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Dean leaned back on the cheap motel bed. "Sammy, tell me you got another job lined up so we can get the hell outta here." He was sick of this po-dunk town. Oregon sucked and he wanted out as fast as the Impala could carry him. They had just finished a hunt where a cursed necklace was possessing people to kill the person they had bought the trinket for. They couldn't find a way to destroy the damn thing and had instead hiked into the middle of evergreen-nowhere and buried it. If some stupid bastard found it and brought it home for his wife and then offs her, Dean was gonna kill him – just on the principal of having to come back to Oregon. But the chances of that happening in the next couple of weeks were slim to none. His deal was coming due fast and he'd be making a one way trip downstairs.

"Well…there is something." Sam muttered, face highlighted by the glow of his laptop screen.

"What-cha got?"

"There's been a string of killings in Seattle recently."

"I saw that on the news last night." Dean stretched. "They think it's some sorta gang war going on." Dean got off the bed and went to stand behind his brother to look at the screen. There was a picture of a cop in front of a podium, and the next picture was of a blackened dumpster. "I don't know Sammy…we don't do people. Humans are fucked up."

"But every one that's been found was killed in a different way."

"Another reason that it's humans that are doing it. Our kind usually have a specific style that they stick to."

"Well how about this?" Sam baited him. "No material evidence found on the scenes or victims. None of them. And the number of crime scenes are nothing compared to the number of missing persons filed in the last three weeks." Sam looked at him smugly. "Plus, cops are famous for withholding information from the public in these kinds of cases."

"So lots of death, lots of missing and no evidence," Dean shrugged. "Sounds awesome, but not necessarily our kind of gig."

"We've looked into less. And since you've made it clear we can't try and break your deal…" Sam sneered with disgust.

"Okay." Dean clapped his hands and interrupted his brother's tirade before he could get a full head of steam up. "Seattle has got to be better than this shit-hole. Grab your crap and let's go."

A/N: Anyone who is not familiar with Ridley's Brotherhood AU should seriously check it out. The girl has a mad imagination and a seriously killer sense of humor. Fortunately, Ridley is kind enough to let the rest of us hacks play with the character's she's developed, like Caleb Reeves, and Joshua Sawyer *sigh*. I promise I will return all characters in good condition, if not without a few extra miles tagged onto them. If you aren't familiar with the Brotherhood, don't worry, I only use them in reference. The main thing you need to know about it is that they are an organized circle of hunters. So this fic is a crossover of Supernatural, the Brotherhood AU and Twilight (don't shoot me!) Let me get this out now, that I don't hate any of these characters. None of them. Despite the things that will be thought and said about them, it's not me, it's the character that the POV is in. Everyone still on board? Great. Let's go.