The day the music died – Set at the end of the final lair scene. – Erik's Point of View.

My mind had frozen. Her lips on mine, nothing else existed. Her hands traced patterns on my marred face, as if just her touch would heal the scars it bore. My pulse rang in my ear, the noise of my own heart awakening me from my stupor as she leant back and looked intently into my eyes. My breath hitched, she enveloped me in her arms and once more took my lips. I shook, like an adolescent boy experiencing the first rush of sensuality. I was no adolescent; she knew what this meant to me, what this meant for me. She had given me what no other could; she had held me in a lover's embrace, kissed me as one would kiss the man they loved. Simply, I could no longer expect her to endure a miserable existence with me. How could I? She had shown me love. Her lips stopped their caress, lingering above my face a moment too long. Her cool breath playing along my cheek.

"Go. Leave me."

She looked up at me inquisitively, her eyes searching for what had occurred to me in those oh so blissful moments of my epiphany. I hung my head down, buckling at the knees, realising that this was it. I would never see her again, I had ruined everything. I toyed with the idea for a moment that the whispers were correct, demon, murderer. I was never meant to feel happiness, but then I did, and I did the only thing I could do, I had set her free.

I freed Raoul from his bindings, and opened the portcullis for them to leave through, the chants of the blood thirsty mob echoing in my ears, the scent of her perfume clinging to the breast of my jacket.

She ran to him and wrapped her hands around his torso, a tortured sigh escaped my throat as I saw them both, wrapped together. Tears welled inside my eyes, I could not let them see this, I screamed, yelled at them to leave. Frustration, boiled inside me I screamed her name gripping the little music box to my breast pocket. I looked at the forlorn, onyx eyes of the monkey, and saw her, my angel, like a vision from heaven, back, was I already dead? I breathed my final words to her "Christine, I love you." She approached me and took my hand in her tiny one, the feel of her warm skin on mine I wanted her, I loved her, I would die without her. In my hand now lay a ring, my own onyx ring. She closed my fingers around it; I relished the feel of her touch. She stared into my eyes, before ripping her gaze away far too soon. I spoke the last words, I would ever hear, the words of another.

"Find me in the morrow for you will find me a grave man."

AN: The quote is paraphrased from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, This is my first fanfiction in the POTO fandom, please review, with either praise or dispraise, whichever you see fit, I'm all up for some constructive criticism.