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"I think I like Nico," Tawni blurted out to Sonny. Sonny stopped brushing her teeth.


"Well, he's really cute—and, I don't know," Tawni said. "Forget about it."

Sonny sat next to her on the couch, and said, "Hey, he and Chad are good friends. I'll talk to Chad and see if he can talk to Nico one-on-one."

"Oh my God, Sonny, I love you!" Tawni exclaimed, hugging her.

"I know," Sonny said, smartly. "Let me go get Chad." She made way for the door, when Tawni said, "Sonny?" she spun around.

"Who are you going to the dance with?" Tawni asked. "Chad? Oh, and should I ask Nico to dance?"

Sonny smiled at her, and said, "Yeah, Tawni. You go girl!" and she walked out of the room.

Tawni looked down, and took a small note out of her pocket, and wrote several things down. With that, she thrusted it back into her pocket, and sighed the smell of fresh roses.


They stood laughing in a group of people. Grady, Nico, Sonny, Chad, Portlyn, Zora, and Tawni.

"And then he goes—that's not my hair, that's my foot!" Sonny shrieked. The others laughed. Suddenly, the music got quiet, and the song Love Story by Taylor Swift hung in the air. "Oh, this is a slow song!" Sonny said, softly.

"Oh, and Nico?" Chad asked, not hesitating. "Do you like Tawni?"

"CHAD!" Tawni screamed.

Everyone started "oo-ing", and Tawni started chasing Chad—ready to kill him.

"Don't!" Sonny cried.

"Oh, so you don't care about me? I see," Tawni cried. "As long as your Chad is happy, you're okay, but when it comes to your best friend—oh, I see how it is!"

Then Tawni looked for Nico, but what she saw made her heart break. He was dancing with Portlyn. So then, Tawni Erin Hart ran back to her room—tears streaming down her face.



"Don't talk to me!" Tawni screamed at Sonny. "Okay? Leave me alone!"

"But we share a dressing room! You can't lock me and Zora out!!!" Sonny's voice cried.

"Well Chad didn't have any right to stomp on my heart either!" Tawni cried. Sonny's voice died away, and Tawni finally had time to cry to herself.

Tawni Erin Hart does not cry. She does not cry. Get a hold of yourself, Tawni… you don't cry.

"You know," Tawni said, talking to herself. "Chad freakin' Dylan Cooper is gonna pay. He's going to pay big time." And with that, she grabbed the fresh roses off the counter of the kitchen, and dropped them down the garbage disposal. She changed a few things she had written down on the note card, and shoved it back in her pocket. She gathered the shredded roses, arranged them in a basket, and walked to the set of Mackenzie Falls.


Chad Dylan Cooper walked outside of his room, to see a basket of shredded roses. He picked it up, and read the note inside:

This is what you did to my heart. And don't worry, Chad, I WILL tell Sonny what you said. –T

"Your friend Tawni left me something," Chad said, walking back inside to Sonny, who was sitting on the couch, watching television.

"What did the note say?" Sonny demanded to know.

"Nothing," Chad nonchalantly said, stuffing the note into his pocket. "Nothing that matters anyway."

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