The Raikage Chapter 7: Storm



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"Alright then Kakashi you go get your people ready and I get mine, since the battle for Nami no Kuni is about to begin", spoke Inari to which Kakashi just nodded again and left with the other team leaders.

"And let us hope that we can survive it", thought Inari as he grabbed his Samurai helmet and left to Marshall his force to defend their homeland.

Several Hours later in the village of Wave

In the past three hours since the sighting of the Kiri fleet the defenders of Nami no Kuni (Wave Country) rallied themselves into position to defend their country, while the forces of Konoha went ahead to the forest near where the Kiri ships would land. They would then try and delay the Kiri forces for as long as possible until the Wave Samurai and the Militia were ready.

When the Kiri forces landed TenTen and her team launched a long range attack from the cover of the forest onto the exposed Kiri-nins who were landing on the beach. They fired Kunai's, Kunai Grenades, Exploding Kunai's and Shurikens down at the unprotected Kiri Ninja's and killing many, Shino also added support by sending his bugs off and draining the Chakra of many Kiri Shinobi's causing them to fall uncurious due to lack of Chakra. Yamato helped by having wooden spike come up from the ground and impaling several Kiri-nins.

Soon after the Konoha teams made their pre-emptive attack they quickly fell back when they saw more Kiri-nins arriving in larger numbers. As they fell back, the teams activated the traps they had set up earlier along the way so to slow down the Kiri-nins more and to try and lessen their numbers as much as possible. After they had activated all their traps the Konoha teams fell back to the village and behind the wooden walls that Yamato had made.

After another hour or more the Konoha teams and the defenders of Nami no Kuni saw the Kiri-nins arrive, where over six hundred Kiri Shinobi's surrounded the fortified village on all sides. But what worried the Konoha-nins most, was when they saw the Kiri-nins bringing out several large Volley guns out of the forest and positioning them around the village.

-With Isurugi Raijūta (Leader of Kiri Invasion) -

As the Kiri-nins surrounded the village of Nami no Kuni, the Commander of the Kiri invasion force Isurugi Raijūta the last remaining loyal member of the current Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū (Seven Swordsmen of the Mist), stood watching from his command point on a small hill over looking the village.

He saw his invasion forces spread out around the village, he had six hundred Shinobi's surround the village and had the remaining two hundred in reserve back at the landing beach. Although his forces had taken some loses from when they landed on the beach and when they were travelling through the forest to get to village (since some Kiri-nins had been killed or wounded by the traps that the Konoha teams made), his forces were still pretty much intact. As he looked over his force, a Chunin came up to him to make his report.

"Raijūta-senpei we have surrounded the village as you have ordered and the Volley guns have been placed into position", spoke a Kiri-nin Chunin.


"Shall we commence our bombardment on the village?" asked the Chunin

"No! We will not, we will blow the walls around the village and take the village as intact as possible", replied Raijūta.

"Sir?" asked the Chunin.

"The village is in a strategic position for us, since it is right next to the bridge, where we can use it as a supply base and a command point for when we open up the next front against Konoha", spoke Raijūta.

"Very well sir I will give out the order for a hole to be blown into a wall", replied the Chunin.

"Wait" called Raijūta, "I want you to blow four separate holes on each side of the wall, one of the left, one on the right, one on the front and one behind them. Then place our forces evenly on each side, so that they are in groups of a hundred and fifty men at each side and those groups are also split into three groups so that we can send them in Waves of fifty. When that's done I want you to send two teams from each side into each hole as skirmishers".

"But sir, what about the Shinobi's that our forces encountered at the beach, from the reports there are at lest six or seven teams. Also there will be no doubt, that there will be many Samurai there as well, those teams we be sending won't be enough to deal with all of them and the civilian fighters there", spoke the Chunin.

"Those men will be only scouts fool, I want to try and test there defences first after which I send a few more in the hopes of luring out the Shinobi's there and see who they are", answered Raijūta.

"Do you think there from Konoha, Sir?" asked the Chunin.

"That is very much possible".

"But how did they find out about us invading Nami no Kunai? We kept it top secret".

"They most likely they learned it from the Toad Sage Jiraiya, since he is infamous for finding things out through his spy network", replied Raijūta.

"Very well the Raijūta-senpei I have what you have ordered done", spoke the Chunin and then left.

Soon after Raijūta gave out his orders the four holes were made on each side of the wall, and the teams were sent through the holes. As the teams moved forward they were attacked by the Nami no Kuni Militia, where men were position inside building and their roofs and would fire their crossbows and bows and arrows at the Shinobi's.

The Kiri Shinobi's were at first caught by surprised where one or two of them were killed, but they soon quickly reorganised themselves and forced the Nami no Kuni Militia back. But when they did and chased after the retreating Militia, they quickly encountered the streets leading to the centre of the village had been barricaded and fortified. When they engaged the defences, they were hard pressed to break through the defences that the Nami no Kuni defenders had made, and were beaten back by the defenders where two more Kiri Shinobi's were killed. After which all the teams on all sides fell back and called for reinforcements, where three more teams where sent through each hole.

When the reinforcements joined the forward teams, they all quickly attacked the Nami no Kuni defenders on each front. Where they began to force back the defenders and killing many of them, due to use of the Kunai Launchers and their Jutsu's as well as their superior fighting skills.

When the Kiri Shinobi's were about to break through all four fronts the Nami no Kuni Samurai lead by Inari joined the fight. After a few minutes of fierce fighting the combined forces of the Milita and the Samurai (whose skill could equally match the Kiri Shinobi's) were able drive back the Kiri Shinobi's with heavy losses.

After seeing this Raijūta ordered the first wave (1) on all sides to move forward and attack the Nami no Kuni Militia and Samurai. After Raijūta gave the order two hundred Kiri Shinobi started to pour into the village and began to attack the Nami no Kuni Militia and Samurai, who were being driven back with heavy losses. For twenty minutes there was fierce fighting between the two sides, after which the Wave defenders where once again on the verge of collapsing.

Inari continued to try and get his men to hold the line, but he clearly could see that the shear numbers of the Shinobi's were overwhelming them. Even with the narrow streets and buildings limiting the Kiri-nins numbers and keeping them from overwhelming them completely it was still not enough to stop the Kiri-nins.

"Hold the line men don't let the break through….keep fighting" cried Inari to his men as he fought against several Shinobi's.

Inari blocked two separate sword slash's with his two his two swords, he then channelled his Chakra into his swords. Where his Chakra quickly covered his swords, after which he then used his Chakra to act like a buzz-saw and cut right through the two Kir-nins swords and then the Shinobi's themselves.

After killing the two Kiri-nins, Inari then channelled more Chakra into his swords to extend the cutting edge of his blades and had them take the shape of long sabre swords so to fully use them against the Kiri-nins.

As Inari fought the Kiri-nins he killed several more of them and just as he killed his tenth Kiri-nin he quickly brought up his blade to deflect several Kunai's fired from four Kiri-nins. Inari then quickly countered by firing two crescents shape Chakra blades at the Kiri-nins, where two of the Kiri-nins were hit and cut in two while the other two avoided the hits by jumping up into the air.

Seeing this Inari quickly fired two more crescent shape Chakra blades at the Kiri-nins, but as they avoided the two crescent shape blades in midair, they quickly realised that the crescent shape blades were just a distraction. Since as soon as Inari fired the crescent blades he quickly threw his swords at the Kiri-nins (since he knew they would dodge his attack).

The Kiri-nins were too occupied in avoiding the crescent shape blades that they failed to notice the incoming swords towards them, until it was too late, and were pierced in the chest by Inari swords when he threw them and were both killed instantly.

As soon as he saw the Kiri-nins fall to the ground dead, Inari quickly drew out his other two swords, where he quickly twirled around and slashed at the stomach of a Kiri-nin that had tried to sneak up on him and opened up his stomach causing his to die slowly.

But as soon as Inari had killed that Kiri-nin an exploding Kunai hit the ground right under his feet and exploded, causing him to be blasted several feet away. Thankfully Inari's armour had protected him from any serious harm, but it had bruised him up a little and his head was spinning from the blast. But once he fully regained his senses he saw that three Kiri Jonin's had surrounded him with their swords drawn, one of them then raised his sword up and was about to bring it down on Inari when he suddenly stopped move.

"W-What h-happening to m-me, I c-can't m-move", cried one of the Kiri Jonins.

"M-M-Me too" cried another.

"What's going on, Why can we move?…..What kind of Jutsu is this?" cried the third Kiri Jonin.

"It's called Kagemane no Jutsu (Shadow Imitation Technique)" spoke a voice behind them, where once Inari looked he saw Shikiamaru standing behind them.

"And this is the Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu (Shadow Neck Bind Technique)", spoke Shikiamaru as he did a few hands signs and a shadow hand extended from the men shadows and went up to their necks and strangled them.

Once the three Kiri Jonins fell dead, Shikiamaru went over to Inari and helped him up.

"You guys took you sweet time", spoke Inari with a slight smirk, since he was grateful for Shikiamaru for saving his life.

"Sorry, as troublesome as it was, we had to wait till the first Wave was fully in the village streets before we could attack and cause the most damage".

"So your ready?" asked Inari, to which Shikiamaru just nodded after which he took out a seal note and activated it, where as soon as he did explosions were seen happening all around the village.

During the battle between Inari forces and the Kiri forces, the Konoha teams hid themselves in the building, where they waited for Inari forces to draw in the main part of first Wave deeper into the village streets.

As soon as the first Wave of Kiri-nins were fully in the village streets and were advancing forward, Shikiamaru had activated the exploding notes that had been planted on the buildings around the Kiri forces and the ground underneath them. As soon as he activated them the notes exploded killing many Kiri-nins with the blasts as well as crushing many others from the rumble of the buildings that were blown up and wounding many others.

After the explosions the Kiri forces where in complete confusion as their ranks had been heavily hit by the explosions and many of the Kiri-nins did not know what was happening.

-(Song: Naruto OST 1 - Strong and Strike)-

As soon as the Kiri forces were in confusion from the explosions, the Konoha teams struck.

At the Western part of the village, Yamato used his Mokuton abilities to create wooden walls cutting off the confused Kiri forces, where TenTen team quickly swooped down on them and dealt with them easily with a barrage of Kunai's, Kunai Grenades, Exploding Kunai's and Shurikens. At the same time Shino used his Kikaichū (Parasitic Destruction Insects) to quickly swarm over the trapped Kiri-nins and drain them of their Chakra. Sai also assisted by using his Chōjū Giga (Super Beasts Imitation Picture) to pounce down on the trapped and confused Kiri-nins. While the former bridge builder Tazuna lead the Wave Militia men in the Western part of the village in attacking the confused Kiri-nins.

At the Eastern part of the village, Shikiamaru, Ino and Choji, used their combined teamwork to overwhelm the Kiri-nins, where Shikiamaru would freeze the Kiri-nins in their places with his Kagemane no Jutsu and Choji would then use his Nikudan Sensha (Human Bullet Tank) and crush the Kiri-nins. Ino did her part by using her Shinranshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Disturbance Technique) to cause several Kiri-nins to attack their allies and cause more confusion in the Kiri ranks. She even used her Shintenshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Switch Technique) take over the bodies of several Kiri-nins to sneak up on other Kiri-nins and kill them. Inari rallied up his Samurai and the remaining Militia forces and had them charge forward to drive the Kiri-nin back.

Along with them Sasuke's two ROOT agents Badger and Boar supported the advance. Badger used several powerful Genjustu's like the Suji Mame Baindo no Jutsu (String Bean Bind Technique (Kurama Clan Technique)), where the Kiri-nins found bean vines growing out of the ground and rapped around their bodies and lifted them into the air. After which a Bean pod rose from the ground and revealed Badger with his Tanto in hand where he killed them all swiftly. Boar used Bubun Baika no Jutsu (Partial Multi-Size Technique) to sweep aside several Kiri-nins with his hands and crush them between his hands or into walls and into the ground.

At the Southern part of the village Konohamaru was in the lead with Kiba, Akamaru, Lee and Gai. As Konohamaru and the others pushed forward he engaged the Kiri-nins with Enma in his Kongōnyoi form (Adamantine Nyoi form). Where together they were taking out Kiri Shinobi's left and right with the use of Konohamaru's Drunken Monkey Fist style, since the style was too unpredictable for Kiri Shinobi's to try and block or avoid and confused many of them. Moegi and Udon supported Konohamaru from behind as he pushed forward where Moegi would trap the Kiri-nins in several Genjutsu's like the Magen: Jubaku Satsu (Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death), the Ichiboku no Jutsu (One with the Tree Technique) and Shibari no Jutsu (Bind Technique) while Udon would the quickly sweep in and finish them off.

Lee and Gai were also taking out many Kiri-nins as well where they used their Strong fist Style with devastating effect, crippling many Kiri Shinobi's. Although out of all of in the group Kiba and Akamaru were doing the most damage and killing the most Kiri Shinobi's, since they used their Jinjū Konbi Henge: Sōtōrō (Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf), Garōga (Dual Wolf Fang), Tsūga (Piercing Fang) and Gatsūga (Dual Piercing Fang), to devastating effect since in the narrow streets and buildings the Kiri-nins could do little to dodge Kiba's and Akamaru's vicious attacks where most were mowed down.

At the Northern part of the village Kakashi was leading the charge forward where he used and copied several Jutsu's from the Kiri Shinobi's and used them against the Kiri Shinobi's. He also used several; Earth Jutsu's to block some of the Kiri-nins Water Jutsu's. Closely following Kakashi were Neji and Hinata where they used the Gentle fist to kill or disable any and all Kiri-nins. Between the two of them, Hinata was doing the most damage with her Dageki Sendo (Death Strike), where she literally sent any Kiri-Shinobi she fought flying with every bone in their bodies broken. She also practically destroyed the whole street as well as many nearby buildings when use used her Kamigeki (Divine strike) (2) (A).

Sasuke was also near Neji and Hinata, where he fought and killed many Kiri Shinobi's with his Lightning and Fire Jutsu's. As he fought the Kiri-nins he cut through their swords with his Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Chidorigatana (Kusanagi Sword: One Thousand Birds Katana), and killed many more with his Chidori Eisō (One Thousand Birds Sharp Spear), Chidori (One Thousand Birds) and his Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique).

TenTen and Kurenai give long range support for those in front, where Kurenai use her Genjutsu to keep the Kiri-nins confused and keep them from reorganising themselves. While TenTen took out the Kiri-nins with the Kunai Launchers and prevented them from hitting any of the others. But after they had been all dealt with TenTen then wiped some blood on a seal on her arm and took out a Jian (3) and a small handheld metal fan which was connected with an extending chain to the Jian, and preceded to engage the Kiri-nins close combat.

Sakura also did her part by going around and helping bring back the wounded to the centre of the village where she was trying to heal the wounded. She also helped protect many wounded men from attacking Kiri Shinobi's by using her super human strength to intimidate them and keep them at bay while she healed the injured. And those that were foolish enough to keep trying to attack her were sent right into the ground hard. She also used her side Tanto to block any Kiri-nins with swords that had attacked her or a wounded man and then slashed or stabbed said Kiri-nins that attacked.

Soon after the Konoha teams had entered the battle the tide turned against the Kiri forces and their lines began to collapsing on all sides where many of the remaining Kiri Shinobi's were retreating.

(Song: Naruto OST 1 - Strong and Strike ends)

-With Raijūta-

"Saji…Sitrep(4)!" ordered Raijūta to the Chunin he had been talking to earlier, as he saw large numbers of his men retreating and he wanted to know why.

