong for an Azarathian mage.

Note: It is not good to call White Beast Boy and White Raven WBB and WR. But in order to make it easy, I will refer them as the White Couple.


Chapter 14: The White Couple's Return

At a golden tower in Azarath, a familiar manta was heard in particular room where two white hooded persons were sat in a lotus position and chatting the manta. The one with a white track suit was the Teen Titans White Beast Boy and the one with the white leopard was the Teen Titans White Raven.

"Hello White Beast Boy." said Arella in a friendly tone as she entered the room where White Beast Boy and White Raven slept "How are your days in Azarath?"

"Not bad." replied White Beast Boy in his medication position "As long I have Raven," he then hugged White Raven in his arms while White Raven lad her head on his shoulder with a smile on her face "Everything is fine."

"Well okay. I glad that you have forgive my daughter. Even Azar and the Monks of Azarath were impressed by your forgiveness. They thought that you will just continue to hate her." then she closed the door with a big smile on her face. White Beast Boy then turned to face White Raven. She looked up to him with pure love in her eyes. She then pressed her lips against his as they melt into a very strong passionate kiss. They have been doing this every half an hour. White Beast Boy pulled away with a smile on his face but then his turned into an expression which everyone knew, it was depression.

White Raven saw the changing expression on White Beast Boy's face, she grew very concern and she spoke "What's wrong White Beast Boy?"

His reply was a huge sigh before he spoke "It is already been 2 months."

White Raven instantly knew it was about the Teen Titans, she again kissed White Beast Boy softly before she pulled away and spoke "Yeah, it is already been 2 months since we left.

It was 2 months since they left the Teen Titans after White Raven (Raven at that time, after she got her white cloak, she changed her name into White Raven) apologized to White Beast Boy for hurting him and they finally confessed their feelings toward each other. At that time White Raven finally gained her white cloak and she asked White Beast Boy to go to Azarath with her. He agreed and they wrote their letters to Robin about their departure and they packed their packs and left.

After they arrived at Azarath, Arella brought White Beast Boy to see Azar and the Monks of Azarath. They both friendly greeted White Beast Boy and they thanked him for banishing Brother Blood, the last legion of Trigon on Earth, from the planet. Azar then announced that he and White Raven will learn some very powerful magic together that required their love to use them. The Monks of Azarath asked Arella to take care of White Beast Boy which she gladly accepted. She placed them into the room where White Raven has slept there for 3 weeks. They both slept together, medicate together, read books together and learnt magic together.

It wasn't very long when they became the two most powerful Azarathians (Raven's spell books turned his root into Azarathian) in Azarath. They never left each other out of their sights but they still respected their private space like when they go to toilet. Now they became so close that even Arella suggested that they marry each other. But they both said that they will marry about 1 year later.

"I only wish that we can go visit them." said White Beast Boy.

"Well we can but now this is not the right time." said White Raven.

But just then, White Beast Boy felt a bed feeling in his mind as did White Raven. They both can predict the future not only in Azarath but at Jump City where they once lived. They quickly concreted on their minds. White Beast Boy could see the Titans Tower and the city in ruins. A huge shadow figure was breathing out fire and he then saw the Titans. They were no match for that figure and they all were injured. Just then the figure faced White Beast Boy and breathed out fire. White Beast Boy's vision was then blinded. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was in his and White Raven's room. White Raven and Arella looked down to him with worried expression on their faces.

"What is it White Beast Boy?" asked Arella.

"White Raven, Arella. I got the feeling that we are needed back at the city. I just predicted that the city is under attack by a mysterious shadowy figure which our friends are no match for that thing. We need to go back to the city when that figures attack."

White Raven and Arella nodded as they understood White Beast Boy. "Okay darling" said White Raven "We will monitor the city, when that creature attacks, we will go there and take care of that thing."

"Just be careful." said Arella "Don't get yourself killed, White Beast Boy. My daughter needs you to live, if you died, she will surely follow you! I know that you don't want to let that happen."

The White Couple nodded. "Okay White Raven, lets help our friends in the right time." White Raven nodded before she pressed her lips against White Beast Boy's lips again.


Robin opened the door to the common room. Now since the White Couple left them, he became the first one to approach the common room everyday. He said nothing but he went to the refrigerator and grabbed some soy milk to drink. He drank soy milk to let himself remember White Beast Boy. Cyborg ate tofu everyday to remember White Beast Boy and Starfire drank herbal tea to remember White Raven.

Just then, Starfire walked into the common room before saying "Hello boyfriend Robin. How is your day?"

"Not bad" replied Robin "But I just hope that they come back. I kind of miss them."

