Making a Difference

Hey guys yea my other Terra fanfic has been put on hold temporarily. I'm in writers block with it and also I'm working on my other Naruto Fanfics that readers are waiting to be completed but yea. Hopefully this one is a bit better than my other Terra Fanfic. The chapter is much longer than what i usually type. So enjoy.

Terra walked home from school after staying for detention; it was rounding to 11 at night since she decided to go to the arcade. After Beastboy kept bothering her she transferred to a public school. A very bad one at that; no one accepted her there. Especially after her powers returned and she brought the roof down to the gym during a pep rally it was horrible; it had all came back in a rush. Now she was the center of all beatings and teasing. She had contemplated on going back to the Titans, but she wasn't sure if they'd welcome her with open arms. Not even her foster brothers took care of her; she was their punching bag as well as being their drug runner. She became a cutter after a few months with living with them, but she was happy enough. Every fight the Titans had she watched from the side lines. She still held onto the T-Communicator to know where they were to fight next.

"Terra over here!" She heard a voice yell out to her. Across the street she saw Jen a friend from the boarding school she used to go to waving at her from the Pizza Palace (Don't know if it's really called that). Smiling she ran over the two gave each other a long hug. Now a days the blond wore a long sleeved black hoodie which was always pulled over her head and faded torn blue jeans.

"It's been a while Terra…hasn't it?" Jen asked the two walking in.

"Yea it has, I was wandering…Has…" Terra began to ask but trailed off.

"Beastboy comes by everyday to see if you've decided to come back. Unlike Ashley I've lightened up and finally told him you moved to a cheaper school. I told him it was to that really poor and dangerous one. Now I'm wandering, how have they've been treating you since that accident? Don't worry I haven't told anyone not even Beastboy." Jen explained the two sitting out on the balcony after ordering a large cheese pizza and two waters.

"I rather not speak about that to be honest. Life has been quite difficult since then, and I wander if hiding from the Teen Titans is a good idea or not. I miss them so very dearly, but I know if I were to suddenly show up again…It would only cause more problems." Terra explained taking a sip of her water.

"And being part of the wanted drug group isn't?! I know they're the ones who adopted you but seriously, they're going to be the reason why you end up back in jail! And this time I don't think you'll be let out." Jen nearly shouted, Terra knew her friend was very worried for her, but at the moment she was ready for any punishment thrown at her.

"I realize that Jen, but I'm too in deep as it is. I can't be saved any longer. Jen, you're my best friend and I'm glad you've stood by me all this time. Thank you." Terra said, Jen smiled at her friend.

"DUDE did you see that! You were awesome Starfire!" The two heard Beastboys shout of encouragement to the alien girl; Terra had to put in all of her effort to keep from shrinking in her seat. Jen smiled apologetically to her. Terra should have known after every fight, the Titans always came her to celebrate their success.

"Thank you friend Beastboy your compliment is highly grateful to me." Starfire answered giggly, Raven also giggled a bit after the young green teen blushed.

"So what kind of pizza shall we have?" Robin asked, after the five of them took their seats at the table behind Jen and Terra. The blond kept subconsciously pulling the hood further over her head. Jen tried to act normal as well hoping that Beastboy didn't see her.

"JEN! Oh my god I almost didn't see you there." Beastboy was suddenly sitting at their table.

"Um…hi yea long time no see. I've been busy." Jen answered watching Terra become quite uncomfortable.

"Have you heard anything from Terra. I still can't find her. I went to the school and asked for her and nearly got killed." Beastboy explained, it took all of Terra to keep from shouting at Beastboy for almost getting himself killed over her.

"BEASTBOY! Will you give up! She'll come back if she wants to!" Raven and Cyborg shouted. The green teen glared at the two. Terra was getting ready to get up to leave when Beastboy looked at her.

"Hi what's your name?! I'm Beastboy; you wouldn't know Terra would you?" Beastboy bombarded her with questions. Jen smacked him in the back of the head.

