Disclaimer: I don't own twilight if I did Breaking Dawn would've been much different.

Ch1. Sunshine before Twilight.

I was getting ready for my date with Sam. He called me to meet him at the beach. I sighted, he has been acting strange since Emily came to visit. I don't know why since he seems to get along with her. I knew he would. Emily is my best friend and she's just so awesome you can't hate her. I pulled my long black her in a high pony tail. I got out of my house and walked towards the beach. Sam was already there and he was frowning. That scene made me scowl a little. He wasn't smiling as much as before. He also got quieter than usual. But I would fix our relationship no matter what. He wouldn't break his promises and I wouldn't break mine. I sat next to him and smiled. He gave me a half-smile that didn't even reach his eyes. That was my breaking point.

"Okay. Sam I'm tired of you acting like this. What's wrong?" I looked up straining my neck to glare at him. He has also grown a lot more.

"Leah, I know you'll hate me but I have to do this." He said determined. My heart started to beat faster. No he wouldn't do this to me.

"Leah I can't go out with you anymore." Those words hit me so hard I just went numb. I felt so surreal.


"I'm so sorry but I imp...I met someone else." The words finally sunk in and I started screaming.

"How can you do this to me?! After all we've been through. After all your promises!"

"Lee-Lee I'm so extremely sorry. I still love but not that way." I'll love you forever, Lee-Lee. Lies, they were all lies.

"Who's that tramp you fell for?" Anger flashed in his black eyes.

"Don't you dare call Emily a tramp, do you hear me?" I gasped. He put his hands on his head. He fell for my cousin.

"Emily?" I asked outraged. The tears were rolling down my cheeks. Sam came closer and put a hand on my arm.

"Lee-Lee I--"

"Don't touch me!" I screamed and snatched my arm away. I started running at full speed towards my house. I heard Sam call my name but I ignored him. I burst into my bedroom and collapsed on my bed. I couldn't stop sobbing. I hate Sam. I hate Emily. I hate life. I felt as if a hole was ripped open in my chest. A hole that wouldn't never heal. I was a broken half who would never be a whole. I became a bitter old harpy.