"Sir… our forces are being pushed back with heavy losses due to the combined efforts of Konoha Shinobi's, Wave Samurai and the Wave Militia", answered the Chunin Saji. Where he then explained how the first Wave had been lured in by the Wave Militia and Samurai and were hit by a surprise attack.

"So Konoha did send forces here!", though Raijūta "How many Konoha Shinobi teams are we dealing with in the village".

"We're dealing with six teams, sir….A total of twenty four Shinobi's", replied Saji.

"Just six teams?... How can six Shinobi teams, a small force of Samurai and a bunch of rabble kill so many of our Shinobi's so quickly and so easily and drive them back", asked Raijūta angrily.

"Sir the forces in there have been well organised and the streets and buildings there are small and narrows so our forces can't use their numbers to their full advantage. Also the Konoha Shinobi's that our forces are fighting in there are not ordinary Shinobi's", replied Saji.

"What do you mean?...Who are they?" asked Raijūta.

"From our reports from our men all three members of the Neo Ino-Shika-Cho are there as well as Kopī Ninja no Hatake Kakashi (Copy Ninja Kakashi Hatake), Konoha no Chiyu Sakura (The Healing Sakura of Konoha) Haruno Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha Leader of Konoha ROOT division and the Last Uchiha in Konoha. Our men also say that Mokuton user Yamato, Konoha no Enkōō (Konoha's Monkey King) Sarutobi Konohamaru and his Aunt Yuuhi Sarutobi Kureani Konoha famed Genjutsu specialist are there. Also with them is Konoha Kedakai Aoi Mōjū (Konoha's Prideful Green Beast) Maito Gai, Konoha Nidaime no Kedakai Aoi Mōjū (Konoha's Second Prideful Green Beast) Rock Lee, Okami Ken no Konoha (Konoha's Blade Mistress) Mikumo TenTen, Higyoushiroi (White Strike) Hyuga Neji. We also confirmed sightings of Aburame Shino Captain of Konoha's Oinin division (Hunter-Ninja division). His second in command Inuzuka Kiba and the Hyuga Shikyo no Megami (The Hyuga's Goddesses of Death) Hyuga Hinata as well as several other skilled Shinobi's in the village as well", answered Saji.

"So Konoha had sent their best to try and stop us", spoke Raijūta out loud and then smirked, "It seems that fortune has smiled down upon us".


"Think about it, Konoha found out about our invasion and so they decided to send a force to stop it. But since they couldn't afford to send enough men to stop us without weakening their other lines, they decided to send quality over quantity and send their best Shinobi's to stop us", spoke Raijūta.

"But Raijūta-senpei, what did you mean by fortune smiling on us", asked Saji.

"Isn't it oblivious, if we win this battle not only will we gain control of Wave, but we will also take out most of Konoha's most powerful Shinobi's in this battle. This also shows that Konoha must be desperate to send their very best Shinobi's to stop our invasion. So if we win this battle it will make our victory over Konoha almost certain with most of their best Shinobi's gone", replied Raijūta. "And the greatest glory of this War will be mine, when I bring new that we eliminated Konoha's best Shinobi's".

"If they knew about our invasion, why did they not just destroy the bridge?" asked Saji.

"My guess is that they knew it would only delay us at best before we would rebuild it, or we just use the Island and transport our forces by boat from here. Also from what I heard a few years ago a Shinobi who Konoha banished and who was later on killed by the rogue Shinobi group the Akatsuki, is considered a Hero here", replied Raijūta.

"Why would Konoha care about that? Especially if they banished the Shinobi", asked Saji

"From what I heard the Shinobi that they banished was banished on bogus charges and they suffered greatly for it, since it seemed that the Shinobi they banished was well connected with a lot of important people. He was consider a Hero both here as well as in Haru/Yuki no Kuni (Spring/Snow Country) and Takigakure (Hidden Village in the Waterfall), since he saved both this Country and the other two. He was also considered a friend to the current Kazekage, which is why both Konoha and Suna have a very strenuous relationship; also he was supposedly on good terms with the Wasabi family of Cha no Kuni. So when they banished him Haru/Yuki no Kuni cut all trade with the village as well as any mission they would give them, the Country village Yukigakure (The Village Hidden in the Snow) also broke their alliance with Konoha. Suna's Kazekage practically tore their new treaty with Konoha apart, Takigakure broke their Alliance with Konoha, the Wasabi family used their influence with the Cha no Kuni Daimyo to send all his missions to Suna. While this Country cut all trade agreements with Konoha and refused to even let one of their Ninja's in it and sent all their missions to Suna. Which hurt Konoha economy badly, since this country took over Gato's shipping industry when he was killed and that industry is a major shipping trading company in the Central Elemental Sea", answered Raijūta.

"So Konoha basically banished the wrong person", replied Saji.

"Correct, since that the reason why Konoha has been declining over the years. But there more to this story, since the Shinobi that they banished wasn't just any Shinobi he was a Jinchūriki, the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Yōko (The Nine tailed Fox)", said Raijūta, shocking Saji.

"That why the Akatsuki went after him and killed him, since he had the Kyuubi in him and those Konoha fools practically handed him to them".

"Also according from what I heard the people here built a Gravestone for this Shinobi somewhere in this Country, after they learnt he was killed. That is also why the Hokage is so desperate to save this Country, since not only will it stop our new front from opening, but also to save the Gravestone of that Shinobi. Since supposedly the Hokage, Tsuande cared for the Shinobi a lot and was against his banishment, but was overruled by her council", said Raijūta.

"Guess that just shows how you should never let a women do the job of a man, since even the strongest of women like Tsuande allowed themselves to be pushed around by people who are "suppose" to advice her. Maybe I will find the Gravestone of this Shinobi she cares so much about and send it back to her one piece at a time", thought Raijūta with a slight chuckle.

"Raijūta-senpei, what are your orders then? Shall I have the second and third Waves prepare to attack and have the reserves brought up", asked Saji.

"No! Have the second Wave move in by themselves", ordered Raijūta.

"But sir, the second Wave by themselves won't stand a chance against the calibre of Shinobi's in the village, as well as the other forces in the village", said Saji.

"Just do what I ordered you to do Chunin", half shouted Raijūta.

"H-Hai", replied Saji as he was about to go before Raijūta called him back

"Also when you have done that, prepare the Volley Guns to fire on my order and load them up with the "gifts" that Kusagakure (The Village Hidden in The Grass) gave us", ordered Raijūta.

"Sir?" asked Saji again, but as soon as Raijūta turned around and looked at him, he quickly saluted him and did what he was told.

"Soon this battle will be over and Nami no Kuni will belong to Kirigakure (The Village Hidden in the Mist) and I will be its Hero", thought Raijūta with a smirk.

As soon as Raijūta gave the order the second Wave of Kiri Ninja's were sent into attack the village, when the Konoha teams and the Wave defenders saw the approaching Kiri Shinobi's they quickly took up defensive position and prepared to fight.

-With Shikamaru's group-

All around Shikiamaru there was intensive fighting going on, Inaru and his Samurai were fighting with several Kiri swordsmen, Choji was bashing away at any and all Kiri-nins that were within his sight, since Choji had some major payback that he wanted to give to the Kiri-nins for when he was held prisoner.

Badger and Boar were doing their part, where Badger would put several Kiri-nins in a paralysing Genjutsu and Boar would then use his Bubun Baika no Jutsu to make his hand bigger and crush them. Ino also gave support to any of the others that needed with her mind manipulation techniques.

It was just when Shikamaru had killed another Kiri-nin with his trench Knives, that he saw a Kiri-nin coming up behind Ino while she was distracted with using her Shinranshin no Jutsu on a Kiri-nin.

Acting quickly Shikamaru took out and threw a dozen or so exploding tags into the air and then performed his Kage Nui no Jutsu (Shadow Sewing Technique), and had each of the shadow tendril hold a tag. Where he then sent the tendrils toward the Kiri-nin, where they tied the unsuspecting enemy to a building wall and where the tags then detonated killing the Kiri-nin.

When Ino felt the explosion she quickly turned around and saw the dead Kiri-nin body, she quickly realised what had happened and that Shikamaru had saved her.

"Watch your back Ino, it will be too troublesome for me to keep watching it all the time for you", said Shikamaru.

"Thanks Shikamaru, I will", replied Ino.

It was after a few minutes of more fighting that suddenly Shikamaru and the others heard whistling sounds as if something was flying through the air. After which there was small explosions everywhere with purple clouds cover the whole village.

-With Konohamaru's group-

At the same time that Shikimaru and his group were fighting the Kiri-nins on the Eastern part of the village, Konohamaru and his group were fighting the Kiri-nins in the Southern part of the village.

Konohamaru was fighting against a Kiri Jonin swordsman with Enma in his Kongōnyoi form, as he fought the Kiri Jounin, Konohamaru quickly dropped unto the ground and did a quick leg sweep, knocking the Jonin on his back. After which Konohamaru quickly brought Enma down on top of the Jounin head knocking him out.

Just as Konohamaru had finish knocking out the Jounin he found himself surrounded by six more Kiri-nins. Just when they were about to attack him on all sides, Konohamaru quickly stab Enma into the ground and then threw himself into the air, using Enma as a centre place to keep him centre as he spun himself around three sixty degrees around Enma, knocking the charging Kiri-nins away with his feet in mid-air as he spun around.

Once he steadied himself, Konohamaru quickly then grabbed hold of Enma and then threw him at one of the first nearby Kiri-nins who had got back up. Just as the Kiri-nin was about to dodge the staff, Enma arm came out of the staff and grabbed hold of the Kiri-nin neck and choked him to death. After Enma quickly changed back into his normal form and attacked another one of the nearby Kiri-nins. As Enma was dealing with the two Kiri-nin Konoha went to handle the remaining four, he then quickly made a Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone), where the Kage Bunshin then did a Doton: Doryū Taiga (Earth Style: Earth Flow River) to transform the ground underneath the stands into a river of mud to throw them off balance. After which Konohamaru quickly then did a Doton: Doryūdan (Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bullet) and fired several concentrated mud bullets at Kiri-nins. But before they could hit, Konohamaru quickly did a Katon: Karyūdan (Fire Style: Fire Dragon Missile) and exhaled a long stream of incredibly hot fire, to light the mud bullets on fire. Making the mud bullets into Lava bombs, the Lava bomb hit two of the Kiri-nins where they were burnt alive while they screamed in pain the other two were able to use a Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique) and replace themselves with a Mizu Bunshin (Water Clone).

Seeing this Konohamaru quickly took out his extendable battle pole and flicked the switch to extend it to its full length. He then quickly sent his Kage Bunshin to deal with one of the second remaining Kiri-nin while he handled the other.

He quickly engaged the Kiri-nin, where the two fought bitterly against one another were the traded blows with one another. During the fight Konohamaru quickly fell backwards to avoid a horizontal slash from the Kiri-nin, where as he fell he then quickly raised his hands over his head. So that when they touched the ground he then pushed himself back forward with both his legs in the air, so that he could give a full front double kick right in the face of the Kiri-nin that sent him flying into a nearby wall and knocking him out.

Once he got back on his feet Konoha quickly turned to see that his Clone was about to be destroyed by the second Kiri-nin on a nearby rooftop. Quickly racing over to the rooftop with impressive speed Konohamaru arrived just in time to see his Clone being destroyed. After which he then charged a Rasengan in his free hand, and slammed it right into the unsuspecting Kiri-nin stomach, who had just turned around to face Konohamaru and was blasted right thrown a nearby building.

Just as he defeated that Kiri-nin, Konohamaru's Shinobi senses told his to duck which he thankfully did, since as soon as he ducked a Kunai flew right through the spot where his head was just moments ago.

Quickly doing a hundred and sixty degree turn, Konohamaru quickly located the Kiri-nin that shot him, who was about eighty feet away on a rooftop with a Kuani Launcher. Seeing this Konohamaru quickly threw his extendable battle pole forward right at the Kiri-nin who was aiming to fire again at Konohamaru. The battle pole quickly flew threw the air and before the Kiri-nin could dodge hit him right in the head knocking him out.

After the Kiri-nin was knocked out, Enma came over to Konohamaru and then turned into his Kongōnyoi form again, after he had defeated the two Kiri-nins he had been fighting.

Just when Enma had returned to him Konohamaru's Shinobi sense kicked in again and told him to move. Where he then did a quickly back flip and right over the head of a Kiri Jonin that tried to sneak behind him strike him from behind.

Once Konohamaru had landed behind him he quickly slammed Enma into the side of the Jonin head and sending him flying into a nearby wall and making a large dent in it. After dealing with that Jonin Konohamaru decided to go find the rest of his group and join up with them.

After about a minute or so Konohamaru found them all, Gai and Lee were crippling or knocking out every Kiri-nin that attacked them or who came near them. Udon and Moegi were working together to taking out several Kiri-nins, while Kiba and Akamaru were slaughtering and all Kiri-nins that they saw. Among them as well was several of Inari's Samurai many of the Wave miltia who were trying to do their part in defending their home.

Just when Konohamaru was about to go join them and help he heard whistling sounds as if something was flying through the air. After which there was small explosions everywhere with purple clouds cover the whole village.

-With TenTen's group-

At the same time that Shikimaru, Konohamaru and their groups were fighting the Kiri-nins on the Eastern and Southern parts of the village, TenTen and her group were fighting the Kiri-nins in the Northern part of the village.

TenTen was currently in a dead lock with a Kiri Jonin swordsman, for a few minutes or so the two were evenly match as they clashed swords. With one another cutting each other lightly on different parts of their body, this continued until their swords were against once another were both of them were trying to push the other back in sheer strength.

Deciding this was going nowhere TenTen decided to give way and allow herself to fall backwards and used the Kiri Jonin own momentum against him. By causing him to fall forward and onto the ground, once the Jonin fell on the ground TenTen quickly jumped away from him. Since when the Jonin fell over her, she quickly placed a high explosive on the Jonin body where as soon as she jumped away the note exploded before the Jonin could even try and take it off.

Once the Jonin was dealt with TenTen them went off to engage several more Kiri-nins.

Just as she had killed her twelfth opponent TenTen quickly saw a Kiri Shinobi on a nearby roof top with a Kuani Launcher aimed at Kureani, who was too busy fighting against two Kiri Shinobi's to see the Shinobi.

Seeing this TenTen quickly brought the metal fan that was link with her Jian sword by a chain and then flicked a small switch. Which caused several spikes to spring out of the slats; she then flicked another switched and fired the spike at the unsuspecting Kiri-nin and killed him.

Once she killed the Kiri-nin she quickly saw from the corner of her eye several kunai coming at her from her right side. Seeing this she quickly deflected the incoming Kunai with her Jian and metal fan but as soon as she did she saw another Kiri-nin, who appeared to be a Jonin doing some seals before crying out "Suiton: Mizu Kamikiri (Water Style: Rising Water Slicer)", and fired a powerful fast jet of Water that sliced through the ground as it ran through it and towards her.

Reacting quickly TenTen quickly brought up her fan and activated a third switch on the fan where the fan extended outward and grew size and width and then became a large round shield that TenTen was able to hide behind.

When the Water attack collided with TenTen shield it pushed her back into a building wall that was behind her, as the attacked pushed her back it torn up the ground. But thankfully her shield held up and was able to withstand the attack.

