Title: Fangs for Nothing

Author: PlatinumRoseLady

Disclaimer: Don't own the Winchesters, or the other person mentioned in this drabble.

Drabble Challenge Word: "Control"

Word Count: 100 words. *Give the Word Count a lollipop*

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Spoiler Alert: None


He really wasn't trying to eavesdrop. The diner was just so small they were cutting through his "I Need Coffee NOW' fog.

His stomach began to churn, while his mouth filled with acid as the two teens prattled on.

"He's sooo hot!"

"Oh, I know! He could bite me anytime!"

"Can you imagine it? Being at his side for eternity?"

It took every ounce of control Dean had not to turn around and tell the girls just how WRONG they were.

Sam felt his brother tense up.

"Ignore them, dude."

"Edward Cullen is making our job that much harder, Sam."


*Author prepares to stand her ground from the hordes of angry Fangirls.*