Chapter 13: Hear Me Out

My jaw dropped open. "U-uhm… w-what do you mean?" I stuttered, my face probably red from embarrassment. He couldn't have meant what he said anyway, he'd never experienced anything that involved girls, he was bound to misunderstand… But the thing was, why was I so uncomfortable about it?

"I want to date Chelsea!" He cried out again, with that massive grin plastered on his face. At least he seemed to be enjoying himself, though I doubted I'd ever be able to look into his eyes again after this.

"B-but… you don't even know what that means…" I muttered quietly, looking at the happy couple watching us with amusement. Great—so everybody was enjoying this but me?

He pouted. "It means Shea likes you!" He told me, brown eyes meeting blue.

"It's more than that!" I snapped, all my emotions slowly building up. "You don't understand! It's… not like that… It's not so simple." I finished with a grimace, my eyes quickly falling to the ground.

I could see Shea's body straightening up, which meant whatever he was going to say, was going to be absolutely serious. "Then why won't Chelsea explain? Shea wants to understand."

"I… can't… I don't… know how." The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them.

I heard a sigh escape Lanna's lips. "I hate to break it to you, but you're never gonna get anywhere if you can't even tell eachother how you feel. So, just let me settle it now." She exclaimed exasperatedly, swinging her arms around. "First… Jungle Boy, do you ever feel weird when you see Chelsea, like your heart won't stop beating, and you can't breathe?"

Shea seemed amazed at Lanna's accuracy, since his eyes were widened. He hesitated before nodding slowly. "Yes… Shea feels strange."

The lips of the popstar idol lifted in a smirk of sorts, before she turned her heavy gaze towards me. I could feel the lump in my throat after hearing Shea's answer. He… he was in love with me!

"Chelsea, answer me honestly… do you feel like you could never live without him? How incomplete it would be if he wasn't there?" She questioned, those wide blue eyes making me shiver.

I bit my lip… "I…" I stammered, closing my eyes tightly. What did I feel? I wasn't sure I knew anymore.

I didn't realise I was running until I opened my eyes and everything I passed was a blur. I couldn't remember the last time I ran so fast, and yet I couldn't stop. It was strange… It was like I was feeling every emotion… yet feeling none at all.

Stupid emotions.

My legs stopped to a slow jog until I reached the Goddess' Pond, a place of real power. I wasn't sure whether I stopped because my legs could no longer run, or because what I really wanted was to be near the Goddess in my weak moment. I collapsed to the floor, in a bundle of sobbing.

Shea couldn't really feel that way. I wasn't ready to feel so much, I hadn't come to this island for love, I hadn't even wanted to come to this island to start with! I probably should've gotten a boat to my real destination, instead of staying… but Shea had made me stay, he'd been such a great friend. It was like I could finally be myself around someone.

I… took advantage of him.

"Chelsea! Chelsea! Where are you?" I heard people calling my name out from a distance, they were already searching. No doubt Lanna and Denny had panicked when I'd run off so suddenly. They were probably worried… I should have told them I was alright.

I wiped the tears from my eyes before I attempted to stand up. My limbs stilled ached from the run, but I put the little bit of energy I had. But it wasn't enough…

"Stop that." Said a voice from within the trees. My head snapped to the direction, trying not to look absolutely freaked out.

The shadow emerged into the light, the voice no other than Shea… His face was stern, not like usual, and his hair was tousled, with twigs and leaves tangled in it. There was a few scrapes and bruises on his legs and arms, but he reached me without much effort, plopping himself next to me. "Shea don't like seeing Chelsea cry… Please stop."

I let out a weak laugh, trying furiously to wipe away the tears, but with him here… they wouldn't stop. "I… I'm sorry, Shea."

Silence embraced the two of us, and he seemed to be taking a deep breathe, his chest was trembling… he was nervous. "Shea… Shea understands now. Shea understands what love is; Wada said it's very strong… and Wada right. Shea can't feel anything else now, Shea just feels his heart."

My eyes widened, the words finally coming from his mouth. "S-Shea… I…"

I hesitated, and I took a shaky breath, my eyes slowly closing. "…I love you."

There was a silence that floated between us, but it wasn't like a barrier, it was like it wanted to wash away all that had happened. "… Shea knows." He whispered into the air, and it felt like a feather tickling my ear.

… I loved it.

The next morning, when Alisa came to open the church doors, she hadn't expected to see two people curled around eachother just outside. Narrowing her eyes to get a clearer view, she noticed it was no other than the prestigious farmer with some sort of jungle boy. Deciding they looked quiet peaceful together, she slowly closed the doors again to leave them in their perfect slumber.


Author's Note:

GAH. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME. I know I've done two things that you're going to hate me for… 1) I haven't updated for a year. Yes! I'm sorry! I couldn't help it… 2) Yes, I hurried the story along a little quicker… I'm sorry, but I just couldn't see any potential for this story… so I opted for the easy option… I'm sorry about that too! Gah! But don't worry, I might be going through the other chapters and adding a little more detailing instead of rewriting them all from scratch (which has ended futile in MANY attempts, I have about 6 rewritten versions…) THANK YOU FOR BEING SO NICE AND ENCOURAGING… I LOVE YOU ALL. The end.