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Chapter 1: Dark Times

Dark Times had fallen on the Walt Disney Company. It all seemed to happen months after the success of Fantasia 2000. Around that time, highly successful CGI films from different movie studios like Pixar bought in bigger numbers than the hand-drawn animated feature films. Massive layouts brought staff members down to six hundred. Many would have assumed the cause of their failure would be because they still used traditional animation in an era were audiences soon turned to CGI films. Once Disney started converting their Walt Disney Feature Animation into a CGI department, more layoffs were performed and their traditional animation equipment was sold off. Soon the Paris studio was shut down in 2003 as the Orlando Studio followed in 2004, turning into an attraction.

It wasn't always like this. There was a time when back in the early 90s, successful films such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Tarzan gave the warm sensation and magical renaissance generation that Walt used to share ever since his first animated feature that started the line of Disney Animation, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

But soon after the success of Fantasia 2000, movies such as The Emperor's New Groove, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, Brother Bear, and Home on the Range became box-office failures with the exception of Lilo and Stitch, resulting in the end of traditional animation. Early in development, The Emperor's New Groove was once titled Kingdom of the Sun, but soon had its name changed to a buddy movie comedy. The same could be said for Home on the Range once in production titled Sweating Bullets. Atlantis and Treasure Planet garnered mixed reviews from critics. And Brother Bear was mixed with some reviews panning it as a retread to older Disney films like The Lion King and was never the box-office hit as Aladdin and The Lion King were.

On November 30th, 2003 before 2004, Roy E. Disney, Walt's nephew announced his resignation on the board citing "serious differences of opinion about the direction and style of management" in the company. Soon after his resignation, Roy created a website as an attempt to gather enough shareholders and fans to oust Chairman Michael Eisner and his supporters out for good. And by March 3, 2004, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold voted to oppose the re-election of Michael Eisner to the corporate board of directors. He was not immediately removed as expected, but the battle to save Disney was far from over.

At the House of Mouse

"And now the most spectacular mouse who started it all, Mickey Mouse!"

Mickey slides onstage to welcome the audience.

"Hi there folks. Tonight we'll dig out a few old cartoons, and then we'll be giving a toast to the toons in honor of last year who worked hard on keeping our company alive. I know we've had a rough year with all the stock market crashes, park accidents, and rather unusual flops, but failures won't keep this company down, right?"

The audience cheered and shouted NO as a response.

"And I know it's been especially tough for some of you, but as long as we stick together, and continue to put our heart and soul into our work, then we're doin' exactly what our old pal Walt had always taught us. And as long as we're upholding that, that's the real magic of Disney." The audience cheered loudly. "Now, let's give it up for the Splashing Pumpkins."

The audience cheered for Mickey's speech before he left back stage to check on things while Hewy, Dewy, and Louie started playing.

"So Minnie is every single character here tonight."

Minnie looked at her clipboard and sighed. "Everyone, except…"

Curious, Mickey took a peek to see what was wrong and slapped his forehead. "Aw no; that's the seventh time this has happened. How am I supposed to honor and thank those guys if they're not here?"

Minnie could only shake her head. "Oh Mickey, ever since their movies flopped, they've been refusing to participate in every special event, birthday party, and holiday celebration. I can't blame them. After all, most people out there think they're bad characters just because they're different and not like the Pixar characters. Kuzco has barely left his palace. Milo Thatch can't concentrate on his work. Jim doesn't go solar surfing anymore. Kenai and Koda went into a long hibernation. And just the other day, I accidentally overheard one of the cows whisper an insult about Mr. Incredible during a walk in the park."

"What was it?"

"You don't wanna know. But I can almost see they think they're not wanted here at all; especially when it seems this house is full of other successful characters."

"Is that what they told you?"


Mickey once again looked at the clipboard where the missing guests had their names unchecked. It didn't feel right to leave them out, especially when he himself promised a toast to all who have worked hard to keep the company going. And that included the five so-called outcasts. Even failures in this company found their place amongst here. He couldn't let this go on any longer. Something had to be done. And it needed to be done right away. He handed the clipboard back to Minnie.

"Minnie, you, Donald, and Goofy will have to fill in for me tonight. I have a job to do out there. But I'll be right back."

Minnie had no time to ask her husband any questions as he already zoomed out the door and into Toon Town. But she already figured that it had something to do with the five movie titles' absence at this house. She could only hope they would listen to Mickey if they ever wanted to find their place here. Reluctantly she rushed onstage to continue what was not yet done on the schedule.

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