"Will you leave my cousin alone she doesn't talk much. And she doesn't do well with questions!" Jen snapped trying to buy the girl some time. Terra's head began to ache and she rested her forehead into the palm of her hand. She felt her control slipping and she couldn't tell how fast it was going until the convulsions going through her body began making her body shack.

"Jen….it's happening." She chocked out, her friend was by her side at the moment the area began to shack, pillars of earth shooting up out of the ground. All the Titans were on their feet thinking it was Slade again, but Beastboy knew better. He stood there arms at his side watching the two girls in front of him.

"You can take control Terra! You just have to calm down!" Jen shouted looking around her in fear.

Its your life Terra, your choice…It's never too late to change.

Terra's eyes snapped open at the what Beastboy last told her rang through her head. It wasn't too late to change. It was her power, she just had to find the will; the want to control it. She always saw her powers as a curse, but the very friends she betrayed saw them as a gift. They knew she could control them. The earth soon stopped shacking and the pillars of her shrunk into the ground. Her mind reeled with memories, sad ones yes, but they didn't bother her anymore.

"I'm so…" Terra began to say but her cell phone went off. Jen groaned in annoyance.

"Don't answer it!" Jen snapped, but Terra pulled it out walking inside of the place.

"Hello?" She asked wearily.

'What was that? Did that earth quake come from you?! I swear if you are not home in 10 minutes I am going to beat you until the INCH of your life. Is that under stood Terra!' The person on the other line yelled. Terra looked up when Robin walked in before sighing.

"Yes that's understood…I'm…on my way home now." She answered back.

'You…have…better!' They yelled again then there was a loud click. She put the phone up in her pocket and began to walk off, but her arm was roughly grabbed.

"Are you really her?" Robin asked, not seeming as he was going to let go.

"I have to go…Please let me go." Terra said ignoring his question completely.

"Why, so you can go home to that? I protect everyone in this city and you seem like you're in trouble Terra. Let us help you." Robin pleaded, Terra slowly closed her eyes and sighed.

"I can't Robin…Tell Beastboy I'll see him tomorrow. And this time I won't hide anymore." She explained pulling her arm from his grip before running off. Robin watched in defeat.

"Was it really her?" Ravens voice asked from behind him.

"Yes it really was. Something doesn't feel right. And I don't mean her betraying us again. Its something that's happening to her." Robin explained the two walking back out onto the balcony seeing Beastboy watch Terra run off again.

"She's in more trouble than any of you think! The people she lives with work for Slade. She doesn't know that. I had slept over at her house once and over heard. I never told her, because then she'd run away again and probably not come back. They're planning on selling her to him in another week. She works as their drug runner…the one you guys seem to never be able to catch. The money she earns; she's saving it to move back to Moscow, Russia…the place where Slade killed her family right in front of her….She told me she's the reason why he hides under metal armor and that mask. She was the one who disfigured him when he tried to kill her. Now he wants her powers cause she's a threat to him." Jen explained, they were all left in shock.

"How do you know all that? We didn't even know that!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Because, her grandfather ordered me to keep her safe; Terra and I are both soldiers of the Russian Geomancer Colony. Her mission was to destroy Slade by all means, but even then she failed. He still came back. She wasn't allowed to tell you guys anything because if she were to….She would have been assassinated by her own grandfather. Don't blame her for the betrayal. It wasn't meant at you guys, she was just doing her job to get close to Slade. Even after first running from you guys she had changed her mind and tried to get back to you guys but…Slade got to her first. He did things to her and we don't even know what they were. She won't talk about them. I go back to Russia tonight to get reinforcements. You five have one week to accommodate her or we'll be forced to annihilate her." Jen explained before walking off.

"Titans…Move out!" Robin growled all of them jumped for the roof and ran in the direction Terra went.

The young girl made it back home in less than 10 minutes only to have a fist connect with her stomach before she was grabbed by the hair and thrown into a book case. She screamed in pain curling into a fetal position.

