And since I did say I would do a third chapter, here it is!

Weird thing about writing stuff with Lithuania and Poland, they make me think very strongly of myself and my twin sister... Not sure who's who, though.

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Poland stopped just outside the door of the conference room. He knew he could do this, it's just... It was painful, and he was afraid they would still think he was stupid or something.

He straightened his shoulders. He would show them he wasn't stupid, and hopefully the meeting would go peacefully.

He slowly opened the door.

All three of the nations looked up, plus one nation whose name Poland was having a little difficulty remembering. America immediately stood up, hands spread wide.

"Poland! We thought you wouldn't come back!" England sighed as he also stood up. "What he means to say is, we probably shouldn't have said what we did."

"Oui, those losers should never have said such horrible things!" France exclaimed dramatically. England and America glared. France gulped and amended, "And I shouldn't have said it either."

"Huh? What'd you guys say?" All heads turned to look at the previously-unnoticed Canada. England looked uncomfortable immediately, while America grinned sheepishly to cover his embarassment. France simply avoided looking Canada in the eye.

"Hey, uh, you know how I tell Canadian jokes sometimes, Canada?" America said, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. Canada frowned in response.

"Okay, so you do remember... Well, we were telling jokes about Poland and he heard them and got upset... That's all." America grinned at the end, as if to show it wasn't a big deal. Poland bristled.

"What do you mean 'that's all?' You wouldn't like it if I told jokes about you behind your backs!" England looked slightly startled, while America flinched a little. "Well, maybe you shouldn't have such thin skin... People make fun of me sometimes, but I don't run away crying-" America was cut off by Poland. "I wasn't crying! I was angry!"

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have been! They were just jokes, Poland!" America snapped back, feeling strangely like he was being judged. He hated being judged....

"Oh yeah?!" Poland seemed livid. "Well, since we're telling jokes about each other, know what the whales say when they see America at the beach?"

France seemed amused. "What?" Poland glared viciously at America. "Hey, look! Isn't that our cousin?" America's jaw dropped. "Hey, I'm not fat!" The three others started snickering. "And you know what they say about England when-" England cut Poland off. "Whoa, just a second here! I said I was sorry, America was the git who was carrying on!"

Poland seemed to concede this to England. He turned on France, who stopped snickering mid-laugh. "How do you stop France's tanks?" England, of course, immediately responded. "How?"

"Jump in front of them and yell Boo!" Poland replied, causing England to howl with laughter while France looked deeply offended. "That's not funny at all!"

"Well, I guess you can't take handle your own medicine! Don't you think maybe I didn't think all those jokes about me were funny?" Poland demanded, looking them both seriously in the eye. Both looked down, feeling a little bit embarassed now.

"I guess you're right... I'm really sorry...." America admitted, looking ashamed. France sighed. "I guess I should understand, since there are so many French jokes too...."

"I'll try not to do it again, I promise!" America said emphatically, while the other two just nodded. Poland looked satisfied. Canada, of course, spoke up then. "Hey, we should go get ice cream! That's what Cuba and I do when we hurt each other..."

America, of course, started indignantly yelling at Canada about hanging around Cuba, and the others laughed while England got out the ice cream.

/AN/ Man, that took forever to write... I'm never good at ending conflicts in my stories, for whatever reason... I hope you find it satisfactory anyway!