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And the Cat, Too

As Angewomon juggled a small green and yellow ball in her palm, Miko's rear wiggled and her eyes flashed excitedly.

"Ready, Miko?" Angewomon asked and threw the ball down the hall.

As the ball bounced towards the door, Miko chased it as fast as she could and soon pounced on it. She grabbed the ball with her mouth and sharply shook her head, "killing" it.

Angewomon floated down and landed near the cat. She bent down, caressed Miko, and slowly picked up the ball.

"What a cute cat," said Angewomon, petting the cat's head. "Yes, Miko, you're a good girl."

When Angewomon snuck a hand up and down Miko's belly, the cat rolled upside-down, exposing her stomach.

The Digimon giggled as she felt Miko's purr vibrate her stomach.

Then, she showed Miko the ball, whose pupils immediately expanded.


She threw the ball back into the living room, and Miko ran after it.

Once she captured the ball, she jumped onto the table with it in her mouth, and Angewomon resumed touching her.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Kari – in a sweaty soccer uniform – walked inside.

"I'm home!" she called.

"Hi, Kari," said Angewomon, still petting Miko. "How'd soccer practice go?"

"Great," said Kari and wiped the perspiration off her forehead with a towel. "Whew, I'm hot!"

Then, when she arrived at the tableside, she squealed and sat down.

"Oh, Miko's playing with you! You two had a good time?"

"Tremendous," said Angewomon, "but, whew, she does stink."

Kari bent down and sniffed Miko's fur. "Yep, she stinks, all right."

Angewomon pointed at Kari. "Oh, and the cat, too."

Kari scowled. "Thanks a lot."

"You're welcome," chuckled Angewomon.

Miko meowed and continued to play with the bouncing ball, ignoring the qualm.