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England, America and France were waiting for Poland to show up for a brief meeting. It was boring and it was also sticky out.

"So..." England said, still leaning back in his seat. "Have you guys seen the kind of battle technology Poland has?"

France snorted. "What technology? It's amazing he was able to reclaim his borders after WWI! I even hear he tried to put a screen door on a submarine!"

America snorted.

"Don't laugh. It keeps out the fish." England deadpanned, causing the other two to start laughing.

"That guy can be so dumb..." France said with a sigh. America was still snickering. "Hey, you know what I heard? I heard he got new automatic parachutes."

"Is that so?" England asked, still smiling. America grinned. "Yeah, they open on impact!"

A roar of laughter greeted the joke. "I heard he checks for mines by putting his fingers in his ears and stomping!" America had added this one as well, loving being the center of attention, after all.

France was not one to be outdone. "Well, I heard that he crashed a helicopter because he got cold and turned the fan off." Both of the other countries laughed.

"You know what I heard? I heard his library had to be shut down." England said, still chuckling a little. "Why's that?" America asked, still red in the face from laughing.

"Someone stole the book." More laughter.

"Know why he has no ice cubes? He lost the recipe!" America was roaring with laughter even as he told the joke. France held up a hand. "Apparently he bought 10,000 septic tanks earlier this year. Once his army figures out how to drive them, he plans on invading Russia!"

Howls of laughter filled the room. "Know how to confuse Poland? Put him in a round room, and then tell him to stand in the corner!"

"Haha, that's so true!" America snickered. A sudden gasp, however, caused them all to drop dead silent. They all turned slowly, and felt suddenly guilty.

There stood Poland, that confused look on his face. "I-I thought you were just telling... jokes... But...I guess...I..I... I have to go now!" And he turned to run, his face flushed from embarassment.

America jumped up, catching his arm. "Wait, Poland! We didn't know you were listening!"

Poland turned on him, angry tears in his eyes. "I'm not stupid! I know what you think about me and- and I've had enough! I hate you! Leave me alone!" He tore free, leaving a sleeve with America, and ran away.

England let his face sink into his hands. "Wonderful...." America looked extremely guilty. France looked away, pretending he had nothing to do with the joketelling.

How were they going to fix this one?

/AN/ I just wanted to point out that ethnic/racial jokes hurt. That's basically all there is to this one, but there might be a second chapter if enough people are interested.