After the attack the two Kiri Shinobi's were about to move in and attack TenTen, who was still trying to recover from the attack. But before they could, they were in turn attacked by Neji and Kakashi who saw that TenTen was in trouble, where Kakashi came from behind the Kiri-nin with the Kunai Launcher and rammed his "Raikiri (Lightning Cutter)" right into the Kiri-nin chest from the back. While the Kiri Jonin was intercepted by Neji who appeared right in front of the advancing Jonin and before he could defend himself, Neji struck him with a hand single hand strike to the stomach and killed him.

After regaining herself, TenTen quickly thanked Kakashi and Neji and then went back to join the battle. Soon after, she saw a Kiri Shinobi advancing on Sakura, who was too busy healing a badly wounded Wave Samurai to notice the Kiri-nin from behind her.

Seeing that she could not warn Sakura in time, TenTen threw her fan at the Kiri-nin, where it quickly wrapped around the surprised Kiri-nin. After which she then channelled her Lightning affinity (5) into the extending chain which travelled along the chain to the fan and electrocuted the Kiri-nin causing him to fall unconscious.

When Sakura heard the screams of the Kiri-nin, she quickly turned around to see the Kiri-nin, who tired to sneak up on her being electrocuted by TenTen. When the Kiri-nin fell unconscious, Sakura turned to TenTen and nodded her thanks (which was returned by TenTen) before returning to finish healing the wounded Samurai.

After saving Sakura TenTen quickly brought back her fan, where she then threw it again to attack a Kiri Shinobi who was about to swing his sword down on a injured Wave Militia man who was on the ground. When she threw the fan it quickly wrapped around the Kiri Shinobi sword and before he could do anything about it. TenTen pulled the Kiri Shinobi towards her, thanks to her super strength that she had gained from training under Tsunade.

When the Kiri-nin came flying towards her TenTen quickly let go of the chain and raised her fist and hit the Kiri-nin right in the face sending him flying right through a building wall.

After defeating the Kiri-nin TenTen then went and fought against two more Kiri Shinobi's with swords. They fought and traded strikes with on another for several minutes, with neither side giving up much ground until TenTen kicked one of the Kiri swordsmen at the back of his leg making him lose his footing.

This then gave her an open opportunity, where when she blocked a downward slash from the other Kiri swordsman with her folded metal fan and then quickly twirled around behind the Kiri swordsman and cut his head off with a single slash from her Jian sword.

After the first swordsman was killed the second one attacked her from the side with a horizontal slash, but was blocked by TenTen's Jian. Where she the brought up and open her metal fan and flicked the switch to bring up a new set of spikes from the fan and used them to slash the man throat open and bleed out. After killing the second Kiri swordsman TenTen saw five more Kiri-nins advancing towards her with their Kunai's in hand. Seeing this TenTen the flicked another switch that caused her fan to extend outward again and grow. But instead of letting it become a large round shield she stopped it about half way so that it would just become a large fan.

Showing a impressive feat of strength by rising the large metal fan with a single hand she then channelled her Wind Chakra into the fan and cried out "Fūton: Daitoppa (Wind Style: Great Breakthrough)" and blasted the Kiri Shinobi's as well as many others behind them away.

After dealing with the Kiri Shinobi TenTen turned to see how the other were doing where she saw Sasuke using his Chidori Senbon (One Thousand Birds Senbon) to paralyze several Kiri Shinobi's and the striking down with his Katana. While Hinata was using her Chakra Hari (Chakra Needles) (B) to paralyze several other Kiri Shinobi's (much like Sasuke did). She then used Sensatsu Suishō (Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death) to surround the Kiri-nins with thousands of Water needles and have the strike the Kiri Shinobi's from all sides killing them all and cover the from head to toe in needles made out of Water.

After seeing this TenTen decided to go and help them out but before she could she suddenly heard whistling sounds as if something was flying through the air. After which there was small explosions everywhere with purple clouds cover the whole village.

What the Wave defenders and the Konoha teams where unaware was that the second Wave of Kiri-nins sent by Raijūta were just a distraction. Where as the second Wave of Kiri-nins were fighting against the Konoha teams and the Wave defenders, Raijūta had his men load up the Volley Guns with small exploding Kunai's with large pouches filled with a special poison powder from Kusa tied to them. So that when they were fired and the Kunai's exploded the poison powder spread over the entire village.

The poison powder that had been developed by Kusa, where once it becomes air born it could be inhaled in the air. Causing the affected person's body to go numb and unable to move the body correctly and to be unable to use and control their Chakra correctly. The poison also would quickly dispersed and become harmless after a few minutes of being released.

Within minutes both the attacking Kiri-nins in the village and the defending Wave forces as well as the Konoha teams where affected by the poison. They then all started to fall to the ground, breathing heavily, with their bodies numb and unable to focus or use their Chakra. Raijūta had fired the poison carrying Kunai when the second Wave was attacking since he figured that if he fired before the second Wave attacked. The Konoha-nins would have somehow blocked the Kunai's with a Mokuton Jutsu or something, before they hit the village or they would divert the Kunai's to fall out outside the village with a Wind Jutsu or something. So he decided to send in the second Wave to keep the Konoha-nins and the Wave defenders distracted until the Kunai's had been fired, believing that the loss of two hundred more of his men were acceptable losses for winning the battle.

Soon after the poison had been released by the explosion, it dispersed leaving most of the remaining Wave defenders on the ground on the ground numb and unable to move, while the Konoha teams struggled to keep themselves standing up and even move.

Once the poison had dispersed, Raijūta then order the third Wave to move forward into the village and personally lead it himself, so that he would have the honour of taking the village and killing the Konoha Shinobi's himself.

Within minutes the weakened Konoha Shinobi's and Wave defenders engaged the third Wave of Kiri Shinobis in a fight for their lives.

Narrowly dodging a Kunai strike to the head, Kakashi grabbed the wrist of the Kiri Chunin that attacked him and before he could pull his arm back. Kakashi twisted the man arm breaking it with a single motion, as the man screamed in pain; Kakashi quickly punched the man in the face and knocked him out.

After knocking the Kiri Chunin out, Kakashi started to pant heavily and then wiped the some sweat that was falling from underneath his forehead protector. The poison that the Kiri-nins had released greatly weakened him and the other Konoha Ninja's as well as the Wave Samurai, since it took nearly everything they had to stand up and move let alone fight.

As Kakashi surveyed the situation, he saw several weakened Wave Samurai being killed by some Kiri-nins with their swords and Kunai's. At the same time he also saw several helpless Wave Militia men being killed by another group Kiri Shinobi's with their Kunai Launchers. He even saw TenTen, Neji and Kureani struggling to hold off several Kiri Ninja's. After seeing this Kakashi knew that their situation was hopeless and if they did not retreat now they would be all slaughtered by the Kiri forces.

It was then that his two former students Sasuke and Sakura appeared separately in front of him. Sasuke had several small light cuts on his face a large one on left arm and bleeding badly, while in his right hand he held his Katana, which was dripping blood (most likey from the Kiri-nins he had just fought and killed). Sakura was carrying her Tanto in her right hand and also had several cuts on her arms, legs and sides and her clothes were fairly torn up. Both of them looked fair tired and weak (although Sasuke tired and failed to appear unaffected by the poison) thanks to the poison and look worse for wear.

"Kakashi-sensei, all our defensive lines on all fronts are on the verge of collapse they can barely hold out against the Kiri Shinobi's and the Wave defenders are being slaughtered. What do we do?" asked Sakura.

"We need to retreat now, before they butcher us all", answered Sasuke before Kakashi could even answer Sakura.

"But what about Inari and Tazuna as well as the rest of the Wave defenders?" cried Sakura.

"We leave them of course, this Country is already lost and there no point in us dying here with the rest of them, besides if we leave now we can use them as a rearguard to cover our retreat across the bridge", replied Sasuke without any emotion. "We can't! They be all slaughtered", cried Sakura angrily.

"So…..Better them than us, we at lest still have our village to defend", spoke Sasuke without as much as a hit of remorse.

"Sasuke we can't ju-", shouted Sakura angrily but was interrupted by Kakashi.

"Sakura, as much as I hate to admit it Sasuke right we have to abandon Wave now or else we will be all killed", said Kakashi, which caused Sakura to turn with a look of disbelief on her face when she heard her former sensei.

Before she could even speak, Kakashi then spoke again.

"Sakura, I know how you feel, I don't want to leave and abandon Wave anymore than you do, but we have to think of the village first, since we need to leave now so that we can continue the fight later on. Beside the Hokage orders were clear, that if the situation looked hopeless, we are to leave Nami no Kuni and retreat back to Konoha", said Kakashi sadly since he didn't like abandoning Wave anymore than Sakura did.

"But what about the Kiri Ninja's?, even if we break out and get across the bridge we won't be able to make it to back to Konoha, since they follows us across and in our condition we won't stand a chance against them", spoke Sakura.

"Not if we destroy the bridge when we cross it", answered Sasuke.

"We won't be able to do that in time Sasuke, since the Kiri forces would be upon us before we finish setting up enough exploding notes in time", replied Kakashi.

"They've already been set up", replied Sasuke, surprising Kakashi and Sakura,

"A few nights ago I had my men setup and place enough high powered exploding notes along the bridge to completely destroy it. So once we are across it we can blow it up, halting the Kiri advance and gaining a new front at our rear, which was the objective of our mission wasn't it".

"That was against the Hokage orders Sasuke, our mission was to defend Wave not destroy the bridge and that won't stop Kiri from opening their new front it will only slow them down", spoke Kakashi as he frowned at Sasuke, who remained impassive.

"Would you rather let Kiri have it and use it to open up their new front against us? Besides it better later on than sooner and besides I don't take orders from that old hag. If she would actually do her job, she destroy that bridge, she just letting her feelings for the dope cloud her judgement like the rest of you. Anyhow someone had to plan ahead unlike the rest of you", scoffed Sasuke, which cause Kakashi to narrow his visible eye, but decided to leave Sasuke blatant disrespect for now and turned to Sakura who was glaring angrily at Sasuke.

"Sakura I need you to go and inform the others to met us at Yamato and his team position on the Western part of the village, and tell them that we are leaving the village and retreating back to the bridge", spoke Kakashi in a serious tone of voice.

At first Sakura just stood there and did nothing but quickly regained herself and nodded in understanding. Since although she didn't like it she knew they had no other choice, Nami no Kuni was lost and they needed to live on so to defend Konoha.

But before Sakura could leave a new voice suddenly spoke up.

"So you're all going to betray and abandon this Country just like when you all betrayed and abandon Naruto-kun", spoke the voice, where when they turned they saw a haggard and wounded Hinata standing behind them. Hinata's coat was cover in dirt and blood and was torn up a good bit, her fishnet top had several large holes as did her Shinobi pants and she had several bruises and cuts on her arms, stomach and face.

"Hinata we have no choice, the Hokage orders were clear and we have to leave now if we don't we will all be killed and Konoha needs us all if it hopes to stand a chance against Oto, Iwa, Kusa and the Hannya Clan", answered Kakashi.

"You can go and run away and abandon Nami no Kuni Hatake-san, but I will not even if it cost me my life", replied Hinat harshly.

"Hinata I can't let you do that your too important to Konoha, staying here is suicide" pleaded Kakashi. Since he refused to abandon another comrade again he had already done it twice and refused to do it a third time. Besides he knew if he left Hinata here to die in Nami no Kuni, the Hyuga Clan would rip him to shreds for abandoning their Clan head, and that's if Tsuande didn't skin him alive first for letting her student get killed.

"He right Hyuga don't be a fool and throw your life away for this backwatered Country it already lost, your just letting your feeling for the dope control you", said Sasuke coldly since he thought Hinata was just being stupid.

"Maybe so Uchiha but it my decision and I will not abandon the land were Naruto-kun his grave is and where he is held as the hero that he was", said Hinata before she ran off to fight against the advancing Kiri Shinobi's.

"Hinata!" cried Kureani as she saw her former student run off and right towards a group of Kiri Ninja's. Seeing this Kureani went after her and try and stop her but in her weaken condition Kureani could not get ahead of her. But she still kept going after Hinata to at lest support her, TenTen also followed right behind Kureani to help support Hinata. Neji and Kakashi were also not far behind, since Neji wanted to try and protect his younger cousin from getting killed as did Kakashi. Since Hinata was too valuable to Konoha to die here and besides he knew he could never face Naruto (if he could at all) in the next life if he let one of his few friends in Konoha die.

When Hinata attacked the four Kiri Ninja's, she had been able to catch them by surprised where she was able to stab one of them in the side of the neck with her Kuani. She was then able to paralyze a Kiri Kunoichi by using her Medical knowledge from studying under Tsuande by hitting her in her pressure points and paralyzing the Kunoichi body.

Hinata then ducked under a Kunai stab from the third Kiri-nin, where she the quickly used her Medical knowledge again to hit the Kiri-nin in certain points in his neck. To stop his blood flow in his head from flowing down to the rest of his body, where all his blood stop in his brain and killed within a minute or when the Kiri-nin fell to the ground to slowly die, Hinata was hit at the back of her leg with a Kunai which caused her to fall on her knees. When she turned around she saw the fourth Kiri Shinobi behind her and who was about to cut her head off with his sword.

But before he could, a sword blade suddenly came out of his chest, after which it came out and his body feel to the ground. When it did Hinata saw TenTen holding her Jian sword which had the Kiri Shinobi blood on it, behind her was Kureani, who then quickly ran over to Hinata to see if she was ok.

"Hinata! Are you ok?"

"I fine Kureani-sensei", spoke Hinata as she pulled the Kunai out of her leg, after which Kureani quickly bandaged up her leg.

"Hinata we have to leave now before we are overrun", spoke Kakashi as he and Neji arrived.

"I told you, I not abandoning these people", said Hinata stubbornly, as she slowly got up.

But before any of the others could reply to Hinata they suddenly heard some cry out,

"Izuna (Rice Rope, also the name of a white Spirit Wind)" (C)

After which a massive air vacuum appeared and blown the Konoha Ninja's away and at the same time small Wind blades from the attack cut their bodies and covered them with cuts all over their bodies. The cuts did not bleed but they did hurt badly and prevented the Konoha Ninja's from being able to move.

After the attack ended Kureani, TenTen and Hinata had somehow ended up being piled against one another, where they hit the side wooden wall of a nearby house, while Kakashi and Neji had been blown further back down the street.

After the Kureani girls had regained their senses, Kureani suddenly heard a familiar male voice, one that she had hope never hear again.

When they looked up they saw none other than Isurugi Raijuta along with four Jonin's behind him.

"Well….Well…..Well… Yuuhi Sarutobi Kureani so lovely to see you again", sneered Raijuta,"I had had hoped that I would be the one to find you and it looks like I have the pleasure of meeting some of your other friends as well".

After which Raijuta turned to TenTen "AAAAHHHH…..You must be the infamous Okami ken no Konoha (Konoha Blade Mistress), you match the description that we have of you, since we never been able to get a photo of you. Although I never thought that you would turn out to be so lovely", spoke Raijuta as he eyed her lustfully.

"Its a shame I have to kill you, since we're not taking any chances with you Konoha Ninja's this time, such a waste", said Raijuta with a twisted smile as if finding the whole thing funny. "I certain that my friend Udō Jin-e will be quite angry at me for killing you, since he has been wanting the chance to kill for a long time".

"Just try it your bastard", snarled TenTen as she tried to stand up but fell down again due to her wounds and because of the poison still affecting her like Hinata and Kureani.

At this Raijuta just laughed, "All in good time my dear, all in good time", spoke Raijuta, after which he then turned to Hinata.

