Early the next day, the gang went sight-seeing around Balboa Park, checking out the gardens and various museums there. They stopped for lunch at Hodad's, which had "the best" hamburgers in California according to Kimberly. The claim quickly started an argument between Rocky and Kimberly over which restaurant has the best burgers. And somehow, throughout the whole day, Kimberly managed to avoid Tommy like the black plague, quickly shifting from group to group as soon as she noticed Tommy moving towards her.

The group quickly changed after dinner and made their way over to the House of Blues in San Diego to catch the first concert of their own little tour excursion: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Grabbing her vodka gimlet and Kim's, Kat, dressed in black skinny jeans and a black and white striped sweater, asked, "Who wanted to see this band?"

"Rocky did," Kim replied before taking a small sip of her cocktail. "Grace and I have written a few songs together, and I took Aisha and him to see her last year. That boy is smitten with her band…and her."

"Who could blame me? She is smoking hot," Rocky added as he stepped up next to Kim and Kat while adjusting the collar of his black turtleneck sweater.

Aisha rolled her eyes as she took a sip of her cosmo. "I am looking forward to seeing her again tonight."

"I'm actually looking forward to seeing this band myself," Tommy added, managing to sneak up behind Kimberly and stand behind her.

Kim sighed and tucked some hair behind her right ear. Knowing that she was not going to be able to exit gracefully this time, she still managed to voice her discontent. "Don't tell me Zack has managed to run out of stories to entertain you already?"

Tommy pursed his lips together, grateful for the fact that Kim hadn't thrown a look over her shoulder.

"I was actually getting annoyed at all of the people that are starting to congregate over here towards you. Are you sure we shouldn't have just waited backstage until the band comes out?"

Kim couldn't help but smile at the knight in Tommy that was always there. Throwing caution to the wind, she decided to act at least civil towards him. "Tommy, I appreciate the concern, but I'm truly fine. I don't want to lose that part of me that can dance in front of the stage just because I'm a bit famous."

"A bit famous," Kat repeated with a knowing smile.

"Oh shaddup," Kim said before downing the rest of her gimlet. "Who's buying me another one?"

"Have you already taken one of Billy's pills," Rocky asked mischievously, wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

Kim leaned over and pinched his cheek. "No, unlike you, I can handle my alcohol. Now, get my drink."

"Yes m'aam," Rocky replied before heading over to the bar.

After another round of drinks was had by all, the group made their way over towards the front of the stage as Grace and her band took the stage. Wearing a tight black mini-dress with sequins all over, Grace commanded the stage, belting out the rock hits that had earned her group comparisons to the Black Crowes and other gritty rock bands.

Not one of the rangers was disappointed by the incredible performances of each of the band members. Halfway through the set, everyone definitely had a bit of a buzz going. This definitely did not make things pleasant when Grace made a certain request.

Strutting over to a stool, Grace began, "You know, I had the fortune of writing with a very dear friend of mine on this album, and we both got to commiserate over certain things that had happened to us both. Out of misery comes the best songs I think. Kim, I know you're here. Would you please come up to the stage and help me sing the song we wrote? We're going to tone it down for a bit and go acoustic."

The crowd immediately roared, anxious to see the starlet they had been eying all evening join the stage with Grace.

Kim's head dropped as soon as she heard Grace utter her name, and she muttered, "Shit."

Turning to Trini, she quickly asked, "How bad do I look?"

Kim's long hair fell in loose waves around her. She was wearing a loose-fitting, gray silk tanktop that was completely covered on the front by silver sequins. Her boyfriend jeans hung on her hips and were rolled up at the ankles to display the black platform heels she had on. Smiling, Trini answered, "You look amazing. Go dazzle us."

In typical Kim fashion, she stuck her tongue out at her best friend, before walking up the stairs to join Grace on the other stool that had been set out.

Tommy watched Kim with a contemplative expression on his face. Wondering out loud, he asked, "How many people has Kim been collaborating with recently?"

