Alice's POV.

I could feel my body again, but I couldn't remember anything about me, a part from my name. I could remember everything else apart from my past. I could hear that I had no heart beat and that I wasn't breathing. But I knew I was alive but I didn't know how. I could hear a fast heart beat coming from across the room. It sounded like humming birds wings. I could hear a road about a mile away. I could also hear the birds outside.

I opened my eyes to see everything was so clear. I knew that I shouldn't be able to see everything this clear but I could. I sat up faster then I thought possible and with a simple thought. I looked around.

I was on a bed under a window where I could see outside into the forest. In a room that looked like a cabin. There was a large chest at the end of the bed. I breathed in to have scent hit my nose. It was sweet like sugar and strawberries. But the was also a hint of freesia. I looked to where it was coming from to see that it was coming from the same place as the heart beat. There on a wooden table was a basket on it near the kitchen. I stood up, again just with a simple thought and faster then I thought possible. I walked slowing over to the table and looked into the basket.

There dressed in a white one-piece, and wrapped in a white blanket, was the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen. Her hair was a almost black colour of brown. Her doe like eyes was a milk chocolate colour and her skin was pale-white. Her lips was a rosy pink. Her features was fairy like. Or maybe pixie. She was watching me with innocent curiosity.

I saw on the side of the basket was a note folded in half. It had my name written in italic lettering. I picked it up and carefully opened it.

Dear Alice,

I am guessing you have no memories of your past. Well I will tell you that some things in your past is best left forgotten. I am greatly upset, that you will not remember me but maybe it is for the best.

My dear Alice you are now a vampire. Forever frozen at 17. The child you see is your baby girl. You have not named her yet, but I am sure you will pick a beautiful name for her. She is half-vampire, so that is why you do not wish to drink her. She needs blood and human food. She will grow till she is 17 years old, she will then live forever at that age.

You will need to drink blood too Alice. But you have a choice between human and animal. They both change your eye colour. Right now since your a newborn, your eyes will be a bright red. If you drink from humans then your eyes will turn a lesser red. If you drink from animals then in a few weeks your eyes will be a gold colour.

As you have seen most likely, there is a chest at the end of the bed. In there is money, clothes for the both of you, toys for the baby, car keys for the car outside, and bags to pack it all in.

If you do hunt from animals then stay away from humans for a year, before going out. Alice you can not go outside when it is sunny. We sparkle in the sun. Humans can't find out about us. You will most likely have a power. You should be able to see the future as you could when you was human.

I am sorry that I was not there when you woke up and that I will never be there for you, but I have to do something to keep both of you safe. I know you can't remember me but I love you. I love both of you. Please find love again my sweet Alice.

Goodbye Alice,


I put down the note and looked at my baby. She was beautiful. I smiled thinking of the perfect name. I kissed her head which was very warm.

"Your going to be called Isabella, but Bella for short." I said before going over to the chest.

I took everything out and packed almost everything apart from some clothes and a bottles. I knew I had to hunt and I was sure Bella needed some blood. I hated that I had to leave her to do these thing. I picked up the bottle and went over to Bella.

"I will be back in a bit Bella." I said before kissing the top of her head.

I then ran out of the cabin at vampire speed to get these over with quick. I ran through the forest till I found a herd of deer. I kill 5 of them. I drank 4 full but used the 5th to fill the bottle I had brought with me before I finished of his blood. After that I quickly went back to the cabin changed out of my bloody clothes and feed Bella before singing her to sleep. When she was fast a sleep I sat on the bed.

I was in a diner in what looked like it was in Philadelphia, sitting next to Bella who looked 3. When a tall blond male vampire came in cover in scars. I stood and walked over to him.

"You kept me waiting a long time Jasper." I said.

So that was what Adam meant by seeing the future. I could feel another coming so I let it come.

I saw a family of vampires with gold eyes. There was 5 of them. A tall blond man was holding hands with a carmel coloured hair woman about normal hight. There was a bear-like man with his arms wrapped around a beautiful blond woman. And finally a bronze coloured haired man who looked perfect. I knew their names though they said nothing. The blond man and his wife names were Carlisle and Esme Cullen. The bear was called Emmett Cullen and the blond woman was named Rosalie Hale. The bronze haired one was Edward Cullen.

I had just came back when another hit me.

I was in Edward's arms watching a 4 year old Bella playing with Emmett and Jasper. He kissed the side of my neck.

"I love you Alice." Edward whispered in my ear.

I smiled. "I love you too Edward." I replied.

I came back out of it to see it was completely dark. I could see though but I still put the light's on. I sat down again on the bed and began to think about my visions.

It looked like I was to bring Jasper to the Cullens with me and Bella. I could tell by the first vision with Jasper in it he was not happy with his life. But when I saw him playing with Bella and Emmett he looked so happy. It also looked like Edward was my soul mate. I knew then that I had to go and I was taking Jasper with Bella and me.

I would need to get control over my blood-lust fast so I could walk around humans. I would hunt every week and ran to the nearest town every week with Bella to get used to the smell of humans. I knew Bella would also have to get used to the smell of humans. I also knew if I felt my control slipping all I had to do was look at her so I could run back to the cabin.

When I looked up it was dawn. I turned off the light and went for a quick hunt. The sooner I started my plan the sooner I can get to Jasper and then the Cullen's. When I got back I had another bottle for Bella. I changed in to clean clothes. I walked to the kitchen to see a washing machine. I put all my bloody clothes in it then look to see if Adam had left any human food for Bella. I found some baby food and got that ready before I got out a pink dress for her to wear today. When I went to get Bella up, she already was. I feed her and changed her before wrapping the blanket around her. I carried her out of the cabin, before taking off running to the nearest town.

I went to the edge of the forest and climbed the nearest tree with one arm. I could still smell the humans from where I was. The burn in my thoat was worse but I didn't feel my control slipping at all. I looked down at Bella to see how she was doing. I giggled as I saw the face she was pulling. It looked like she smelled something horrible. I stayed there for an hour or two before I ran back to the cabin.

I knew then it wouldn't take long to before I could go, to wait for Jasper.

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