"And you must be the infamous Hyuga Shikyo no Megami (Hyuga's Goddesses of Death), although I find it hard to belive that someone like you can do the thinks I heard about you. Since even though you are a Bloodline freak your quite the exotic thing. I also heard the rumour that you never even been with a man, since the man you wanted was the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and since he dead and you won't let any other man touch you. Would you like me to end you virginity for you before you died I certain I can make it "somewhat" pleasant for you", said Raijuta. After which he went to cop a feel of Hinata's breast's, but before he could Hinata smacked it away.

"Don't you dare touch me", hissed Hinata angrily as she would sooner kill herself than let him try and rape her.

"Ah feisty I like that, I shame I can't break you and your friends, it would have been fun but unfortunately I have to kill you all, since I have a Country to conquer and do not have the time for such pleasures", spoke Raijuta as he and his men drew out their swords.

At which point they suddenly heard someone cry out "Hinata!"

When they looked to their left they saw Neji and Kakashi running over to them with Sasuke and Sakura just behind them.

When they saw this Raijuta quickly order two of his men to intercept Kaskashi and the others and hold them off until he and the other two Kiri Jonin's had dealt with Kureani and the girls.

The two Jonin quickly acknowledge the order and engaged Kakashi and the others, who in their still weaken conditions due to the poison, they were barley able to hold their own against the two skilled and fresh Jonin's.

As Kakashi and the others fought against the two Kiri-nins, Raijuta turned his attention back onto Kureani, Hinata and TenTen. "Well the ladies it time to say goodbye, but don't worry your friends will be joining you very soon, you can be certain of that", spoke Raijuta where he and the other two Jonin raised their blades to end the girl's lives.

"At lest now I can final join you Naruto-kun, I'm only sorry that I couldn't protect Wave like you would have wanted", thought Hinata as she closed her eyes.

"Be safe Hiruzen, your father and I will be watching you from the next life", thought Kureani as she closed her eyes, accepting that she would now die.

"I guess this is it" thought TenTen sadly as she thought how her life was now about to end and how she would now leave her parents alone, and how the one regret she had was not to try and have a family which she had hope to have later on in her life.

A few metres away Kakashi and the others saw the swords descending down on Kureani and the others,

"Hinata….NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!" cried Neji as he tried to get to his cousin but was blocked by one of the Kiri Jonins.

"TenTen" cried Sakura

"Kureani!" yelled Kakashi Just as the blades of the sword were about to reach them an unknown voice suddenly cried out,

"Byakurai (White Lightning)" (D)

After which a bolt of White Lightning came from the sky and hit the Kiri Jonin (who was about to kill Hinata) square in the chest killing him immediately, and sending back several metres away and completely destroying his chest.

Raijuta and the other Jonin then started to look around for who had fired the attack, since as soon as they heard the attacked they had jumped away to avoid the attack. They were also joined by the other two Jonin's who had been fighting Kakashi and the others, since when they saw the attack they thought it best that they stick together with others with the arrival of a new enemy.

As this was happening Kureani, Hinata and TenTen open their eyes when they did not feel the swords cutting through them and when they heard the unknown attacked that had saved them. When they open them their eyes they immediately grew wider with complete shock like everyone eyes in the surrounding area. Since floating down from the sky and landing gently onto the ground like some kind of deity descending down from the Heavens was The Raikage (E). Who now stood in front of Kureani and the others with his back to them and was surrounded by Lightning which could be seen sparking all around his body for a minute or so until it finally died down.

The Raikage wore the traditional Hat of a Kage with the colour being yellow and the symbol of Lightning on it. He also wore a mask similar to Kakashi where it covered his lower face and only allowed his bright blue emotionless eyes to be seen. The Raikage also had on him a blue long coat with three tails and a White Lightning like pattern on the right side of the coat as well as Black Lightning blots at the edges of the coat and at Kanji for "Storm" on the back of it in black. He also wore a short sleeve black T-shit with ANBU chest plate and black fingerless gloves. He also had black jeans and boots with steel tips and had a black strap around his shoulders, the strap helped what looked to be a sword which was cover in clothed that was on his back in it place.

"The Raikage?" spoke Kureani out loud as she quickly recognised him and surprising both Hinata and TenTen who did not know who he was until she said it.

"The Raikage what he doing here…..this battle doesn't involve Kumo or the Heavenly Alliance… lets just hope he isn't here to fight us. Since in our currently we wouldn't stand a chance against him", though Kakashi as he looked at The Raikage. Where he could not help but shiver slightly as he looked into the Raikage cold, emotionless bright blue eyes that spoke of immense power yet also seemed familiar to him in some way. At the same time when he looked at The Raikage he felt a sort of powerful essence about him which made him and everyone around The Raikage feel a combination of fear and respect for him although mainly fear. He remembered Sakura describing it to him and the feeling she felt, but yet her words did not due the feeling justice and could not help but hope and pray that The Raikage was somehow on their side, otherwise they would be finished.

"So this is the infamous Raikage that all the other great Shinobi Nations fear", thought Sasuke as he carefully analysed The Raikage, as he did he could not help, but shiver slightly like Kakashi has he felt The Raikage immense power that was emanating from him.

"The Raikage what the hell is he doing here?" thought Raijuts with a slight panic, since like in Iwa with the Yondaime Hokage, The Rokudaime Raikage was both feared and hated in Kiri although mainly feared. Raijuta himself had to admit that like most Kiri Shinobi's he greatly feared The Raikage, which showed as both he and his all men subconsciously took a step or two back as they saw him looking directly at them.

After a minute or so of just standing there and looking at Raijuta, The Raikage turned slightly to Kureani, Hinata and TenTen, but look directly a Kureani and spoke in a clam voice. "We met again Kureani-san and it seems that once again my people and I have come to your rescue from Kiri".

Kureani who was still slightly shock at The Raikage timely appearance, could only nodded her and say "Hai". The Raikage then put his hand into his right pocket and took out a small pill-bottle and threw it to Kureani, who caught the bottle.

"Take one of the pills from the bottle and give the rest to your comrades and the Wave defenders. The pills are the antidote to the poison that you all been infected with, they will take effect with a minute or so of taking them", spoke The Raikage as he then turned to face Raijuta and his men.

"Isurugi Raijuta, you and your forces are to cease you attack on this village and your invasion of Nami no Kuni (Wave Country) which was illegal from the start and leave this Country immediately. If you do not do this then you and your men will a die here", spoke the Raikage coldly.

Gathering himself Raijuta stood forward "We do not take order from you, and our invasion of this Country does not concern you…besides this is the way of the Shinobi the weak fall and make way for the strong".

"Spoken like the idiotic barbarian that you are, just like your Mizukage", scoffed The Raikage.

"Your dare insult our Mizukage", spoke Raijuta angrily as he was forgetting who he was dealing with "You will pay for insult as well as your crimes that you are guilty against Kiri and Mizu no Kuni (Water Country)".

"Crimes?" answered The Raikage mockingly, before speaking again in a dangerous tone of voice

"If there anyone who are guilty of crimes it is you and your Mizukage. As well as that greedy cowardly fool the Daimyo of Mizu no Kuni, for your parts in the genocide of most Bloodline holders in Kiri and Mizu no Kuni as well as the murder of countless innocent people".

"The extermination of those traitors and monsters was for the betterment and glory of Kiri and for Mizu no kunai. Where it will rise to being the greatest power in the Shinobi world as it should be, and on that glories day we will march over the ruins your so call Heavenly Alliance and of your village", said Raijuta angrily.

"If you think that will happen then your more of a fool than I thought your were", replied The Raikage simply.

"Enough of this it time for you to die, so that I can present your head to the Mizukage… attack him", shouted Raijuta as he order his men to attack, who at first did not move but after seeing the crazed look on Raijuta face they knew that if they did not he would kill them himself.

Quickly the three Kiri Jonin's surrounded The Raikage believing that if they attacked him on all sides at once. The Three Kiri Jonin's quickly did several different hand-seals where each of them then cried out a different Jutsu.

"Suiton: Haran Banshō (Water Style: Stormy Blockade)", cried the first Kiri Jonin, where he summoned a massive amount of Water from the sky and have it crush The Raikage.

"Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water Style: Great Waterfall Technique)", cried the second Kiri Jonin, where he summoned a strong column of Water to attack The Raikage.

"Suiton: Hahonryū (Water Style: Tearing Torrent)", cried the third Kiri Jonin, where he created Water that spirals in his hand and fired at a high-speed at The Raikage.

As the three attacks came in on three different sides The Raikage stood perfectly still were he was and just when the attacks were only a few feet away, The Raikage did a series of one-handed seals with incredible speed that made his hand look like a blur if people had tried to watch it. Just when the attacks were about to hit him The Raikage finished his seals and called out,

"Mizu no Tatsumaki (Tornado of Water)"

After which a massive Water Vortex appeared out the ground and surrounded The Raikage. The Water Vortex acted as a shield to The Raikage where it blocked the Water attacks, after which the Water vortex absorbed the Water and the attacking power of the Water attacks to become more powerful. After which the Water Vortex expanded outward and then exploded outward with incredible force, hitting the surrounding Kiri Jonin's and sending them flying and crashing into different directions and through building walls and knocking them unconscious.

Kakashi and Kureani and the others could not help but be amazed at how The Raikage so easily defeated the Kiri Jonin's as if they were nothing more than Genins with just a single Jutsu and use it with such incredible force.

Just as The Raikage defeated the three Kiri Jonin's, Raijuta entered the fight and cried out,

"Matoi Izuna (Wrapping Wind Spirit)" (F)

After which Raijuta swung his sword downward to hit the ground, in which a massive Wind blast attack surges from it and went towards The Raikage with great speed, where it tore up the ground as it travelled to him.

As the attack speeded towards him The Raikage did not move, letting the attack come closer towards him. When the attack was about hit him he quickly raised his hand with his palm stretched out forward and then cried out "Raihei (Lightning Wall)". (G)

When the attacked hit and massive explosion was caused, Raijuta grinned manically seeing this, thinking he had killed The Raikage, but that disappeared quickly. When the smoke dissipated and he saw The Raikage, with his hand still stretched out and was behind a large wall of electricity.

When the Konoha team and the Wave defenders saw this they were shocked at how The Raikage had so effortless stop the attack as if it was nothing.

"Is that it?" said the Raikage mockingly as he lowered his hand and the electric made wall dissipated,"Since if it is, then you may as well leave now while you still have a chance".

Raijuta just growled after hearing this, and before he could even reply seven people suddenly appear right beside The Raikage.

Kureani and Sakura quickly recognised the four of them as The Raikage bodyguards, Yugito, Yotsuki Killer Bee, Fu and Okatsu. The other three were clearly members of STORM, since their masks were Blue and Black, although they were clearly not the same ones that they met at The Hold since they had different masks shape like a Leopard, a Baku and a Dragon.

"Yo Boss, You ok?...We saw the explosion and thought you might be in trouble", spoke Killer Bee.

"I fine Bee, Thank you", replied The Raikage.

"Would you like one of us to finish him off Raikage-sama", asked Leopard who seemed to be the leader and was look at Raijuta, who in turn got nervous at the arrival of Killer Bee and The Raikage other bodyguards as well as the STORM-nins.

"No!...All of you are to go to them and stay out of it I will finish this myself", spoke The Raikage as he pointed a the Konoha group and then stepped forward to face Raijuta by himself. While Killer Bee and the others went over to the Konoha group, who had now just recovered from the poison, thanks to the antidote that The Raikage gave Kureani, who in turn passed it out to the others and the Wave defenders.

"So you rather fight me yourself than have your men do it, does that men that you recognise my strength and that I would be too much for them?" sneered Raijuta arrogantly. "Hardly…Anyone of my people there would have be too much for you to handle and could defeat you…The only reason why I told them to stay back was because, I prefer to finish what I have started, even if its dealing with trash like you", answered The Raikage which enraged Raijuta, at The Raikage insult.

"We see about that, for you have yet to see my deadliest technique", cried Raijuta before he swung his sword again and cried out,

"Tobi Izuna (Jump Wind Spirit)" (H)

When Raijuta swung his blade, a crescent shape air vacuum blade came from it at amazing speed, but when the crescent shape blade hit The Raikage it just passed right through him, much to the shock of Raijuta, the Konoha team and the Wave defenders. After a few seconds The Raikage began to shimmer and then fade away showing it was not the real Raikage.

"It seems that your deadliest technique is as unimpressive as your other techniques…The standards of the Great Swordsmen of the Mist must have indeed fallen very low to allow someone like you become a member of it", spoke The Raikage who appeared to the left of Raijuta.

"But how?...Did he use some kind of Bunshin (Clone)?" asked Kureani out loud.

"No it wasn't a Bunshin", answered Yugito who was standing near the Konoha group like the rest of her group and heard her,

"It was a Zanzō (After image)" (I).

"A Zanzō?" asked Sakura.

"Yes, a Zanzō is an old technique that The Raikage learned that was used by the first few Ninja's when the first Shinobi Clans were forming. To do the technique a person has to be extremely fast to do it. The technique involves a user moving an incredible high speed from one place to the other. Where they are so fast that most peoples eyes cannot keep up with the user and where the user leaves an after-image of the himself or herself, where it takes a few seconds for the image of the user to disappear and for the people's eyes to realise that the person is gone. Although the learning of the technique became outdated when Bunshins were created, the few that know it in a certain aspect today only learned it by accident after training very hard in Taijutsu and speed", spoke Fu. This of course surprised the Konoha team at how The Raikage knew an ancient technique like that, although it did make sense. Since both Gai and Lee were able to do the technique in a certain aspect, but still no-where near like The Raikage was able to do it.

Quickly turning around the enraged Raijuta fired another Tobi Izuna at The Raikage, where it simply passed right through him again revealing one again that it was not the real The Raikage but an after image. This continued for several minutes where Raijuta would fire a Tobi Izuna at The Raikage, but it would just past through his after image and he would appear in a different position. As this happened, Raijuta was becoming more and more infuriated at how he kept missing The Raikage and how The Raikage was humiliating him by making look like a fool. He began to fire rapid amounts of Tobi Izuna at The Raikage, but kept missing until The Raikage appeared at the other end of the street behind Raijuta and Raijuta fired three Tobi Izuna blades at him. The Raikage was able to side step two of them but was slightly too slow, where the last one cut the sleeve of his coat.

When Raijuta saw that he had cut The Raikage he grinned widely.

"Did you see that?" said Raijuta grinning, "My Tobi Izuna was able to cut you and proves that it is the Ultimate killing Technique!"

"Does it make you happy?" asked The Raikage.

"What?" asked a confused Raijuta.

"Does this little cut on my coat, make you happy?" asked The Raikage,

"Even after all the attacks that you threw at me, all of them missed. While that last one just made a small cut on my coat, it didn't even cut my skin. You even claim that your technique is the Ultimate Killing technique yet other than this cut on my sleeve, you haven't killed me nor have you hit me even once".

At this Raijuta became even angrier at The Raikage comment.

"Damn you and your pathetic excuses", growled Raijuat as he got ready to make another attack.

"I've grow tired of this fight little fight, it time to end this", spoke The Raikage dully as he then reached to his side to take something off the belt of his jeans.

At the same moment Raijuta swung his sword again and cried out "Tobi Izuna".

"This is the end for you, you Bastard", cried Raijuta after he unleashed a massive Tobi Izuna which was larger than any of the previous Tobi Izuna.

Just as the massive crescent shape air vacuum blade came towards him, The Raikage quickly took out a Blue sword hilt, where a yellow Lightning Bolt shaped blade quickly shot out of the hilt. He then quickly raised the sword up to meet the attack. When he raised his sword up, he slashed at the attack, just as it was about to hit him and cut the attack in two, where the remains of the vacuum air passed harmlessly by him.

