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Chapter 10: Houses and Animals

Legolas was obviously not very cooperative.

"Well, I have no time for this, what animal is your favorite?" the Sorting Hat asked.

"The way you ask it, perhaps a bird or perhaps an eagle," Legolas replied not knowing where this was leading to.

"Is that so? I would have thought that your favorite animal was a snake," The Hat did not seem convinced.

"I enjoyed talking to them but it is different. When the eagles fly above me, or when the sparrows sing to me, they look so free, so alive…" Legolas tried to explain.

"Interesting, very interesting…" The Hat said, and then he added, "Because you are fit for a lion, but it is very much up to you."

"Can you advise me what is best? Because those hobbits don't look friendly." Legolas was finally giving in. Those hobbits were looking at him far too strangely.

"Lion, definitely a lion," The Hat replied. "It values bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry."

"What other animals are there?" Legolas asked. He had figured out by now that the animals represented the houses.

"A raven values intelligence, knowledge and wit– " the hat replied but Legolas interrupted.

"Any more?" he asked. There was a certain excitement in his voice.

"Yes, two more to go…" the hat replied, smiling, hoping for a decision soon.

"I want to know."

"The badger values hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play, and the serpent values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness," The Hat finished, and waited.

Not a word came from the elf for what must have been an eternity.

"So..." The Hat prompted. This Princeling was infuriating.

"As you put it this way, I prefer…" Legolas replied and sighed, clearly having given up. "Oh Valar help me, I have no idea, maybe it will be good enough if you choose something for me."

"Are you sure?" The Hat could have smirked. "Because it will be your house for at least six years, and you will not leave it."

End of Chapter 10.