Author's Note: This is for the E/O Drabble Challenge (which I LOVE being part of!) and the word was "control".

Disclaimer: If I owned Supernatural season 5 would have started already... And the cast and crew would only have been given 4 weeks of vacation, like everyone else... And... no I'm not telling what else would have been different. Use your imagination:-)

Word count: 100



John wakes up rigid, his jaws clenched. He does most nights and especially if the last hunt was… difficult. He forces himself to relax and tries to make the dream pictures fade faster… Dean pale and drowned, Sammy burning in his crib, Dean falling, Sammy drained of his life-force, Dean bloody in the snow outside a cabin, door blown to pieces and Sammy screaming out of sight… It's so crowded under the covers at night. John gets up to make coffee. No more sleep tonight. There has to be a way to feel safe. He needs to exercise more control.


It's a terribly sad scene, I know, but trust me, you did NOT want my first thoughts on this word...

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