"Quite a few, actually," Zack replied after taking a sip of his Guinness. "Kim made a lot of friends in Hollywood before she landed her record deal. And she's made even more friends since. Everyone loves her. They just gravitate towards her as parties."

"Not a hard thing to do," Tommy replied softly, before realizing he had said the words out loud.

Zack's eyebrows shot up quickly. "No, not at all."

"So are you going to tell the story or should I," Grace asked as she gave Kim a peck on the cheek before she took a seat on the stool next to her.

Kim gave a small smile. "You please. I've had a few, so my version might be a bit confusing." The crowd all laughed in response to the petite girl's honesty.

"So Kim and I were drinking wine one night. It was probably our second bottle…"

"Or third," Kim interjected.

"Yes, or third. Benny had hijacked the second bottle. Anyhow, we got all weepy and started to reminisce about lost loves. As we got to talking, we both found out that we had had our hearts just destroyed by out first loves."

Without any of them meaning to, all Ranger eyes immediately went to Tommy before quickly turning back to the stage.

"I told Grace the story of how my gymnastics coach at the time took me under his wing and managed to help me get through the pain," Kim added softly.

"And this is what came about from that night," Grace finished as she began to play the opening to the song on the guitar.

Kat and Tanya shared confused looks, both wondering why Kim had needed to be comforted by Coach Schmidt; Billy and Adam ended up sharing questioning glances as well.

Tommy's eyes were glued to Kim as she began to sing, conflicting emotions waged war inside as he struggled to makes sense of the story that was just told.

"I lost everything

I fell out of a daydream

At the door of a long lost friend

And I cried aloud

Without an inch of pride

I knew I had reached the end

An old and lonely man

Saw me sitting on the curb

He reached out an took my hand

He said I know your song

And I know your name

And there was a time that I felt the same," Kim sang, her voice so earnest, raw, and full of emotion that the whole crowd was completely silent as they watched the two women perform the song onstage.

Grace joined Kim as they sang the chorus,

"But it's a low low road

You've gotta roll down

Before you find your way, my friend

And it's a high, high hill

You've gotta climb up

Before you get to the top again"

Trini felt her eyes watering and turning to Aisha, she saw her friend's expression mirrored hers. Both girls had been told the story of the break-up from Kim, but never in elaborate detail. Kim always cut off any type of discussion about the event, refusing to talk about it. They both knew how much the end of her relationship with Tommy had hurt her, scarred her in fact. But this song made the two realize that perhaps Kim had never moved past it.

Kat couldn't hide the confused expression from spreading across her face as she listened to the lyrics that Kim had penned with Grace. Looking around at her group of friends, her eyes met Billy's, and she knew that he was just as confused as she was. The two had both dealt with Tommy firsthand after the break-up, desperately trying to lift their friend's spirits after the fallout from the letter Kim had sent. Kat shook her head and shrugged her shoulders as she tried to make sense of the song.

Kim closed her eyes as she started to sing the second verse. All of the emotions she felt during the break-up were coming back and hitting her like a bullet train, coming out in her voice,

"I held on so dearly

To the wrong things in my life

But now I see so clearly

I was walking into my own knife

You've got to get up off that street

Stop looking at your feet

And take a hold of something real

And this old man, took my hand

He looked at me and said, little girl, I understand"

The intense pain so blatant in Kim's voice as she sang the song cut Tommy through to the core. He was fighting hard with himself to stop his eyes from watering, so real was the pain Kim was voicing in this song. But as much as he wanted to cry, he also felt like throwing a fist in a wall. Who was she to sing about the pain? She was the one who had wrote the letter that had ended their relationship, and she had even been with someone else at the time. She was the one who had left him alone, trying to make sense of what had gone wrong in their relationship. He had to confront her; he couldn't let her keep avoiding him.