"WHAT?" cried Raijuta as he could not believe that his strongest and fastest attack had been cut in two and was defeated so easily.

He was not alone, since many of the Konoha-nins were equally surprised at how The Raikage defeated Raijuta's attack. But what really shocked them the most was that they knew the sword that The Raikage had in his hand. The sword he had was the Nidaime Hokage's sword, the Raijin no Ken (The Sword of the Thunder God) (6), which had been stolen by a former Konoha Ninja, Aoi Rokushō who turned traitor and joined Amegakure (The Village Hidden in the Rain).

"The Raijin! Where on earth did The Raikage find it…The last sighting of it was with Aoi, when he fought against Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. During the Todoroki Shrine racein Cha no Kuni (Tea Country) ten years ago, and both he and the Raijin were lost when they fell off a cliff, it was thought to be lost. But the blade is different from what it was suppose to be, since it now shaped like a like a Lightning Blot", thought Kakashi as he was completely stunned.

"The Raijin! Impossible that sword was lost years ago", cried Raijuta in disbelief.

"Well clearly it no longer is, since as you can see I have it and I can use it ways that the Konoha's Nidaime Hokage could only dream about", spoke The Raikage.

"But still it is time to end this fight", said The Raikage as he then deactivated the Raijin and placing it back on his belt, "And I will do it without using the Raijin, since I do not need it to defeat the likes of you".

"We see about that!" shouted Raijuta as he charged forward at The Raikage with his sword.

As Raijuta charged forward, The Raikage then did a few one handed hand seals and brought his hand up with his the palm of his hand forward and then cried out "Kaze no Itami (Wind of Pain)" (J).

After which a massive Vortex of Wind came from his hand and headed right for Raijuta, who could no dodge in time, and was hit full force by the attack and was slashed all over his body by small the Wind blades of the attack. He was then sent flying into to the air and out of the village.

After defeating Raijuta, The Raikage turned over to his teams as well as the Konoha team and Wave defenders who had all recovered from the effects of the poison.

The Raikage then walked over and faced the Konoha group, while Killer Bee and the girls as well as the other STORM-nins went and stood behind him, after which The Raikage then spoke.

"It seems that it becoming a habit of lately that my Shinobi's and I are coming to save Konoha Ninja's, considering the events of the past month", spoke The Raikage. "And if I may, I' am guessing that the reason as to why you are here helping to defend Nami no Kuni. Is to prevent Kiri from using Nami no Kuni as a staging point to open a knew front against Konoha from your rear, since from what I understand Nami no Kuni cut all ties with your village ten years ago".

"That is correct Raikage-denka, but not to sound ungrateful for your aid against Raijuta and his men as well as for saving Kureani and the other, for we are. But why are you and your Shinobi's here, Nami no Kuni is not an ally or a member of Kumo and the Heavenly Alliance.

"I afraid that your questions will have to wait till later, since if you have not forgotten we are in the middle of a battle, one that Kiri is on the verge of wining if we do not drive them out now", said The Raikage. Which Kakashi agreed since he knew The Raikage was right and that his questions could be answered later, since they had a battle to fight and with The Raikage and his Shinobi on their side Kakashi knew they might just stand a chance of wining it.

At that moment another STORM-nin suddenly appeared on his knees next to The Raikage with a Blue and Black colour mask and shaped like a Panther.


"Yes, what is it Panther", asked The Raikage.

"Teams twenty-two, sixteen and twelve have arrived and ready to engage the Kiri forces"

"Good, have team sixteen, engage the Kiri forces on the Southern part of the village, have team twelve engage the Kiri forces on the Eastern part of the village and have team twenty-two engage the Kiri forces on the Western part of the village. While we engage the Kiri forces on this part of the village and drive them back. Also have our teams give out the antidote to the other Konoha teams and Wave defenders that are affected by the poison and have our combat Medics assist the wounded", order The Raikage where Bear quickly saluted and went to give out The Raikage orders to the other teams.

"Now if you excuse us we have a country to save", said The Raikage as he and the rest of his group with off to engage the Kiri forces. Not wanting to be out done the Konoha group and the Wave Samurai and Militia members followed after The Raikage and his group to do their part.

-The Southern part of the Village-

In the Southern part of the village the defence line was on the verge of Collapse, most of the Wave defenders were dead, wounded or unable to move due to the poison.

Kiba and Akamaru were on the ground as their bodies could not move due the poison and the wounds that they had suffered from trying to fight on after they were affected by the poison. Moegi and Udon were on the ground next to them and were struggle to try and get up but could not. The only ones that seemed to be still able to fight were Gai, Lee and Konohamaru, who were desperately trying to fight off the large numbers of oncoming Kiri-nins and defend their comrades. But unfortunately in their weaken condition and against the ever growing numbers of oncoming Kiri Ninja's they were losing grounds quickly.

Just when they were about to be overwhelmed an unknown voice suddenly shouted out "Fūton: Mugen Sajin Daitoppa (Wind Style: Infinite Sand Cloud Great Breakthrough)".

After which a massive blast of Wind and Sand, hit the advancing Kiri Shinobi's, blinding many (7) from the Sand and blowing away others into stone house walls knocking them out. After the Wind and Sand blast dissipated, another voice shouted out "Kōton: Koutetsu no Toge (Steel Style: Steel Spikes)" (K) and dozens of small metal spikes appeared out of the ground and impaled most of the Kiri-nins that were blinded by the Wind and Sand Attack.

And before the few remaining Kiri-nins that were still alive or conscious could do anything they were pounced on by a large Lion and were ripped to shreds by it.

When it was done the Lion quickly morphed into a man wearing ANBU like armour and clothing as well as a Blue and Black mask shaped like a Lion. He was then joined by three more ANBU with similar outfits and masks although their shapes were different where, one was in the shape of a Chimera another was shaped like a Fox and the third was shaped like a Raccoon.

"Who are you?" asked Gai who although knew they were ANBU judging by their uniform but was unfamiliar with the mask design.

Before any of them could answer Gai question, Lee suddenly spoke up and answered for them.

"They are from Kumo, and they are members of the youthful STORM division of Kumo, the same youthful group that saved Sakura-chan, Choji-san, Kureani-san and I from The Hold".

This of course surprised Gai, Konohamaru and the others.

"Kumo? But why are you doing here Nami no Kuni isn't a member or an Ally of the Heavenly Alliance", spoke Konohamaru

"We are here simply to help and because The Raikage wish's to help this Country and has come her personally to help its people and we of STORM go wherever our Kage goes and that is all you need to know for now", replied Chimera.

"The Raikage is here himself?" asked Gai in disbelief that a Kage would leave his village to defend this Country that has no ties to his village. To which Chimera just nodded and that it was true.

"Here takes these you will need them", spoke Raccoon as she threw Gai a pill bottle, who caught it, after which she then went over and started to heal a wounded Wave Samurai.

"What is it?" asked Gai.

"It is the antidote to the poison that the Kiri-nins used, the poison was given to them by Kusagakure, our spies there were able to get a sample of it as well as a few others and created antidote for it. It should work it in a few minutes after taking it", replied Fox which of course surprised the Konoha Ninja at how prepared the Kumo Ninja's were.

"How do we know it not some other kind of poison that will kill us or knock us out if we take it", spoke Kiba as he wasn't exactly sure that they that they could trust them.

"Don't not say such un-youthful things Kiba-kun the Ninja's of Storm are honourable and youthful Shinobi's, besides if they wish to kill us they could of already done so. Since they are highly skilled and powerful Shinobi's and would not need such tricks special in our weakened condition", answered Lee. After which he then took a pill from the bottle and swallowed it.

"Thank you Lee-san, we have also heard much about your skill and power from our Commander Falcon from the Raid on The Hold, he holds you in high regard as does Captain Hawk", said Chimera.

"What was that Jutsu that you guess used that caused those metal spike to come out of the ground, I've never seen anything like that", asked Konohamaru after he swallowed the pill he was given.

"The Jutsu was a Jutsu that I can use thanks to my Clan Bloodline", answered Fox.

"But that impossible the only Bloodline that could use Jutsu's involving metal was the Tatara Clan, thanks to their Kōton (Steel Release) Bloodline. And they disappeared right before the founding of the Great Shinobi villages, they were thought to be extinct long ago", said Gai in disbelief.

"That was something we wanted the world to believe, since we went into hiding in the mountain ranges of Kaminari no Kuni (Lightning Country) and lived there until we were discovered when the Civil War started and we joined the Rebel factions. Now we are proud members of Kumogakure", replied Fox, shocking the Konoha team.

"And that Jutsu you used, it was like what Gaara-kun can use, wheen he uses Sand manipulating Jutsu", spoke Lee.

"That was correct, I can use Sabuton (Sand Release) much like The Godaime Kazekage and all other previous Ichibi no Shukaku (One-Tailed Shukaku) host. Although I cannot use it on their level since my Clan were the original Guardians of the Ichibi no Shukaku spirit, until we were wrongfully accused of treason by the Yondaime Kazekage and were forced to flee where we eventually joined Kumo. I can do Sabuton thanks to special Hiden Jutsu that my Clan created based on the abilities of the Ichibi no Shukaku (One-Tailed Shukaku) hosts", replied Chimera.

"And that changing into a Lion trick, since it was like no henge I ever seen", said Kiba who was now starting to regain his control and feeling into his body thanks to the antidote that they were given by the STORM-nins.

"No it wasn't I simply transformed into one, since I 'am from the Shihōin Clan", answered Lion. This got a confuse look from the younger Konoha members, but an understanding look from the Gai.

"Yes I see, that makes sense now", replied Gai.

"Sensei?" asked Lee.

"There are stories that I have heard, where in Kumo there lives a Clan called the Shihōin Clan that has the a Bloodline that allows them to literally transform into a certain type of animal that matches their personality. I heard of them but I have never met one until now, they are even said to be one of the three great founding Clans of Kumo much like how the Uchiha's and the Senju Clans were Konoha's great founding Clans", answered Gai. This of course surprised Kiba and the others at such a Clan existing.

"You are well informed Gai-san, but I believe that we no longer have any more time for talking", spoke Fox as he pointed out to the large number of Kiri-nins coming towards them.

"Yes of course we cannot let these un-youthful Shinobi damper our flames of you", cried Gai.

"Hai and before this battle over I shall defeat fifty more Kiri Ninja and if I cannot do that I shall swim to Mizu no Kuni and back with just one hand", cried Lee.

"Yosh! The flames of youth burn brightly in you my beautiful student and I shall help you achieve your goal. Where if you should fail I shall run around Konoha one thousand times with just my hands", cried Gai after which he and Lee charged forward crying out Youth.

At this the STORMS-nins just had large sweat drops at the back of their heads.

"Man!... They're just as crazy and weird as I heard….but still he can't help but kind of like them", thought fox with a slight smile behind his mask, where he and the other STORMS-nins ran forward to help Gai and Lee. They were then soon followed by Konohamaru and the others, as well as the Wave defenders who had recovered from the poison and now wanted in on the action and drive Kiri out of their Country.

-Western Part of the Village-

On the Eastern part of the Village, Yamato was wounded and leaning against a wall with Shino who was unable to move, since he had gotten a heavy dose of the poison and his Kikaichū where busy trying to get rid of the poison, but this still left him numb and unable to move. Sai was struggling to hold off a Kiri Jonin that he was fighting against with his two Tanto's. Tiger, Wolf and Bird were also busy fighting off several Kiri-nins with a few remaining Samurai who were still able to fight, and were trying to protect Tazuna and the other men. Who were down due to either the poison or the wounds they got from fighting.

As Sai was blocking several strikes from a Jonin swordsman, the swordsman was able to knock one of his Tanto's from his hands. After which he then threw a pepper bomb into his eyes, temporary blinding him for a few seconds, giving the Jonin the opening he needed. Where he knocked Sai to the ground, when Sai started seeing again he quickly saw the Kiri Jonin stand over with his sword ready to stab him.

But just when the swordsman was about to kill him, Sai suddenly heard a female voice cry out "Tentaiya (Celestial Arrow)" (L) and an arrow made out of Chakra pierced the Jonin in the chest from the back killing him.

At the same time severally Kiri-nins who were about to fire their Kunai Launchers on Tiger, Wolf and Bird (who had just fought off their opponents) from a nearby roof top. Suddenly found themselves surrounded by hundreds of flowers that seemed to grow from the roof floor and around them. After which a male voice cried out "Koubaton: Chika (Plant Style: Scattered Flowers)" (M) where thousands of flower petals started swirl around them with great speed and created a spiral sphere that surrounded them on all side. When the Kiri-nins tired to get out the flowers petal cut them like small tiny blades, after which the sphere started to collapse on itself, where it got smaller and smaller until the Kiri-nins had no room left and cut to pieces where their screams of horror and pain were heard by all around them. When the attacked ended all that remained of the Kiri-nins was the shredded clothing, pools of blood and small tiny chucks of meat.

When Sai and the others looked up they saw two STORM-nins standing on the roof tops, where one who was clearly female by the shape of her body and was wearing a Snake ANBU mask was holding a bow and arrow made out Chakra in her hand. The other next to her who wore a Frog shape ANBU mask had his hands stretched out and had the remaining flowers, fall back into the ground.

"Who the hell are those guys?" asked Tiger

"I believe that they're STORM-nins from Kumo, the same group that saved my sensei Kureani and the rest of her team from The Hold", answered Shino who was just as surprised as the others but was able to hide it better than the others.

"What is Kumo doing here? This fight doesn't concern them", spoke Bird.

"Better yet what kind of Jutsu did that guy use?...Was it Mokuton (Wood Release)?" asked Wolf.

"No it wasn't Mokuton" spoke Yamato as he held his bleeding side. "I have heard legends about a Clan existing in Kumo that had a special Bloodline called Koubaton (Plant Release), which is similar in some aspects to Mokuton. The Clan is called the Kuchiki Clan and only a few members of the Clan posses the Bloodline, it even said the the Kuchiki Clan are one of the Five founding Clans of Kumo much like how the Uchiha and Senju Clans are Konoha's."

"But what about the other one with the bow and arrow made out of Chakra?" asked Sai.

"I don't know I never heard of a Bloodline or a Clan technique like that before", replied Yamato since he was just as curious as the others were about the female STORM-nin technique.

"That is no concern to any of you about my techniques Yamato-san, but you are correct about my partner Bloodline and him being a member of the Kuchiki Clan and it being similar to your Mokuton power", replied Snake when she and her patner appeared in fron of the Konoha team, and at the same time surprising Yamato about how she knew his name.

"Why is Kumogakure here this Battle? Since it does not involve you or your Alliance and how is it that you know Yamato-san name", asked Shino.

"We are here because The Raikage has ordered us to and because we of STORM always follow our Kages orders and follow him were ever he goes and as for how we know who Yamato-san name is a trade secret", replied Frog.

"You mean The Raikage is here?" asked a surprised Wolf, where the two STORM-nins just nodded.

After which two more male STORM-nins arrived one wearing a Monkey mask and the other wearing a Dog mask.

"Dog! have you and Monkey handed out the antidote to those affected in the centre part of the village", asked Snake.

"Yes we have", replied Dog.

"You have an antidote to this poison?" asked Tazuna who had now joined the conversation.

"Yes we have and here some for all of you, it should take affect within minutes of taking it", spoke Dog handing out the antidote.

"Also I sent out my Hawk, to give an airily view of the situation and from the looks of things there is about thirty Kiri-nins coming this way and will be on use in a few minutes so we should be ready for them", said Monkey.