"Yes Robin, but I'm so happy that they are together."


Cyborg then arrived at the common room and got some tofu to eat. He turned around to face Robin. "Hello Robin, are there any crime in the city that we are needed to kick their butt?"

"Not yet. Every since we are powered up by White Beast Boy's magic the criminals were afraid of us." said Robin.

It was true that their power had been increased by White Beast Boy's magic. Starfire's starbolts had become bigger, more destructive and more powerful when she was power upped by White Beast Boy's magic. Robin gained the "Azarath Zepellion Ray" from White Beast Boy after the defeat of the Blood Brotherhood. Before White Beast Boy left, he gave the Zepellion Ray charm to Robin which made the attack more powerful. Now they defeat any criminal with ease which made the crime of Jump City dropped rapidly. Now they have more spare time which Robin used those times to date Starfire while Cyborg used those times to date with Bumblebee. Still, they still have training lessons everyday just in case they are needed to fight crime.

"Well how about hanging around the park?" asked Cyborg.

"That is a good idea." replied Robin.

But just then, a shockwave rocked the tower. The Titans were shocked; they quickly opened their communicators to find out what was happening.

"I got the signal, it was coming from Raven's room." said Robin.

"Are they coming back?" asked Starfire.

"No, it isn't their signal." replied Robin.

"WAIT! What if it is that dragon that we faced when it betrayed Raven?" asked Cyborg fearfully.

"Well there is only one way to find out. We must go to Raven's room even if she will be angry about it." said Robin.

They quickly got up and went to Raven's room. When they opened the door, they saw a hole on the roof with a stream of white light; the light came from a chest which it opened itself. Then they realized that Raven put the book that imprisoned Malchor after the battle with that dragon inside that chest. They all have frightened looks on their face when they saw that dragon was flying outside the tower.

"OH NO!" shouted Starfire as the dragon started to attack the city.

"Without Raven or Beast Boy, we cannot defeat that cursed dragon!" shouted Cyborg.

"We got to try! We must use the magic gifts that Beast Boy gave to us! We must defend the city! Titans go!" shouted Robin.

The Three Titans flew out of the tower (White Beast Boy gave Robin the levitation charm for Robin before he left, Cyborg got himself a jet pack that has unlimited fuel)

As they prepare a battle that will be difficult that they need the White Couple to win.


Meanwhile, back at Azarath, the White Couple was watching the crystal ball as they saw that Malchor has broken out of his prison. Both of them were filled with anger as they remember what he had done to White Raven and the other team members.

"I can't believe that he broke out of that prison!" said White Beast Boy.

"That liar shouldn't come back!" said White Raven.

"Raven, I think that we should move now, our friends will be impossible to stop that dragon." said White Beast Boy.

White Raven nodded. Arella also nodded before she spoke "Just be careful, you must come back alive both of you."

'Okay" said the White Couple together.

"Come on White Raven, lets show that dragon we are unstoppable!" shouted White Beast Boy. White Raven smiled as she once again pressed her lips against White Beast Boy. The White Couple had melted into a strong passionate kiss again before they entered the vortex that lead back to Jump City.


"Robin this is not good! That dragon is too strong!" shouted Cyborg.

The Titans had battled Malchor for 20 minutes but they still haven't defeated that dragon even with Robin's "Azarath Zepellion Ray", Starfire's powered up starbolts and Cyborg's sonic cannon. The dragon had already destroyed half of the city but the Titans still couldn't stop it but Robin didn't give up.

"Keep fighting! We must protect the city at any cost!" shouted Robin.

"Oh I wish that friend White Beast Boy and White Raven were here, they can defeat that dragon easily." said Starfire.

As if reply, suddenly two white orbs appeared and they bumped into Malchor. The two white orbs then floated in front of Malchor.

"WHY YOU! WHO ARE YOU BOTH ANYWAY?" shouted Malchor.

"You have to ask." one of the white orbs reply.

Slowly, the white orbs slowly receded. Before long, the two orbs revealed White Beast Boy and White Raven.

"GUYS! IT'S THEM! THE WHITE COUPLE!" shouted Cyborg excitedly.


"Yeah! Go show that dragon that no dragon is allowed in this city!" shouted Robin.

"So you have returned Raven." taunted Malchor.

"White-Raven" corrected White Beast Boy angrily.

"Very well, even through you changed your names you still cannot defeat me!" laughed Malchor before he breathed out a stream of red hot fire.

The White Couple didn't back away; instead, they intertwined their hands glowing in white. Then a white force field was made in front of the couple, the stream of fire couldn't break the shield, instead it bounced back to Malchor, causing Malchor to scream in agony.

