Just a little snippet I decided to right while I was watching the Puppet King episode. Raven/Starfire best friend moment. Not very long.

"Well, I guess you did pretty well, Starfire, for a first timer," Raven said after their meditation session. She walked over to the kitchen area and Starfire followed, eager to try her tea as offered by her friend.

"Thank you, friend Raven." Starfire acted chipper but Raven knew she was still hurt by her comment up on the theater's roof.

"I have something to apologize for, don't I? And not for hurting you." Starfire looked dreadfully confused. She opened her mouth to speak but Raven stopped her. "I lied…up on the roof of that theater. I didn't think of you not talking."

"Then what did you think of? Oh, you do not have to tell me. Never mind." She waved her hands wildly and Raven offered a small, barely visible smile.

"I want to." She floated up onto the counter and sat down as she sipped her own cup of tea. "At first, I thought of my mother then my favorite book, which Beast boy got me for no apparent reason. Is that odd? Never mind. However, those didn't work. Both of those have downsides. The book ends in a romantic tragedy, Mother never even held me as a child. You get the point."

Starfire nodded and took her own cup. She sipped it and flinched a bit. Raven levitated the honey towards her and she took it gratefully. "I understand. Please, continue."

"But thinking of that book got me thinking about Beast boy. I, uh, have a small crush on him." Starfire slipped off the counter and the mug shattered from her shock. "It's not as strange as it sounds."

The alien girl quickly got up. "No, no! I understand! He is adorable. And sweet, loyal, gentle, fierce, generous…"

"I know, Star. I'm the one crushing on him. Anyway, I thought about him being back to normal. Goofy and annoying but back to normal." Starfire smiled and nodded.

"I expect that is a very happy thought in such a situation."

Raven nodded and took a sip of her tea. "So, how much did you think of Robin being back to normal?"

Star fell over again, this time beat red. "Am I that obvious?"

"Painfully so." She groaned and Robin and Beast boy looked at both girls strangely. Starfire lying on the ground with a blush that looked like a bad sunburn and Raven shaking with repressed laughter was a strange sight indeed.

"Women," Robin muttered. Beast boy nodded before handing Raven the book he had bought for Raven to her. "Another book? Doesn't she have enough?"

"Shut up. I'm allowed to buy her things. Kick you butt in the gym!"

Starfire looked at Raven as the empath lifted the book and opened it to the first page. "He is very kind, yes?"

"Shush." Starfire giggled as Beast boy ran back in and slammed his lips against Raven's cheek before running like hell, muttering about Robin and a dare. "Stop laughing!"

Robin shoved Beast boy back into the room and said, "I said lips, moron."

"I can't do that! She's my friend! I'll bite! Try me!" Robin screamed in pain and the girls rolled their eyes before going to break apart the fight that ensued. They never spoke of Raven's crush again.