Kim met Grace's eyes as the two sang the chorus again,

"That it's a low low road

You've gotta roll down

Before you find your way, my friend

And it's a high, high hill

You've gotta climb up

Before you get to the top again"

Kim stood, walking over to stand in front of her friends. She had never given to voice to what the breakup had done to her, and this was the only way she felt comfortable doing so. Meeting Tommy's eyes, Kim belted out the bridge,

"And there was a time that I thought that I knew it all

And there was a place that I thought I could call my own

But it all came crashing down and I looked around

And I knew that things would never be the same"

After Kim crooned that last line in a manner similar to Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, the crowd burst into applause, hooting as Grace and Kim finished the song with the chorus two more times.

"Low low road

You've gotta roll down

Before you find your way, my friend

And it's a high, high hill

You've gotta climb up

Before you get to the top again

It's a low low road

You've gotta roll down

Before you find your way, my friend

And it's a high, high hill

You've gotta climb up

Before you get to the top again

Cause it's a low, low road

You've gotta roll down

It's a low, low road"

Kim bowed her head as the two finished the song, quickly blinking away the tears from her eyes. Grace knew though and gave Kim's hand a quick squeeze before the two stood and curtsied to the cheers of the crowd.

Kim felt weak as she quickly darted down the stairs, and Grace and the band started up once again. Heading over to Kat and Jason, she managed a smile when met with the pair's concerned looks. Kat met Jason's gaze before she took Kim's hand and led her to the backstage area. The guard grinned widely at the two, quickly opening the door for them. Taking Kim over to a purple velvet couch, Kat said down and gently placed a finger under Kim's chin, forcing her to meet Kat's gaze.

"What is going on?"

"Oh, you know how I get when I sing," Kim said leaning back, trying to brush it off.

"Kimberly…" Kat pleaded gently in a knowing tone.

"Kat, I really don't want to talk about it."

"You never have though."

"Yeah, and for good reason. I'd barely have any friends left," Kim replied as she closed her eyes.

"That is not true…"

"Yes, it unfortunately is, Kat. Trust me," Kim replied curtly, wishing the leggy blond would go back to her husband at this point.

"Fine," Kat replied back softly, knowing she had struck a nerve with Kim. "But I really think it might be time that you address what you haven't with the break up."

"My shrink thinks the same thing."

Kat's eyes sprung open at Kim's response, and Kim couldn't help but giggle as she took in her expression. "I'm teasing…kind of."

"Kim, I'm serious."

"I know, I know," Kim answered, dropping her head into her hands. "Just not now."

Kat eyed her friend quietly. "Fine, but at some point…"

"I know, I know," Kim said once more in a tone that effectively ended the conversation.

Throwing a quick glance to the digital clock on the bedside table, Kim noted it read 1:13.

Anxiously shaking her foot back and forth on the bed, she didn't know whether or not to go over to the door. She knew he was going to be there, and she didn't know if she could face him. Knowing Tommy though, he wasn't going to leave her alone for the rest of this trip until something was addressed. Running a hand through her hair, she swung her legs over the bed and made her way over to the door. Hesitating for just a moment, she slowly opened the door.

Kim hated him the moment she did because he was giving her the look: the look that made her feel woozy; the look that made her feel like there was no one else in the world but the two of them; the look that had completely undone her when the two finally met in the hallway of Angel Grove High that fateful day. She wanted to kill him.

"Hey," he said softly before rubbing his neck in his trademark anxious manner.

"Hey," Kim replied back in a whisper, turning her gaze away from his. Hadn't she dealt with enough emotions today?

"Can I come in?"

Kim nodded in response, opening the door wider to allow him in before shutting it softly.

Tommy took Kim's hand in his and led her gently over to the bed, sitting in front of her. "I know you don't want to talk about this, but I still think we need to. Why don't we just wait until after the trip is over and address it then?"

Kim, who had purposely kept her eyes focused on the comforter so she wouldn't lose herself in those brown depths of his, almost squealed in response to his request. Looking up, she practically leapt forth as she wrapped her arms around him. "Tommy, that would be wonderful."

Smiling, though the sentiment wasn't expressed in his eyes, Tommy replied, "I knew you'd think so."