Malchor was raged; he then used his dark scaled claw to grab White Beast Boy. But just as he grabbed White Beast Boy, the white wizard's body glowed in fire. The fire was too hot for Malchor to handle, forcing him to let go of the white changeling.

But Malchor still refused to give up. He once again breathed out a stream of fire. White Beast Boy quickly changed into a green dragon that was exactly the same as Malchor. Then he breathed out a stream of white energy, weakening the fire beam. A while later, the two beams demised in an explosion.

"White Raven! Now!" shouted White Beast Boy.

The White Couple later floated in front of Malchor. They then stretched out their hands with a bolt of white energy forming before crossed their arms and two beams of white energy shot out of their hands. The two white beams hit Malchor, weakening him causing the dark dragon to scream in agony.

The White Couple once again floated higher. Their hands intertwined and their eyes glowing with white power.

"AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" they both shouted.

Instantly, a giant white raven, a lot larger than the white raven that gave White Beast Boy his white cloak, emerged and headed toward Malchor. Malchor's face filled with fear. He tried to fly away but it was too late, the white raven warped around the frightened dragon before completely destroyed the dragon that broke White Raven' heart and enraged White Beast Boy. When the white raven receded, the titans saw the White Couple with smiles on their faces.

"We did it." said White Beast Boy.

"Yes, I agreed, our training had paid off." said White Raven.

They later landed gently with their arms holding each other. In just 2 seconds, the other Titans rushed to greet the White Couple.

"Hey we miss you guys!" said Cyborg happily.

"Friends that was unbelievable!" shouted Starfire bouncing up and down.

"No it wasn't, with love nothing is unbelievable." said White Beast Boy. White Raven smile and nodded.

"Hey you guys!" said Robin "So how is your days in Azarath?"

"Prefect." was the only reply from White Raven before once again kissed White Beast Boy with all her passion. They kept kissing for nearly 5 minutes, ignoring the boys "OHHHHH!" and Starfire's giggle.

They broke apart shortly and faced to the Titans. The Titans all had grins on their faces.

"So you have come back to the team right?" asked Robin.

"Sorry Robin but we have to go back to Azarath later." replied the White Couple.

"Why?" asked the leader.

"Because Azar said that once an Azarathian found a lover, that Azarathian had to go back to Azarath with the lover." explained White Beast Boy.

"But don't worry, we will come back when the city really need us. Of course we will come back for a visit when we have time. But with you all have powered up I will doubt that you will need us to save the city." said White Raven.

"Well I think it is time to go. I promise that we will visit you as many times as we can." said White Beast Boy.

"Brother, take of yourself." said Cyborg sadly.

"Yes Friend Beast Boy you shall be always in out memory even you Friend Raven." said Starfire.

"There will be always a room for you two in the Tower." said Robin.

"Thank you guys that really means a lot." said White Beast Boy.

"We will always remember you all." said White Raven.

"Goodbye my friends!" said the White Couple together.

"Take care!" replied the Teen Titans.

The White Couple opened a vortex and they entered it. After the portal closed, the Titans headed back to the tower with smiles on their faces.

"May they be together forever."


1 Year later:

White Beast Boy sat at the balcony of the tower. The sun was setting peacefully and beautifully. He already sat there for 5 minutes. His face was full of happiness and love. Just then White Raven came in quietly and sat next to White Beast Boy.

"Hello honey, what are you doing here?" asked the white Titan.

"Nothing just watching the sunset, mind if you join me?" asked the white changeling.

"What do you think?" replied White Raven playfully.

The two white mages had finally married 2 weeks ago. On that day, White Raven dressed in a very beautiful wedding dress and White Beast Boy dressed in a white suit. On that day, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, Mas y Menos, Jericho, Herald, Kid Flash and Jinx joined the wedding. Arella was happy that her daughter and the boy who cared her so much than the mother herself were finally engaged after all the years of argument and shouting. After the wedding, the Titans spent about 3 days touring Azarath before returning back to Earth.

The White Couple was never been so happy. They never thought that they can be together. It was look like a dream come true. White Beast Boy loved Raven ever since he met her on the day that the Titans were found while White Raven loved White Beast Boy ever since he visited her mind but she only realized it when she left the mage. Now they were together they would face the bright future that await them.

White Beast Boy turned to face White Raven and it seemed that she also had the same idea too. The two leaned toward each other with their eyes half-closed.

"I love you." said White Beast Boy.

"I love you too." replied White Raven.

They both later then melt into another deep passionate kiss again. The sun light shone upon the two lovers as they prepared to enjoy the bright and shiny future ahead.


The end! Thanks for reading!

By Redstar Henry

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