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Robert Pataki always thought that this day would come later much later, when he was six feet under and didn't have to deal with things like weddings or suits. He actually had hoped that it would never come, he hoped that she would never leave. He didn't want to give her away not now, not ever. She was his baby, his darling little girl. He knows that the boy would take care of her. He always had. But it still didn't make this day hurt any less. He flopped back into his chair and tried to pretend that this day was like any other.

And that's how Miriam found him. He was leaning back in his recliner, his suit wrinkling as he stared at the dark television set. She smiled, she knew how he felt, although he wasn't a very expressive man. "B, it's time. Actually it's past time. She's waiting for us at the church." Big Bob turned to his wife and grumbling under his breath about a little orphan boy and his baby he slowly rose out of his chair and followed his wife outside.

She appeared in the entrance of the bridal room looking fit to be tied. Her hands clutched the exotic orchid anxiously, a small (fraying) pink ribbon holding the bouquet together. Big Bob thought she looked beautiful in her white dress. She had left her hair down and it fell in long blonde waves. As they waited for their cue, Bob asked her why she had her hair like that. He remembered that she always put it up in pony tails. She told him that she wanted to give her husband Paris. As they took their places at the entrance of the sanctuary, Bob leaned down and gave her a kiss on her temple. Smiling the bride said huffily, "It's about time you guys showed up. I would have had to get someone else to do it."

Bob tightened his grip on her arm ever so slightly. "Not on my watch. I wouldn't have missed this for the world, Helga." Helga turned to him, and smiling she said "I know, dad, I know." The chords of the wedding march sounded and Big Bob walked his youngest daughter down the aisle, to the man of her dreams.

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