Her Secret

Summary: When a seventeen year old girl comes to the Jeffersonian, claiming to want a job there, everyone....especially Booth and Angela are suspicious. There is something just a little too familiar about the teenager. What happens when Booth figures out that the girl has a connection to Brennan?


Isabella Grace Hart brushed a strand of auburn hair from her eyes with a sigh. She shut her green eyes and leaned her head back against the car seat as she drove. She hummed along to the song that played on the radio as her nails tapped against the steering wheel rythamically.

She stopped infront of a building and took the key out of the ignition. She just eyed the building for a few moments before finally grabbing her handbag and opening the car door, stepping out. She'd always wanted to see the Jeffersonian. To get a job there. She didn't know why. It was like something in her mind was telling her that she should, that it was fate. That she belonged there, and who was she to deny that?

Isabella entered the building slowly. Her eyes going wide as she took in everything.

"Excuse me?" A distinctively male voice said behind her, questionably.

She rolled her eyes, groaned and turned around. "Yes?" She asked, lifting an auburn eyebrow and looking up.

"Who are you?" The mystery man asked, furrowing his brow as if in thought.

"Isabella Grace Hart. I'm visiting. And what's your name?" She asked him, curiously as she placed a hand on her hip. He was cute in a geeky sort of way.

He laughed at her question and shook his head. "Lance Sweets. You know, I can't place it but you remind me of someone who works here. It's wicked freaky."

"Who are you, Ron Weasley?" Isabella asked as she smiled up at him playfully, obviously making fun of him for saying wicked.

Sweets rolled his eyes at her. "And tell me why you're here? You're awful young aren't you?"

"I'm seventeen!" She cried in outrage, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at him with flashing green eyes. "What are you, fifteen?" She snarked back.

He just stared at her, annoyed.

Isabella smirked, knowing she got the better of him and skipped past him, her hair hitting him in the face as she flipped it over her shoulder.

Next Chapter: Izzy meets Booth, Brennan, and the squints, Isabella ask for a job. Booth and Angela are suspicious.