Before the Konoha group and Wave defenders could ask what Hawk they got their answer when a large Hawk suddenly swooped down on them and landed on Monkey back where it seemed merge with his back.

"What the hell was that" asked Bird in complete surprise and shock.

But before Monkey could reply, Sai answered for him.

"You're from the Ning Clan".

"The Ning Clan?" asked a confused Tazuna who was just as surprised as the others were.

"They are Clan of Shinobi's that use to live in Kirigakure, but fled it just when the Bloodline Crusades began in it. From what I have heard they fled it because they feared that their Clan's Hiden Jutsu's (Secret Techniques) would be mistaken as Bloodlines and be wiped out like some of the other Bloodline Clans there. Their technique works on a similar manner as my Sumi Jutsu's (Ink Techniques) but unlike mine they use Tattoo's of animals that they paint on their bodies and summons them off their skin to fight. They even can control what the animals do and can see what they can see even in great distances, also the animals will return to them when they call them back or if they are destroyed instead of just being destroyed", answered Sai. Since he had heard of the Clan and he had based his Sumi Jutsu on the Clan Techniques.

"Now that we have introduce ourselves I believe we should get ready for the thirty Kiri Shinobi that are heading this way", said Snake.

"Snake is correct, Dog you help heal the wounded while we engage the Kiri forces", spoke Frog after which he turn to Yamato and Tazuna, "Once you all have gotten over the poison we will need you to help us. Tazuna-san we will need you Samurai to help us fight the Kiri Shinobi's while you and your volunteer's help Snake give us long rang support. Yamato-san we will need you and your people to help us and the Wave Samurai battle against the Kiri Shinobi's once you are ready".

"Both men nodded in agreement, where the STORM-nins hide in some of the empty builds and ambushed the Kiri-nins when the pass through them. After which the Konoha-nins and the Wave defenders quickly joined the STORM-nins in the fight and together they started to push the Kiri forces back.

-Eastern Part of the Village-

At The Eastern part of the village Shikiamaru was currently trying to think of a situation that could help them, both Ino and himself were in no real condition to fight thanks to inhaling a large amount of poison. Choji and Inari were desperately trying to hold back several attacking Kiri-nins in their weakened and wounded conditions along with a few Wave Samurai who were in just as bad if not worse condition as they were in. Badger was dead where a Kiri-nin was able to sneak up behind him and stab him in the back of his head. While Boar was on the ground bleeding from some wounds he had received from fighting a Kiri-nin and the remaining Wave defenders were in a similar state whether they were wounded or affected by the poison.

After seeing this and fully analyzing the situation Shikiamaru knew there were only two possible outcomes, both which resulted in Kiri wining and taking Nami no Kuni. The first options would be them being all slaughtered or taking as prisoners by Kiri. While the other would be them trying to break out of the village, where many of them may die from the attempt due to their weaken condition and retreat back across the Great Naruto bridge, and back to Konoha lines. While leaving Inari ad his men in the village to be slaughtered by the Kiri Shinobi's, since they would be unable to keep up with the Konoha Shinobi's and would just slow them down.

Just when Shikiamaru thought they were all finished, he and the others suddenly heard a female voice cry out "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Ookamida (Summoning Technique: Wolf Pack)" (N), the next thing he saw were a dozen of Black, White and Gray wolves coming out nowhere and attacking the unsuspecting Kiri-nins and ripping the to apart. As this was happing two Kiri-nins suddenly appeared right behind Choji and Inari who were too busy watching what has happening to notice them. Before Shikiamaru could yell out and warn them another Shinobi wearing ANBU armour and a Blue and Black mask shaped like a Cat suddenly appeared right out of a wall. That was behind the two Kiri-nins like he was some kind of Ghost and the stab the two Kiri-nins in the back of the head without either of them know what ever happened.

When Shikiamaru saw the mask and the outfit he quickly realised that the one that had saved Choji and Inari was a STORM Ninja from Kumo, since the outfit and the mask match the description of the ones that Choji told him about.

He then saw another one appeared and started to fight the remaining four Kiri-nins hand to hand where she ducked a stabbing strike from a Kiri-nin, the female Ninja then punched the Kiri right in the stomach and with such force that it caused the Kiri-nin to collapse on the ground unconscious for the pain of the punch.

After which the female STORM-nin quickly did a backwards flip over a Kiri-swordsmen to avoid a slashing strike from the Kiri-swordswomen that tried to slash her from behind. As the female STORM-nin was in midair she kicked the swordswomen on the back of her head and sent her flying into a nearly wall head first, showing that the female STORM-nin was very, very strong.

She then quickly blocked another kunai with her own Kunai that she took out and pushed the Kiri-nin back after which, she bended backwards to avoided another kunai that sent at her from a Kiri-nin who fired it with his kunai launcher.

Reacting quickly the female STORM-nin straightened herself up, and threw several Shurikens at the Kiri-nin. She then quickly side step the Kiri she fought earlier and had tried to attack her again where she knocked his feet away with a kick making him fall backwards and before he hit the ground, she kicked him in the back up to the air. Before jumping up to him herself and then shouting out "Tendou (Heaven's kick)" (O), and doing a falling axe kick, sending the Kiri-nin flying down into the ground before he could do anything to block it, and creating a large crater in the street with him in it.

But as the female STORM-nin was in mid air she was then hit several Kunai's in the chest and stomach by the Kiri-nin with the Kunai Launcher. But as soon as the Kunai hit her, she turned into a broken slab of stone with several Kunai it in revealing that the femal STORM-nin used a Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique).

When the Kiri-nin saw this he tired to move away to another position, but as he turned around he saw the female STORM-nin standing right behind him and punching him right in the face. Where he was sent fly right through the wall of a building that was opposite him, once again showing that the female STORM-nin was quite strong.

After the Kiri-nins were defended another STORM-nin arrived and quickly went over to the wounded Wave defenders and began to heal them while at the same time giving the Konoha-nins as well as the others who were just affected by the poison the antidote to it.

Soon enough the Konoha teams along with the remaining Wave defenders who weren't too badly wounded had fully recovered from the poison. It was then that they got a better look at their saviours.

The one that saved Choji and Inari wore a standard ANBU outfit with Blue and Black mask like all the others but his was shape like a Cat. The one that gave them the antidote to the poison and was helping healing the wounded wore a Bull shape mask. The one who fought and defeated the Kiri-nins wore an Eagle shape mask, while the one who seemly summon the Wolves to attack those Kiri-nins earlier was the one who wore the Demon shape mask.

"Who the hell are you guys?" asked Ino since although she was happy that they saved them, but like most women she was naturally curious and wanted to know what was going on and who they were.

But before any of the could answer Shikiamaru answered for them "Troublesome, don't you remember the group that saved Choji, Kurenai and the others from The Hold and how Choji described them to us. They're from Kumo and are from the STORM division, right Choji?".

Which Choji nodded to, "Yea they're from STORM, but they not the same ones that saved the others and I from The Hold".

"If you're from Kumo then what are you doing here, this battle does not concern you", said Boar rather rudely. Even despite the fact that the STROM-nins saved him and the others and healed him of his wounds and the poison.

"We have no obligation to answer you Konoha-nin, so we will not, all we will say is that we STORM-nins go where ever our Kage tells us to go and follow him wherever he goes", replied Eagle.

"What do you me by follow your Kage wherever he goes?" asked Ino until she suddenly realise "You can't me that The Raikage here", she cried in disbelief.

"You are indeed correct he is indeed here, but before you ask why he is here himself, that is of no concern to you", spoke Cat before any of them could ask.

"Fine then, but tell us was that ability you used to pass through the wall like it wasn't even there a Bloodline ability, since I pretty certain that it wasn't a Jutsu since I didn't sense any Chakra when you came through the wall", said Shikiamaru.

If Shikiamaru had been able to see through Cat mask he would have seen him smirk as she was impressed with the young Nara. "It seems that our profile on you was right on the money with you Nara Shikiamaru of the Nara Clan and Jonin Strategic Commander of Konoha".

"Troublesome, you have a file on me don't you?"

"Of course we would be fools not to, we have files on all of you as well as all your Shinobi's, since as the great Sun Tzu's in The Art of War said "Know your enemy", replied Eagle.

"But we aren't your enemy" replied Choji

"Not yet, but may be later on and besides we aren't allies either, but for now we are on the same side and we will fight with you against our common enemy".

"Fine, but you still haven't answered my question was that ability where you passed through the wall a Bloodline", asked Shikiamaru.


"But that impossible there no Bloodline that exists that allows people to pass through things", said Ino in disbelief.

"You forget Yamanaka-san in the Shinobi world nothing is impossible and besides, All warfare is based on deception", said Bull.

This of course caused Ino to huff in announce, since as an interrogator she didn't like being denied what she wanted to know from people.

"If you guys don't mind stop playing twenty question my men and I would really appreciate you helping us fight off the Kiri-nins that are advancing towards us", spoke Inari with a hit of annoyance. As he then pointed to the large number of Kiri-nins coming towards them on the roof-tops and the street.

"Inari-san is correct we have an enemy to defeat so I suggest we get to it", spoke Cat, where Shikiamaru nodded in agreement. After which the Wave defenders, the Konoha-nins and the STORM-nins all lined up into formation and charged forward.

With the arrival of The Raikage, his bodyguards and the STORMS-nins the battle began to shift in favour of the defenders, where the Kiri forces were being slowly driven back with heavy losses on a four sides of the village.

-Northern part of the Village-

As the battle raged in the Northern part of the village Sakura was healing a wounded Kakashi, where he had been badly injured by a Kiri Jonin who was able to stab Kakashi with his Kunai just before Kakashi rammed his Chidori into the Jonin.

As Sakura was healing Kakashi she could not help notice how the STORM-nins and the The Raikage as well as his body guards fought their opponents.

When they turned slightly to her left she saw Dragon fighting three Kiri Jonin's after flipping backwards to avoid a Sword slash from a Kiri Jonin. Dragon quickly then went into a horse stance, after which he then released a large amount of Chakra, where much to the shock of Sakura and the Kiri-nins, bat like wings suddenly appeared out of his back and he started to flap them, where he then began to fly.

"So he is from Yun Clan, I didn't any of them became Kumo Ninja's anymore", spoke Kakashi with mild surprise.

"The Yun Clan? Who are they Kakashi-sensei I never heard of them?" asked Sakura.

"I'm not surprise you haven't heard of them, they are not your typical Shinobi Clan, since unlike most Shinobi Clans the Yun Clan are the guardian protectors of the Lightning Daimyo family. They have guarded and protected the Satake Royal family since the founding of the village, since the Clan sworn a oath to protect and serve only Satake family after the family saved the Yun Clan from being wiped out by its enemies. Hence why not many of their members become Kumo Ninja, since they normally only serve and protect of the Lightning Daimyo. Not to mention the fact they fight more like Samurai than Ninja most of the times", replied Kakashi.

"But how does he have those wings?" asked Sakura who was still staring at Dragon with surprise.

"It because of their Bloodline", answered Kakashi


"Yes the Yun Clan is one of five Kaminari no Kuni (Lightning Country) only Shinobi Clans with Bloodlines, their Bloodline is called Ryuton (Dragon Release). It gives them increase strength, speed and power as well as to be able to transform into humanoid like Dragons increasing their power exponentially its even rumoured that they have a summoning contract for Dragons as well. It is also said that they are the strongest Shinobi Clan in Kaminari no Kuni", said Kakashi which surprised Sakura.

As Kakashi and Sakura watch the battle, Dragon quickly did a few hand-seals and the cried out "Hiden: Gōen Ryūga (Secret Art: Ultimate Dragon Fang Blaze)" (P). After which Dragon then inhaled a large amount of air and then exhales a massive long wide stream of super hot fire that took the shape of a Dragon with incredible speed from his mouth through the hole in his mask mouth and streamed towards the Kiri-nins like a flamethrower. The attack came in so fast and the brightness of the Fire attack was so bright that it blinded the Ninja's for a second or two and were hit by the attack. When the attack ended all that remained of the Kiri Jonins was their Chard crispy remains.

After dealing with the Kiri Jonins Dragon then took out a katana that he hand on his back and began to attack several Kiri-nins who were on the roof tops from the air with his katana.

As Dragon went to deal with the Kiri-nins on the roof tops, Sakura and Kakashi then saw Baku fighting with six Kiri Chunin's after dodging a Kunai throw. Baku quickly rolled up his sleeve to reveal a summoning seal on his arm and after biting his thumb he spread some blood on it to summon large Kusarigama-like weapons, each with two sickle blades, the blades were connected to a spiked rod tethered together by a long chain.

After summoning the weapons he used them to block several attacks from the attacking Kiri-nins. After blocking a sword strike with one of the blades he brought the other to the side of the Kiri-nin, who could not avoided the attack and was cut in two with his upper half cut from his lower half. Baku was able to do this by channelling his Wind Chakra to the blades of weapons to enhance the cutting power of them.

As soon as he killed one of the Kiri-nins, Baku quickly swirled around to block several Kunai's that were fired at him from behind and by a Kiri-nin with a Kunai launcher. After blocking the Kunai's he quickly threw one of his weapons at the Kiri-nin, as he threw it the bladed portion of the weapon began to spin like a fan. The Kiri-nin quickly side stepped the attack and was about to take aim and fire again, when something happened that he did not expect to happen. Baku pulled on the chain and cased it to comeback, since unknown to the Kiri-nin Baku was able to control the Kusarigama-like weapons from a range, by using the chain and was extremely proficient in wielding them, both when he throws them and when in his hands. When the weapons came back the unsuspecting Kiri-nin was cut in two just like the earlier Kiri-nin.

After regaining his other weapon Baku quickly began to defend himself from the remaining four Kiri-nins attacks and despite being out numbered he was able to hold his ground well. After a few minutes Baku was able to get the Kiri-nins at a distance by throwing his weapons around, and using the chains to move them at unpredictable paths so that they would have to keep dodging his attacks. When he regained both his weapons again he quickly channelled his Wind Chakra to the blades and the swung them down and yelled out "Kazeshini (Wind Death)" (Q).

After which a massive gust of Wind was shot at the Kiri-nins and dozens of large crescent shape Wind blades were fired along with it, where the Wind blades cut the four Kiri-nins to pieces.

When the Kiri-nins were dealt with Baku then went over to TenTen and Neji were fighting against some Kiri-nins. After that, Sakura continued to finish healing Kakashi as she did she also saw Leopard to her left on her knees busy healing a wounded Wave Militia who was on the ground.

It was then that Sakura and Kakashi saw a large bulky build Kiri-nin who looked to be very muscular and was about six foot high coming up behind her. Sakura and Kakashi were both about to shout and warn Leopard, who seemed to be too busy healing the wounded Militia man to notice the Kiri-nin behind her.

But before either of them could, Leopard suddenly twirled around as she was crouched down and quickly slashed at the back of the Kiri-nin leg and used her Chakura no Mesu (Chakra Scalpel) to sever the nerves at the back joint of his right leg, causing him to fall forward and onto his knees. As the Kiri-nin tired to get up he just fell down on to the ground, after falling to the ground the Kiri-nin use his other still good like to push himself forward and tired to attack Leopard. But Leopard just side step him and the Kiri-nin just fell forward, where Leopard then quickly grab the Kiri-nin good leg and twisted it around and the pulling it backwards breaking it in a dozen different places causing the Kiri-nin to scream in pain.

