Chapter I


'Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the house

only one thing was stirring

but it was only a mouse.

* * *

In the depths of a certain dark and dank well, motion could be sensed by those creatures that could feel the currents of air. Something was crawling, slowly, year by year, to the top. On the other side of the house, the nearly empty husk of a being could feel her hopes and dreams clawing their way back to the surface. It finally has the key. She thought. She would be free to wreak her havoc on that wretched girl, Coraline Jones. I will have my revenge. She thought.

* * *

All those years of reforming and all that had happened was that he could move about. He cursed Halloween, those traitorous henchmen, and Jack. Especially Jack. Oogie had finally scavenged enough bugs on his own to move freely throughout his house. It's Christmas , isn't it? He thought. I will have my revenge.

* * *

Christmas came and went in the Pink Palace. The only thing that was even remotely interesting was the Christmas showing of Mr. B's Mice Circus. Mom almost shrieked when she saw them. Coraline thought, chuckling at the memory. She really needed something to do. "Mom! Dad! I'm going out!" She shouted, dashing out the door before her parents could say a word to stop her.

Running through the woods, she could just make out the well. The site of her battle with the Other Mother. She dashed past it, hardly noticing the lid slightly ajar against the soil. She ran further into the woods than she ever had before. She didn't notice the rat that had started following her.

Coraline eventually came upon a ring of some of the strangest trees she'd ever seen. They all had some kind of strange holiday icon shaped door on them. She pondered exactly what they could be for. Immediately pushing thoughts of doors out of her head, she opened the most interesting looking one, the one with the pumpkin on it.

Nothing happened.

This is soooo boring. She thought. She turned her back to start heading home, but then a breeze started to pull her back to the open door. She turned just in time to see herself falling rapidly through a space that looked likeā€¦ No, it can't be. There can't be spider webs where nothing should be. It went from spider webs, to something so much stranger.

* * *

An hour later, a black cat began its decent into the darkness, rat in mouth. To warn Coraline that She was back.