"How many times have we told you…NOT to loose control Terra. Compose yourself…you're making another drug run tonight." The man growled out before walking off. Terra laid there forcing the tears back as sobs tore through her throat. She made another mistake by not accepting Robin's offer to save her. After about 15 minutes she stood back up and walked into the back room where a black bag and a piece of paper sat on the table. Slinging the bags strap over her head to her should she read the address then headed out. For some reason she felt like this drug run wasn't right. She had one of her bad feelings again but, kept going none the less. Jumping onto a bus it didn't take her long to get to the ocean warehouse. That was where she needed to go, she stood at the front of the door and read the instructions.

Come in and place the bag on the table. A white bag should be there. Take it, but keep in mind. Get out…if you can…my apprentice.

She read the note, her breathing speeding up, but she walked wishing that this client wasn't who she thought it was. Seeing the table under a spotlight she walked hurriedly to it and placed the bag down snatching up the white one. Mechanical movements alerted her and she spun around to see 40 Slade Bots surrounding her from all sides. Her worst fears came back, Slade has truly tricked her once again.

"Move out of my way bots, I am not here to play games." Terra hissed tightening the strap to the bag.

"How very nice Terra. But from what I've been seeing, you let your powers become out of control again. Follow my bots, let us talk." Slades voice echoed.

"Like I said when we first met…Mind if I talked with my wands!" Terra then screamed sending boulders into all of the robots and ran out. She never looked back when Slade shouted for her to abbey his orders and come back. She knew he was chasing her. Running down an alley Terra jumped up onto the stairs and made her way up to the roof. She saw Starfire flying in the air 20 yards away.

"STARFIRE!" Terra screamed when one of the bots began shooting at her. One shot connected with her waist and she fell to her side hand pressed to the wound.

"You know better than to try and out run me little girl." Slade teased, his footsteps echoed on the concrete. Terra threw the bag at him money flew out when he punched it away. Terra had already gotten up and began running.

"STARFIRE!" Terra screamed, but the alien girl was too far away for her to her. Terra came to the end of the building and spun around. Slade back handed her, sending her to the roof floor, she tried crawling away but her stomped his foot into her back pinning her there.

"Now why do you scream so much. You know that even if you scream for their help. They will never help you. You betrayed them…remember Terra. You belong to me now and not even your grandfather can help you dear child. You're worthless…pathetic. No one loves you." Slade hissed pushing his foot deeper into her back.

"STOP IT!" Terra screamed a boulder whacking Slade off of her and she began to run again.

"I ORDER YOU TO STOP TERRA!" Slade yelled, but Terra kept running ignoring the sheering pain coursing through her side. She had to get close enough for Starfire to hear her, to help her. Summoning a boulder she hopped onto it and flew into the air.

"Shoot her down!" She heard Slade yell at his bots and soon she was being shot at. A misle hit the bottom of her boulder and crashed into the street below her creating a crater.

"Why must you always resist and disobey me Terra?!" Slade hissed she tried crawling but with her right leg shooting pain through her body, and her waist gushing out a lot of blood, she was having a hard time.

"Do you always have to try so hard in escaping? Why are you so determined in disobeying me?" Slade teased evilly with her.

"Because…" A voice shouted, Slade looked up a bomb sending him crashing into a building.

"She knows where her friends and loyalties lie!" Robin jumped down landing in front of Terra shielding her from anymore attacks. The other Titans stood around her as well, Beastboy helped the girl stand before swooping his free arm under her legs holding her up bridal style.

"You wait Titans. I'll be back and that ungrateful child will be mine." Slade hissed throwing down a smoke bomb and when it cleared him and his bots were gone. Beastboy looked down at Terra, her breathing was harsh and ragged.

"Robin, Terra's health is very bad…she's needs medical assistance asap!" Beastboy panicked, his leader nodded to him and they all rushed back to the Tower.

"I'm so…sorry…for everything…Beastboy." Terra breathed out before finally passing out her head resting against the green teen's chest.

