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Summary: When Rose reveals a secret she has kept for a while, Bella decides to visit our fellow royal vampires. She has a new family, friends and lover when the Cullen's get a phone call from Aro Volturi to come and visit.

Vampire Imprint

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

I decided to go to the Cullen's today. Edward may be hunting but they were my family and I could visit them whenever I would like.

I jumped in my truck and headed to the Cullen's. Once I arrived at the Cullen's, my door was practically ripped of the hinges from the pixie like girl who was my best friend and my sister. She pulled me out of the truck and hugged me tightly.

"I didn't think you would come today, Bella!" She squealed.

I giggled a little, "You probably saw it, Alice. And why wouldn't I come? Even though Edward's hunting doesn't mean I don't want to spend time with any of you,"

She smiled brightly but frowned when she took in my appearance. I was wearing some jeans and a t shirt, "Bella, dear sister of mine, why must you cover your beautiful figure under all of the retched clothing?" She shook her head in disapproval.

"There's nothing beautiful about me," I mumbled under my breath, even though I knew she could hear me.

She shook her head and sighed, "I am not having this discussion with you again. You are beautiful and if I heard otherwise I will take you on a shopping trip to Paris,"

My eyes widened in fear, "Okay Alice! Please no more shopping!"

She grinned, picked me up bridle style, and ran in the house.

She set me down on the couch next to Emmett who was playing on the X box.

"Why does everybody always throw me around like a doll," I grumbled to myself.

They just laughed. Carlisle and Esme were sitting on the love seat holding hands. Alice already threw herself in Jasper's lap on the chair. Rosalie was on the other side of Emmett, while I was on his left.

"Bella, dear, how are you today?" Esme asked.

"Lovely Esme," I smiled at her which she returned.

Last night I was thinking about the wedding, only one week away. Alice was my Maid of Honor but I wanted Rose to be my bridesmaid. I always thought of her like a sister and I hoped she would accept. Lately she has been nicer to me and we even went shopping once. Alice is my best friend but I really enjoyed shopping with Rose more. She didn't force me to wear or buy anything that I wouldn't like.

Alice squealed and clapped her hands, "That's a great idea, Bella!" I rolled my eyes. Of course she saw me asking Rose.

"What idea?" Emmett asked after he paused the game.

I turned to Rose, "I know Alice is my Maid of Honor, but I was wondering if you wanted to be my bridesmaid?"

Shock covered her face then her eyes filled with unshed tears. She stood up and started pacing.

"I have to tell you something, Bella," She said.

I nodded, confused.

She stopped and looked at me sadly, "I don't think you should marry Edward,"

Hurt flashed threw me, "If you didn't want to be my bride's maid you could have just said no," I could even hear the hurt in my voice.

Her eyes flashed, "No Bella, that's not it," She took a deep breath, "There's something you should know."

Everybody was interested by now and was listening intently.

"Bella, when we all left last September, Edward stayed in Alaska the whole time," I was confused so she continued, "Bella, he stayed with Tanya the whole time," She drawled out her name.

Oh! I shook my head, "We weren't together then, Rose-"

She cut me off, 'What I'm trying to say is that Edward is still seeing Tanya. In fact, right know he is in Alaska with the whore,"

I gasped and felt tears run down my face.

"I will kill him!" Emmett roared, out raged.

Rose came and hugged me, "In the beginning I was rude to you because I was jealous. Jealous you were human and you wanted to throw that away for nothing. Then when I found him and Tanya together I tried to avoid you altogether. I never hated you Bella. I didn't want you to get hurt. I've always loved you, always thought of you as a sister. I-I thought he stopped when we came back, but I caught him a week ago. I didn't know how to tell you. I will always be here for you and I'm gonna help Emmett kill him," She said while stroking my hair.

"I will help to," I heard Alice chime in angrily.

I shook my head and pulled back from Rose, "I gotta go home," I mumbled walking out of the house.

I was driving in my truck in a daze, not really comprehending were I was going at first. The next thing I knew I was driving in the air port parking lot. That's when I decided what I was doing. It was a split second decision so Alice wouldn't know what I was doing.

Before I left I went home knowing Charlie wasn't there, he went on a fishing trip. I grabbed all of the money I have been saving for years, which was around fifteen thousand dollars, plus the cash I had in my truck from Alice and Edward. So I had around thirty thousand dollars with me. I grabbed the money, stuffing it in my purse and walked in the air port. I walked right up to the lady, who sold the tickets and said load and clear,

"A ticket for Italy, please,"

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