A/N: I was going to wait and work on the other stories I have going before I worked on this one, but the idea wouldn't leave me alone. So here it is.

Battle for the Chocolate

Rose really wanted it. The very thought of it had sustained her through the hours of being held captive by an evil crackpot and then being chased by his goons when they had escaped. It was the box of chocolates sitting on the TARDIS kitchen table, and it was calling her name. They had picked it up on Legos II, and there was only one chocolate left.

Rose walked determinedly out of her room, but stopped when she realized that the Doctor was standing in doorway of the room across from her's. The expression on his face said one thing: My chocolate!

Without further consideration, the Doctor ran as fast as he could, leaving Rose in the dust. Rose then realized what just happened, and ran full speed to the kitchen.

The Doctor was standing there with the lid in his hand, staring down at the almost-empty box.

"Put the chocolate down." Rose said in a threatening tone, glaring holes in the back of the Doctor's head. He turned around, holding the chocolate as if it was a priceless porcelain vase.

"Oh, you mean this chocolate?" He asked, feigning ignorance and looking smug at the same time.

Rose glared at him and did the one thing that he didn't expect: she tackled him. The Doctor landed with an oof on the floor, Rose directly on top of him. She got up and was about to take the chocolate from his hand when he rolled under the kitchen table, knocking it on its side in the process. He hid behind the up-turned table, clinging to the small chocolate as if it were a life preserver.

"Come on Rose, its just chocolate!" Rose looked shocked, not believing what she was hearing.

"Who said that it was the best chocolate in the galaxy?"

"I did."

"Then how can you say it's just chocolate? Or are you just trying to get me to let you have it." His silence was enough of an answer.

It was quiet for a long time before the Doctor stood up to check if Rose had given up. He found out that she had not given up when he had to dodge a flying cereal box aimed at his head.

He looked directly at Rose, a mischievous glint in his brown eyes. There was one thing that ran through his mind: It's on!

Jack strolled leisurely into the kitchen, in the mood for something sweet. The sight that greeted him made him laugh.

Rose was picking herself up off the floor, covered in food. He walked further into the kitchen, seeing where the Doctor had ended up. He was lying in a heap on the floor of the pantry, an empty can of pears in his hand. Right next to him on the floor was a chocolate. He picked it up just as the Doctor opened his eyes. It registered what happened in the Doctor's mind, him trying to get up only to almost slip on a pair slice.

Jack removed the wrapper just as Rose was about to say something to stop him. He popped the chocolate in his mouth and never gave it a second thought as he walked out of the room, Rose managing to look deflated and glare at the same time.

The Doctor walked up next to her and asked," You do realize we could just go back to Legos II and get more amazing chocolate, right?"

"Well yes, except for the fact that we were chased by an angry mob as we left!" Rose said, looking a little disappointed.

"Nothing a few disguises couldn't solve." the Doctor said, formulating a plan in his head.