Leopard then let go of the Kiri-nin leg and she then flip herself backwards were she landed both her knees bones on the Kiri-nin upper back hard and breaking it in several places when that happened the Kiri-nin scream out in agony.

When Leopard went to move away and go back to the wounded Militia man the Kiri-nin somehow grabbed onto the back of Leopard left leg and tired stop her and pull her back to him. But Leopard quickly just moved her leg back so that the Kiri-nin hand was between both her legs and then in one quickly hard motion twisted her legs so that she would snap the Kiri-nins wrist, once again causing the man agonizing pain and walking away.

During the fight Kakashi and Sakura were so focused watching Leopard deal with the large Kiri-nin that they failed to notice another Kiri-nin sneaking up behind them. Just as the Kiri-nin was about to swing his sword down and cut both their heads off with it, another voice shouted out "Surarai (Thunder Slash)" (R), and crescent shape flying blade of energy came out of nowhere and cut the Kiri-nin head off.

When Kakashi and Sakura turned around they saw the head of the Kiri-nin fall to the ground and his headless body falling to the ground after it. When They looked around to whom had saved them, they saw The Raikage standing nearby hold the Raijin.

"First rule of being a Shinobi always watch your surroundings, or else next time you won't be saved by me", said The Raikage before disappearing in a flash. After that Sakura quickly healed Kakashi and then the both of them went to help in the battle.

As the battles continued the Kiri-nins were being pushed back further and further, during the battle Panther face of against two Kiri-nins on a rood top where they each quickly did hand-seals and each cried out,

"Suiton: Ja no Kuchi (Water Style: Snake's Mouth)", cried the first Kiri-nin and calling on the water from a nearby well to form a giant snake mouth.

"Suiton: Mizurappa (Water Style: Violent Water Wave)", cried the second Kiri-nin and gushed out a large amount of Water from the mouth like a Waterfall towards Panther.

Quickly doing a few seals Panther quickly cried out "Raiton Raigeki no Yoroi (Lightning Style: Lightning Strike Armour)", and covered himself in Lightning like an armour.

The two separate attacks both reached him at the same time, when the two attacks hit him they pushed him back and tore up the tiles on the roof top but fortunately Panther was able to withstand the two attacks and keep himself standing up.

When the attacks ended Panther Armour left deactivated, since it were only good for one hit, which was why it was lucky that the two attacks hit at the same time.

After the Raigeki no Yoroi deactivated Panther quickly did another set of seals andcried out "Ranton: Rēzā Doragon (Storm Release: Laser Dragon)" (S). After which a massive Dragon made out of bright electric beam of energy erupted from his hands and with frigtening speed veporised both Kir-nins and causing a massive esplosion and blew the house apart.

Also during the fight Killer Bee found himself surrounded by eight Kiri-nins.

"He only one man kill him" shouted a Kiri-nin as they charged him.

"You suckers don't know who your messing with" said Killer Bee with a smirk, after which he took out all seven of his sword on his back and holds the seven blades in between the joints of his arms (left armpit, both elbows), right leg, stomach, the right side of his neck, and in his mouth. He then started to spine around like a buzz saw and overwhelmed his opponents with all of the varying swings he did, the moves were so fast that none of the Kiri swordsmen could move or block any of his attacks.

As Killer Bee was doing this he shouted out "I a butterfly. And sting…like a Bee! 'Cause I'm the Eight-Tailed Beast", as he killed the last Kiri-nin.

As Killer Bee was handling the Kiri-nins, he was unknowingly being watch by Sasuke, who had just killed several Kiri-nins himself with his Katana.

When he saw Killer Bee fight he and tried to follow his moves with his Sharingan but could not read his moves since they were too quick and simultaneous for him to read, even with his Sharingan.

This of course greatly annoyed Sasuke at how he could not read Killer Bee moves. He then turned to his left were he saw Yugito facing off against five Kiri-nins, she quickly did some hand-seals and then cried out "Katon: Haineko (Fire Style: Ash Cat)" (T).

After which she blew out a massive amount of ash out of her month that quickly went forward and took the shape of a cat with a cloud of ash behind it. The Kiri-nins tired to avoid it but they could not since the attack was too big to avoid and were enveloped by it.

When they were enveloped the ash cut and burn all over their bodies, when the ash dissipated all that was left of Kiri-nins were just their chard and burned remains.

Sasuke had tried to copy the technique believing that it might be of some use to him but much to his confusion his Sharingan could not copy the Jutsu. He then looked forward and saw Fu fighting against four Kiri-nins who tried to hit her with some Water Jutsu's which she was able to block with her Earth Jutsu's.

She then did a few more hand-seals and cried out "Doton: Yomi Numa (Earth Style: Swamp of the Underworld)", where a large mud hole was made right under the Kiri-nins feet and like quick sand the Kiri-nins were quickly enveloped by the mud.

And much like before when Sasuke tried to copy her Jutsu, but just like with Yugito his Sharingan could not copy her Jutsu, even though he could see it his Sharingan just simply would not copy them. This of course infuriated Sasuke, since his Sharingan should be able to copy practically any Jutsu that he sees.

But before he could think anymore on why his Sharingan could not copy any of their Jutsu's, he was attacked by several Kiri-nins. As he fought them he was then joined by Kakashi who was now healed thanks to Sakura and went over to help Sasuke fight the Kiri-nins.

After they had killed the Kiri-nins, they both turned around to see The Raikage who was battling a group of twenty Kiri Jonins who believed that they could over whelm The Raikage by shear numbers.

As the Kiri-nins attacked The Raikage they tired to hit him with their Kunai's, Kunai launchers, swords and Jutsu's but each time The Raikage would dodge or their attacks in the similar manner that he did with Raijuta.

After a minute or so of doing this The Raikage went on the offensive and threw several Lightning-empowered Shuriken's that suddenly appeared in his hands, where he extended the reach of his Shuriken's as well as the increase sharpness of them by channelling his Lightning Chakra through them, which made the look like large Fuma Shurikens once the were thrown.

The Kiri-nins quickly dodged the Shuriken's, but thanks to the increase sharpness and extended reach from Lightning Chakra that The Raikage channelled into them, many of the Kiri-nins were cut badly from them. But What the Kiri-nins did not know was that the Shuriken's were just a distraction where as the Kiri-nins were busy dodging the Shuriken's, The Raikge was busy doing hand-seals. When he was finished The Raikage cried out "Raiton: Suzukiri (Lightning Style: Cutting Sparrow)" (U).

After which over twenty Lightning birds appeared around The Raikage screeching loudly and started to flying all around the disorganised Kiri group and started to hack at them to pieces, as they flew by them or through them. Many of the Kiri group hand tried to dodge or block them but the birds simply just cut through their swords when they tired to block with them. Even when the Kiri-nins dodge them or replace themselves with a clone or an object, the birds would just follow them and slice through the Jonins, some had even tired to attack The Raikage and kill him. The Raikage would bring the birds back to defend him and block any attack the Kiri-nins made and then kill them.

Within a minute or two all the Kiri Jonins surrounding The Raikage were killed with the bodies pieces scattered around him.

Both Sasuke and Kakashi had watch the entire fight and when they first saw The Raikage doing hand-seals they both activated or revealed their Sharingan's in hopes of copying whatever Jutsu The Raikage was going to use. But much to Kakashi surprise and to Sasuke growing infuriation, their Sharingans could not copy The Raikage Jutsu. They then watch The Raikage use the Suzukiri Jutsu to wipe out the Kiri group, both had been surprised by how powerful the Jutsu was and how The Raikage used it to kill twenty highly skilled Jonins and made it look like child's play. It made Kakashi even more curious since he had never heard of a powerful Jutsu like that or any Jutsu that was used in the way The Raikage used it. That of course left two possibility one which was the most likely where The Raikage created it himself, but would not explain why other Ninja's knew it. Since from Kureani's report, from when she and the others were rescued from The Hold two other STORM-nins knew it, and he found it highly unlikely that a Kage would share such a powerful Jutsu as that to his subordinates encase someone would use it against them. The other and lest likely of possibilities, but still possible, being that Kumo has some unknown source that has powerful and unheard of Jutsu.

As they watch The Raikage a voice suddenly spoke up behind them, "You will be unable to copy any of The Raikage Jutsu's or any of our own Hatake-san, Uchiha-san".

When Kakashi and Sasuke quickly turned around, since they had been surprised that anyone had been able to sneak up on them with noticing them, since their Shinobi senses were on full alert and yet they did not sense anyone come near them.

When they turned around they saw a young attractive woman in her early twenties, Kakashi quickly recognised her as Okatsu from the description Kureani and the other gave of her in their report after being held in The Hold.

"And may I ask how that is possible or how you know that we cannot copy anything from your group", ask Kakashi in his cheesy eye smile as if it was a normal conversation with a friend.

At this Okatsu smirked "This is the reason why your Sharingan cannot copy or Jutsu's or any of our moves", spoke Okatsu as she removed her fingerless Tekkou to reveal a seal on the back of her hand.

"What is it?" asked Kaksahi who was now even more curious.

"It a special Seal that The Raikage developed which emanates a special Chakra pulsed field around the person who has it on them. Where it negates the special abilities or effects of Doujutsu's on people, hence it negates the copying ability and tracking ability of the Sharingan. Where you cannot follow our high speeds or copy our Jutsu's and moves and you cannot put us under a Genjutsu with your eyes. The same can be said for the Hyuga Clan's Byakugan, where they cannot see through our bodies and cannot see our Chakra Circulation System in our bodies, hence they cannot use their Jūken (Gentle Fist) on us when they cannot see our Chakra Pathway System to begin with".

"Impossible!" said Kakashi in complete disbelief at how such a seal existed at all, "There no possible way that a seal like that exists".

"You have seen the effects already Hatake-san, Konoha's famed Doujutsu, the Sharingan and Byakugan are worthless against us. Since every Shinobi in Kumo from the lowest Genin to The Raikage himself has this seal on them and the same with our allied Shinobi villages", said Okatsu with an ever growing smirk on her lips, after which she then left to join the fight. Where she left and completely stunned Kakashi and an infuriated Sasuke, who was enrage beyond words at how Kumo or more specifically The Raikage had just insulated his Clan by taking away their Bloodlines greatest abilities.

When Kakashi got over his shock, he could only sigh before he left to help in the fighting, "If we survive this battle and get back to Konoha, there going to be one hell of a shit-storm when the Hokage and the Council hears this", thought Kakashi as imagined their reaction.

After The Raikage had dealt with the Kiri Jonin's, Dragon quickly flew down next to him.

"Raikage-sama, I have just finished looking over the village, and it seems that our forces are driving back the Kiri forces. But they are putting up stiff resistance and our advance is slow, if we do not finish this quickly they will be able to call in their reinforcements and would overwhelm us", spoke Dragon.

For a moment The Raikage said nothing, but then quickly looked up at Dragon and spoke.

"Have the Konoha-nins, the Wave defenders and our own people halt their advance and have them hold their ground…..I will handle the remainder of the Kiri forces myself".

Quickly realising what The Raikage meant Dragon nodded and made contact on his radio in his mask with the other STORM-nins, and told them of The Raikage orders and then informed the Wave defenders and the Konoha-nins.

Once the world was spread to the other forces The Raikage prepared his next Jutsu.

"It's time to end this battle…once and for all", thought The Raikage, where Lightning seemed to surround the bottoms of his feet after which he disappeared in a bright Blue flash.

- (Gundam 00 – Strike) -

As the Konoh-nins and the STORM-nin and the Wave defender held their ground against the attack Kiri-nins a bright flash of Blue light suddenly flew right past them where as soon as it left several of the Kiri-nins suddenly started to scream out in pain and fall dead as blood started to erupt out of the bodies has if they had been slash by a sword. The next second the Blue flash came back, and going from one Kiri-nin to the next and killing them all in a instant before they could do anything.

All over the village the bright flash of Blue light started to appear and as it did Kiri Shinobi's were falling like flies. None of the of the Konoha-nins and the Wave defenders could understand what was happening nor could their trained eyes keep up with the movements of the Blue flash, since as soon as they saw it disappeared with a blink of an eye. All Konoha-nins and the Wave defenders could do was watch in complete awe as this bright Blue flash of light slaughtered their enemy's right in front of them.

The Kiri-nins themselves were in complete pandemonium the moment the Blue flash of light appeared as they did not known what to do, since as soon as they saw the Blue flash either they or their comrade would be dead before any of them could do anything. It was as if it was there on second and gone the next.

Within minutes the numerical superiority of the Kiri-nins was quickly dwindling down to nothing as Kiri-nin started to fall left and right to the Blue flash as the Blue flash appeared right in the middle of the Kiri Shinobi ranks and seemed appear in several places at once, as Kiri-nins fell almost exactly at the same time.

Many of the Kiri-nins tried to hit the Blue flash of light with their weapons or their Jutsu's but not of them could hit it as it was too fast for any of them to aim let alone fire anything. Some even tried to run away or dodge it but they were all too slow as they were killed within instant of trying.

As the Konoha Ninja watch many of them could only wonder what the Blue flash of light was.

"What is it?" asked Kakashi out loud as he tired to follow the Blue flash with his Sharingan, but found that it was too fast even for his Sharingan to keep up with and follow where all he could see what a flash of bright Blue light like every one else, "Its like trying to follow Sensei when he used the Hiraishin no Jutsu (The Flying Thunder God Technique)", he thought.

His question was then answered by Yugito who was standing next to him and heard him. "It is The Raikage", she said simply, completely shocking Kakashi and the rest of the Konoha group.

"T-T-The R-Raikage…..B-b-but how" asked Sakura, since although she knew he was powerful she could not believe that he was this powerful, were he could move as fast as the Yondaime Hokage.

"By use of a special Technique he created called Raipō (Lightning steps)" (V), answered Yugito.

"Raipō?" said TenTen

"Yes, The Technique involves The Raikage constantly drawing Lightning from the Geomagnetic Voltage of the Earth to the bottom of his feet and using the repellent force to go from one place to the other in an instant. The Technique literally allows The Raikage to skate across the Voltage that he has gathered and uses it to move at monumental speed where he can move great distances from point A to point B in a single step in the speed of light. He can also do the technique in midair by using the static electricity in the air and use it to the same degree and what more the Technique requires little to no Chakra at all. It is because of this Technique that The Raikage earned the nickname Sourai (Blue Lightning), since when hhe uses the Technique he as fast as Lightning and makes a Blue flash", replied Yugito.

When the Konoha group and the Wave defenders heard this they were completely stunned to say the lest, especially the Konoha group, since The Raikage had created a Technique that was easily on par with the Youndaime Hokage legendary Hiraishin no Jutsu.

As The Raikage slaughtered the Kiri-nins some of the few reaming squad captains tired to regain control of their forces and reform them into a tight defensive circle. With all of them facing outwards on all sides and with all of their backs against each other so that The Raikage could not sneak up on them from behind. So that they would at lest see him coming for them when he would attack.

Just when they all got into position several of the men saw a Blue flash at which the second they saw The Raikage standing up on a nearby roof-top above them and looking down at them while holding the Raijin in his right hand.

"It that Raikage shoot him" cried a Kiri Captain as several of the other Kin-nin fired their Kunai launchers, but the moment they fired the there was another Blue flash and he was gone and several more of Kiri-nins fell dead.

"Where is he?" cried one of the Kiri-nins as he looked around for The Raikage.

"Looking for me Gentlemen" spoke The Raikage standing on another rooftop opposite the one he was on a moment ago

"There!...Shoot him", said a Kiri Shinobi, as he and several others fired several Water Jutsu's at him, but as soon as they fired them The Raikage disappeared in another Blue flash and another several Kiri Shinobi's fell dead.