Terra woke up that next morning seeing herself in the T-Tower's infirmary, bandages covering down her arms around her waist and she was surprised to not see her leg in a cast. She swore it was broken. Sitting up she looked around and nearly jumped when she saw Raven just standing right there.

"We nearly lost you last night. You had lost a ton of blood. You had a communicator, why didn't you just use that instead of screaming for Starfire." Raven asked taking a seat in the chair by Terra's bed.

"I wasn't thinking at the time." Terra admitted, she just realized that fact as well. She then sighed, she had to stay calm or the tears would most likely come back again.

"We don't blame you anymore Terra. We're just a bit worried to know you'd go as far as harm yourself." Raven explained not looking at the girl.

"I haven't done it in a while. I try to keep myself busy so I don't do it. So…what do we do now?" Terra asked, she wanted to change the subject.

"We get you in different clothes and some food in you. Everyone is in the living room." Raven explained helping the young girl to her old room. She noticed it was still the same from when Beastboy brought her in attempts to resurface old memories he thought she had lost.

"Raven…Listen…I truly am sorry for everything that I had said during our fight. I didn't mean any of it. I know I don't deserve it yet and probably never will, but I still wish to be your friend. I messed everything up badly! And I could have prevented all of that, if I just stayed instead of playing in my grandfathers games!" Terra apologized after taking a seat on her bed.

"Terra, we don't blame you and you never lost anyone's friendship. The only thing we ask of you now, is to know what is going on through your head. Your powers are based on deeper emotions than mine are. You're not just dangerous to the town but to yourself as well. Don't let your emotions eat you away, they'll end up killing you. For you to not let that happen you have to put your trust into us and we'll put our trust into you." Raven explained walking to Terra's closet and pulled out the first outfit any of them saw her in. Terra smiled at the memory, as she changed into the outfit…With Ravens help of course. In the living room the two saw Starfire making batches and batches of her homemade Glork; what Terra calls Sushi mixed with Ice Cream. Robin was at the computer doing more research on Slade now that the villain has resurfaced again. Beastboy and Cyborg…well they were arguing over who cheated on the racing game like always. The two girls stood there in amazement that no one had noticed them yet.

"Okay I feel very awkward now." Terra whispered to Raven who nodded her head in agreement especially when Starfire flew over and hugged Terra with delight. Raven sighed before using her magic to turn the TV and Robin's computer off gaining all of their attentions.

"Oh…she's up." Was all Cyborg said, Terra's mood dropped again. Beastboy noticed and practically pounced on the robotic man. Robin's eye twitched and began yelling at the two before joining the fight. Starfire flew over yelling at them to stop yelling at one another. Raven looked over at Terra to see the girl put her head into her hand. Raven wrapped her arm around the girls shoulders. She noticed a very slight yellow glow, this reminded her of the incident at the Pizza Palace.

"QUIET!" Raven yelled, they all froze and silence hung in the air. Terra's headache soon vanished and was back to somewhat normal.

"Can we all just please lessen up on the yelling for a while until I can figure out what's triggering Terra's headaches. Beastboy, I don't think Cyborg meant what he said in that way. We threw you all off balance since I didn't tell you guys ahead of time she was up. Robin, yelling doesn't solve anything…Starfire more yelling isn't going to help either…Terra, try not to get discouraged over everything, Beastboys' over protective of you as it is." Raven ordered everyone, Terra simply blushed at that.

"Come par take in the eating of my homemade Glork!" Starfire squealed pulling Terra with her. The teen laughed away at all the food that Starfire had made. Since Terra was the alien girls guinea pig with her alien food.

"So what's her mental state?" Robin asked, Cyborg stood with him the three watching Beastboy, Terra and Starfire laughing away.

"It's hard to tell. She shows a lot of self resentment towards herself….but…" Raven began to explained but paused.

"But what?" Cyborg asked looking to the strange girl.

"She replaces it with the happiness she earns from being with us. We're a drug to her, a drug that won't harm her but she is addicted to it. That is why we cannot allow Slade to get to her. No matter what." Raven explained, the other two nodding in agreement with her.

There you have it guys.