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Battle for the Chocolate

Chapter 2

The TARDIS materialized in an alley on Legos II, the familiar grinding sound ringing out.

The door opened, Jack stumbling out. Well, more like kicked out, Rose's shoe clearly visible from outside.

"And remember; don't come back without the chocolate!" Rose shouted as she narrowed her eyes. She then closed the door and left Jack to his task.

Jack didn't think the disguise the Doctor had given him was very convincing, but they had shoved him out the door before he could say anything. So he walked toward the sound of the market place in his clown shoes, hoping he wouldn't run into anyone he knew. The fake moustache, nose, and glasses didn't help things either. In fact, it felt more like a punishment or some joke then a disguise.

He garnered many snickers and double takes from the locals as he walked through the centre of town.

A helpful directory pointed to where the shop that sold the chocolate was. Jack noted the direction he had come from and walked to where the shop was.

The shop looked like a hole in the wall on the outside, but a sitting room on the inside. There was a fireplace off in one of the corners and four overstuffed brown leather chairs surrounding it.

The looks he got from the other customers were similar to the ones he had gotten before. He took off his disguise and walked up to the counter, eager to get what he came for and leave.

The person behind the counter was busy taking care of another person's order, mumbling a quick "I'll be right with you." when she realized that Jack was standing there.

She finished and gave the order to the customer, Jack getting a good look at her. She had long brown hair and looked more like she should've been in a magazine than behind a counter. If it weren't for the two small stripes by the outer corners of her eyes, Jack would've swore she was human.

"I'm half-human." He flinched.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you it's impolite to read other people's minds without permission?" He asked in a mock-scolding tone.

"Sorry Jack."

"Oh, its o-wait, what else do you know about me?" She smiled.

"Well, I know you don't normally wear that," she said, gesturing to the fake nose, glasses, and moustache that were still in his hand,"and that your friends put you up to it." she added as she put the box of chocolate on the counter.

"Now, you know my name but I don't know yours, and that hardly seems fair." Jack noted, clearly flirting. He could see a mirror behind her out of the corner of his eye, but didn't think anything of it.

"My name's Mari." she replied, smiling back.

"How much do I owe you?" Jack asked, pulling a plastic card out of his pocket that the Doctor had given to him.

"Ten credits." Mari replied as he picked up the box. Jack handed her the card and she ran it through the register. Mari handed it back to him. He grabbed the card and was about to take it when she pulled him forward, his lips meeting hers. Jack looked startled for a moment, then got a goofy look in his eye.

The kiss would have lasted a lot longer had it not been for Mari's irate father storming out of the back room. Jack pulled away, startled, realizing that the mirror was one-way glass. He backed slowly toward the door while putting the card in his pocket.

"How dare you!" Mari's father bellowed, the stripes by his eyes wrinkling as he glared at Jack.

"Goodbye Mari, it's been fun." Jack said as he smiled.

"Bye Jack." Mari replied before her father ran toward Jack, who promptly ran out the door.

Jack ran in and slammed the door of the TARDIS, making the Doctor look up from where he was standing at the console. Jack could hear the faint shouts of the angry mob as he walked further into the TARDIS, dropping his disguise on the floor in the process. Rose entered the console room a few moments later.

"Oh, you're back, do you have the chocolate?" She asked Jack.

Jack walked up to her and said," One large box of chocolate; I hope it was worth getting chased by an angry mob to get." Rose grabbed the box.

The Doctor started smiling as he said," Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they have a no flirting/public displays of affection law." Rose joined in the doctor's laughter, Jack looking thoroughly unhappy. He glared and collapsed in the captain's chair.

There was a pounding on the doors of the TARDIS, the Doctor running towards the console.

Jack's brow furrowed as he asked," What was the reason we got chased by the angry mob the first time?"

The Doctor looked a little annoyed and uncomfortable, mumbling something Jack couldn't hear.

"Say again, I couldn't quite hear you." He repeated the sentence.

Jack went wide-eyed."You and Rose got caught kissing!" Rose didn't look very happy either.

She starting to glare when he started chanting," The Doctor and Rose sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!"

The Doctor glanced at Rose, the look on her face telling him they were thinking the same thing. The Doctor got them safely into the vortex, and then turned toward Jack. Rose handed him a chocolate, a devious smile on her face. They unwrapped the chocolates at the same time, and walked slowly toward Jack, who was still chanting. They both shared a glance before shoving the chocolates in his mouth, effectively ending his chant.

He swallowed quickly and glared at them. Rose just smiled and disappeared into the depths of the TARDIS. The Doctor also grinned and went back to checking the read-outs on the console. Jack looked thoroughly un-amused.

The End