Kim released him from her grasp, taking both of his hands in hers. Earnestly, she said, "I promise as soon as the trip ends we will talk this out." And she sealed that statement with a kiss on his nose.

Letting out a sigh he didn't realize he had been holding, Tommy quietly said, "So…"


"What was with that song tonight, Kim?"

Kim immediately smacked him on the arm in response. "Tommy Oliver, you said we'd wait."

"Alright, alright," he replied, holding up his hands in surrender. Kim had crossed her arms over her chest, pouting. She looked so cute that he couldn't take it. Scooting closer, he gently uncrossed her arms.

"How about," Tommy whispered as he nibbled on Kim's right ear. "We just," he continued planting a kiss on her neck. "Not talk at all," he finished staring into her eyes.

Kim knew she was screwed as she met his lust filled eyes and answered him with a kiss.

Tommy gently pushed her back onto the bed, spreading her legs so he could nestle himself between them. The two locked lips, and their lips parted almost immediately as tongues sought each other out.

Kim felt heat surging off her immediately and quickly threw her sweatshirt off before pulling Tommy's black thermal shirt off as well. She shivered as their skin made contact; Tommy planting a trail of kisses down Kim's neck and chest before taking her left breast in his mouth.

Kim, in the meantime, had undone Tommy's belt and pants, and was trying her best to push them down Tommy's hips, though she was also trying to keep Tommy's lips latched on her breast.

Tommy couldn't help but smirk, and pushing back he was able to break the hold Kim's hand had had on his head. "Want some help?"

Kim glared as she sat up. "Oh hurry up," she relented as she quickly lifted her hips and shed her sweatpants and underwear.

Tommy did as he was told and then took her hands in his, pushing her back against the bed and shifting his hips to nestle himself between Kim's legs once again. The heat coming off her sex was driving him mad. She was already wet, and no words were spoken as he positioned himself at her opening and sunk in slowly.

Kim closed her eyes as her lips sought out his, and the two engaged in slow, passionate kisses. Tongues caressed each others at a leisurely pace to match the slow deep thrusts that Tommy was making.

Kim squeezed his hands hard as Tommy took his time, stroking her, knowing that it was driving her mad. Kim tried to thrust her hips up to speed up the pace, but each time she would Tommy would stop, pressing himself down harder on her to stop the movements.

Continuing, he let go of one of her hands, and reached down between the two to gently stroke Kim's clit. She hissed in response, sucking on his collarbone as she gave way to the sensations he was causing her to feel.

Whimpering, Kim's hands made their way into Tommy's spiky hair as she kissed him harder, letting him know she couldn't take things much longer. She could feel him smile against her lips as his tongue wrapped around hers, and he began to pick up the pace.

Thrusting faster, Tommy began to slam into Kim, his hand still continuing to stroke her clit. Kim knew she was getting wetter with each movement, and he quickly pushed her over the edge and had her shaking on the bed.

Tommy barely managed to hold on until the end of Kim's orgasm before he shot his load in her, so tight had the grip of her sex on him been.

Collapsing on top of her for a moment, Tommy rested his head on her chest.

Feeling at ease for the first time all day, Kim traced circles on his back as he shifted off of her.

Tommy turned his head so he could look up into Kim's eyes. "Hey."

"Hey," Kim replied back softly, noting the love in his eyes, which was always her undoing.

"Can I stay here until morning? I promise I'll leave early enough this time."

Kim struggled to get the words out as she felt her throat closing up. "Of course," she whispered quickly as she moved to turn out the lights. She couldn't let him see the tears.

Kissing her shoulder, Tommy pulled the covers up over the two of them. "Night beautiful."

"Night," Kim choked out as she quickly turned over and buried her face in her pillow to hide the muffles that were starting to escape from her. No two words but those could cause her more pain at this time. Tears streamed down Kim's face as she could think of nothing but the conversation the two would soon have. I just don't understand how this can be the same man Kim thought as the drain from the day's emotions finally took its toll on her, pulling her into a deep sleep.