"Missed again I'm afraid", said The Raikage mockingly as he stood in the middle of the street in front of the group.

"Kill him!" cried another Kiri captain as he and the remaining Kiri Shinobi's rushed forward to attack The Raikage head on. But as they charge at him, The Raikage could not help but shake his head and then think how foolish they were.

Where within a blink of an eye The Raikage disappeared once again in a blinding bright Blue flash and within a second or two he reappeared several feet behind the charge group of Kiri-nins. Where he then deactivated the Raijin, were as soon as he did all the remaining Kiri-nins fell dead before they even knew that they were dead.

- (Gundam 00 – Strike Ends) -

After The Raikage killed off the last remaining large groups of Kiri-nins the remaining few quickly began a full retreat back to the landing beach to where the two hundred reserves were and planed to make a last stand there.

Upon seeing the remaining Kiri-nins retreat back to the landing beach, all the remaining Wave defenders and all the Konoha teams along with The Raikage and all his STORM teams perused after them, to drive them back to the sea back onto their ships and back to Kiri.

For several minutes the Konoha teams and The Raikage teams lead the charge forward against the retreating Kiri-nins with the Wave defenders following behind them. As they perused them the kill or captured any of the remaining Kiri Shinobi's that fell behind the others.

When they got to the beach they found the remaining Kiri forces had joined up with their reserve forces and took up a defensive position and were ready to make one last stand.

"Kiri Shinobi's I will give you this one and only chance surrender now or you will a die here", spoke The Raikage as he believed that enough people had died today.

"Kiri Shinobi's do not surrender, we will fight to the death" cried a Kiri Captain The Raikage just sighed knowing that, that would be their only answer, since he had heard that if any Kiri Shinobi's surrendered the Mizukage would have their family killed or become leaves in his weapons factory and if they returned home in defeat he would have the Shinobi killed.

"Very well you have made your choice", sighed The Raikage, where he then turned to Fu and the others as well as his STORM-nins.

"Fu you and the others drop your weapons and anything metal that on you", said The Raikage and then turned to the Konoha's teams and the Wave defenders,"That goes for all of you as well".

"What!" cried Kiba

"You heard him do it", ordered Yugito as she quickly dropped her Kunai's and Shuriken's on the ground as well as her gantlets and body armour. Along with STORMS-nins and The Raikage other bodyguards, "Because if you don't you will all die, so make sure that none of you have any metal on you".

Quickly deciding to follow Yugito advice and following the other Kumo example all the reaming Wave defenders and the Konoha teams quickly dropped their weapons and anything metal that they had on them.

When the Kiri-nins saw this, they at first thought that the Wave defenders and their Shinobi allies were surrendering. But that thought quickly evaporated when they saw Lightning suddenly starting to surround The Raikage body, once all his people and the Konoha-nins and the Wave defenders had removed all their metal equipment.

Everyone in the surrounding area could literally feel the electricity in the air, as their hairs stood up on ends. They could also feel and see the massive amount of Chakra that The Raikage was releasing and surrounding him. The Raikage then lifted his hands up with his finger tips forward and then suddenly cried out "Seikara (Static Force)" (W).

Suddenly ten long streams of Lightning bolts erupted from The Raikage fingers tips and hit ten separate Kiri-nins and started to electrocute them. The Lightning bolts then spread to the other nearby Kiri Shinobi's and it turn it spread to the other Kiri Shinobi's, within seconds all Kiri Shinobis on the beach being electrocuted to death. Since the Lightning seemed to spread from one person to the next connecting them in a web on death, where they were being electrocuted.

As this happen happened all the Konoha-nins, Wave Samurai and the Wave Militia could down was watch in shock, awe and horror as nearly three hundred Shinobi's and Kunoichi's were being electrocuted to death right before their eyes. As they watched this many of them were slightly thanking the heavens that The Raikage was on their side.

After about a minute or so The Raikage ceased his attack and lowered his hands, when the attacked ended the charred burnt remains of the Kiri-nins feel to the ground. After which a fowl smell of burnt corpses, overpowered the normal salty sea air where everyone that remained could smell the fowl stench.

After the attack ended it took a minute or so for the Wave defenders and the Konoha's to get over their shock at that they had seen. A massive blast of Water suddenly erupted from the sea, after which when the Water settled they saw a massive crab creature about fifty feet high standing up in the Water. Also on the crab was Raijuta, who by the look was badly cut up were his face had many different cuts that were still bleeding all over his face, which would no doubt leave scars later on. His uniform was also badly torn up and had dried blood on them.

"Don't think you have won this battle already Raikage", roared Raijuta as he looked at The Raikage with pure rage and hatred.

"Huh!...So he still alive", said The Raikage, after which he Raipo to disappear and reappear in front of Raijuta and his crab summon on Water, while everyone else watch from the shore line.

"This is foolish Raijuta, you have already lost this battle your army has been destroyed you cannot win", spoke The Raikage.

"I don't care about this wretched Country anymore! ….All I care about now is killing you!" roared Raijuta as he then ordered his Crab summons to attack.

"Fool" though The Raikage as he dodged the Crab summons claws as it tried to smash him with it.

For several minutes The Raikage continued to dodge the Crab summons attacks until Raijuta ordered it to fire its Hōmatsu Rappa (Violent Bubble Wave) in which a huge wave of bubbles from its mouth.

The Raikage was just able to narrowly dodge the attack by jumping up into the air but as soon as he did Raijuta then ordered his Crab summons to fire its Mizuteppō (Water Pistol) at The Raikage. At which the Crab summons fired a massive high speed jet of Water at The Raikage from it claws.

The Jet of Water quickly hit The Raikage, but Raijuta quickly realised that The Raikage he hit was an after image from when The Raikage used his Zanzō Jutsu, Since The Raikge then appeared to his left hand side and charged at him with the Raijin in his hand.

The Crab summons quickly blocked The Raikage attack with its hard shell claw and was able push him away. Quickly regaining his footing The Raikage went of the defensive again by dodging the Crab summons Water attacks and Raijuta's Tobi Izuna attacks.

The Raikage finally grew tired of always being on the defensive and decided to go on the offensive.

At the same time The Crab summon fired another Mizuteppō at The Raikage, but instead of dodging The Raikage charged forward and took the attack head on and blocked the attack with the Raijin. As The Raikage struggled to hold the Water attack off it slowly pushed him back, and just when then attack was about to overwhelm him. The Raikage suddenly disappeared letting the attack go by and then reappeared right above Raijuta and his Crab summons.

"WHAT?" cried Raijuta in disbelief as he suddenly saw The Raikage appear above him.

"Your time is done….. Surarai (Thunder Slash)!" cried The Raikage and then fired a slashing crecent shaped blade of Lighting energy down at Raijuta and his crab summons, and cut both of them in half and then caused a large explosion and scattered their remains into the sea.

From the shoreline the Wave defenders and the Konoha-nins could only watch in disbelief, as The Raikage took on both Raijuta and his Crab summon of such size by himself, without summoning something of equal size and then kill them both with a single slash from his sword.

But just as they got over their shock, they all suddenly heard hundreds of small blasts coming from the nearby Kiri Warships, which were a good distance away from the shoreline.

- (Gundam Seed Destiny OST 2 Kakusei Shin Asuka) -

When they looked up they quickly saw thousands of exploding Kunai's in the air heading towards them. Reacting quickly The Raikage deactivated the Raijin and but back on his belt, where he did a combination of fifty one handed hand-seals and normal two handed hand-seals, after which when he finished he cried out "Tenpū Midarete (Heavenly Wind Rage)" (X).

After which a massive explosion of Wind came from The Raikage and caused exploding Kunai's to collide with each other and explode or fall into the Water and explode.

Once the Kunai were all destroyed The Raikage then turned to look a the twenty Kiri Warships, after which he then sped off towards the Kiri Warships in amazing speed that caused the Water to tear up around him as he head towards the Warships.

When the crews of the Warships saw The Raikage heading towards them they quickly reloaded the Volley guns and repositioned them to fire directly at The Raikage, in which the fired them all at him.

As The Raikage ran forward he saw the massive wave exploding Kunai's heading towards him. But he continued head on and dodged any of the Kunai's that would have hit him, and doing with such incredibly speed. That he created dozens of after images of himself and did not even slow down once as headed towards the Warships.

As he neared the Warships The Raikage jumped up into the air, where as he did several Kiri-nins that were on the ships fired their Kunai Launchers at him in the air which he quickly dodged and then landed on the nearest Warship to him.

As soon as he landed The Raikage quickly used his Raipo technique and with a few seconds he killed entire the ships crew. After which he brought up both his arms and did a circular motion with them. Where Lightning started to emanate from his two front fingers tip on both his hands and then pointed them both a two separate Warships and then cried out "Nijuu Byakurai (Double White Lightning)".

After which two powerful blots of Lightning exploded from The Raikage finger tips and destroyed the two ships he had been pointing to.

After the two Warships had been destroyed the other remaining Warships quickly fired their Volley guns on the ship that The Raikage was on and destroyed it.

Fortunately The Raikage was able to use his Raipo technique move away from the ship before it was destroyed and appeared on another one. Where before the ships crew could he was on their ship, he stabbed the Raijin into the deck of the ship. Where he channelled a massive amount of the Raijin energy into the ship, along with a large amount of Lightning Chakra with it, and caused a massive explosion and destroyed the ship completely along with its crew.

Just as the ship exploded The Raikage had used his Chakra to propel himself high up into the air to avoid the explosion. He then quickly channelled another large amount of Lightning Chakra into the Raijin and cried out "Surarai", and created another slashing blade of energy that sliced through and destroyed two more Kiri Warships that were next to one another.

From the shoreline the Konoha-nins and Wave defenders could not help but watch in awe. As they saw The Raikage take on a entire fleet of twenty Warships by himself and was winning. Since he had already destroyed six Warships and had but the entire fleet in a state of confusion.

But the remaining Warships quickly reorgainsed themselves and when The Raikage landed down of the open sea Water and used the Water walking technique to keep above it. They surrounded him where they aimed their Volley Guns at him, while the Kiri-nins on board aimed their Kunai lunachers and crossbows at him, where The Raikage just stood still in the middle of them.

From the shoreline those wtaching could see that the Kiri Warship had now surrounded The Raikage.

"The Raikage is trapped we have to help him!" cried Choji as he, Lee and some of the others were about to run off and try and save The Raikage.

"I wouldn't do that Yoh!" said Killer Bee.

"He right if you guys go out there you just get killed", said Yugito.

"But The Raikage needs help don't you want to save his" said Sakura urgently.

"Don't worry The Raikage isn't that easy to kill", said Fu.

"Besides he's about to make his move", spoke Okatsu.

"Neji, Hinata what going on out there?" asked Kakashi as he wanted to know what Killer bee and the others ment.

"He doing nothing he just standing there an-" said Neji but suddenly stopped in shock while a gasp came from Hinata.

"Hinata!...What is it?" asked Kureani worriedly.

"Its The Raikage...his eyes...they are starting to glow bright blue" said Hinata where a soon as finished. Everyone in the surrounding area felt a massive was of Chakra coming from The Raikage.

After which the Winds started to blow harder, the Sea became rougher and the Sky became darker as dark Storm clouds suddenly appeared in the Sky as if a massive storm was coming.

The Raikage the lifeted up his arms up into the air and began to move them in circular motions, as he did the sea became even rougher and Wind was starting to destroy the Warships as the ships masts were breaking. The crews of the ships and the Shinobi's on board tried to shoot The Raikage, but the ships were rocking too much for them to fire them and the few that did fire saw that the Wind just blew the Kunai away.

It was then that Konohamaru suddenly shouted over the hard blowing Wind and pointed up to the sky over The Raikage and the Kiri fleet. When everyone looked they could not believe their eyes for Lightning began to descend down around Warships and the clouds started to twist around and around and Tornado then began to form his the sky were the then quickly descended down around The Raikage.

The tornado then began to draw in all the Kiri ships around it, sucking them in and destroying them and killing or drowning their crews as well as scattering the ships remains down into the bottom of the sea.

Back at the shoreline the Wave defenders and the Konoha-nins could only watch in complete and utter awe as The Raikage summoned a massive Tornado and completely annihilated the Kiri fleet. Just as he was said to have done, nearly four years ago, when Mizu no Kunai and Kirgakure had sent a fleet of fifty Warships and Ten thousand men, to aid the former Lightning Daimyo in his Civil War. It was in that moment that many of the Konoha-nin made a silent pray that The Raikage would not side with Orochimaru and his allies in the war, for if he did Konoha would surly fall.

Within minutes of when it came, the Tornado dissipated and the wind died down and the sky became clear again. Where once it did those at the shoreline could see The Raikage standing right in the middle of where the Tornado was only moments ago, surround by the scattered ship wreckage of the Kiri Warships and the floating bodies of some of their crews.

- (Gundam Seed Destiny OST 2 Kakusei Shin Asuka ends) -

At the Shore the Kakashi and the others could only continue to stare at the now destroyed fleet and the man standing alone in the middle of it that is even if you could call him a man. For what they saw made them all actually believe that maybe just maybe all those other rumours that they heard about The Raikage were true. Where they said that he was god made into mortal form, and that he could control the heavens and could level entire mountains with a single strike, since from what they just saw almost divine like.

"My God!...Now I understand why Kiri calls him the The Arashi no Oni (Demon of Storms)" thought an awestruck Kakashi.

"That…that was…." said Sakura as she tried to describe what she thought, but words could not describe the how she felt or how to describe what she was seeing.

Sasuke himself was completely stun, as he could not believe what he had just see either and just continually look out to the horizon or more specifically at The Raikage and could only think of one thing "What Power!".

It was then that The Raikage suddenly disappeared in a Blue flash again and reappeared a few feet away from the shore right in front of everyone. Which once again caught all the non- Kumo people by surprise at his shear speed once again.

As he slowly walked towards the group everyone could feel and almost see the dominating aura of power that The Raikage was now being known to have. As he continued to slowly walk everyone that was directly in front of him immediately parted away so that there was a clear path in the crowd for him to walk through.

The Raikage continued to slowly walk by the crowd and walk through the burnt corpses of Kiri Shinobi's until he came up to a Kiri Shinobi who was somehow still alive but was badly burnt on his face, arms and body.

The Shinobi who The Raikage was walking to was none other than the Chunin Saji who had been giving out Raijuta others to the Kiri invasion force. When Saji saw The Raikage heading towards him he tried to crawl away but could not as The Raikage quickly grabbed him by the front collar of his uniform and lifted him up to eye level with one hand.

When Saji looked into the cold merciless Blue eyes of The Raikage, a man that his village had come to fear and know as TheArashi no Oni. He could not help but shudder in fear and nearly solid himself when he looked at The Raikage who might as well have been the Shinigami himself as far as he was concerned.

After a moment or more of just looking at Saji, The Raikage spoke in a cold deadly tone of voice.

"What is your name?"

A minute or so Saji said nothing, but then was able to work up the courage to speak.


"Well Saji, today is your lucky day, because I'm going to let you live and go back to Kiri, because I want you to diliver a message for me to your Mizukage…Tell the Mizukage and the Mizu Daimyo that from now on Nami no Kuni is under the protection of both Kumo and the Heavenly Alliance. Where should they attack this Country again or attack any other Country that is a member, an ally of the Heavenly Alliance or even under its protection then I will bring the wrath of the Heavens themselves down upon them…Do you understand me?" spoke The Raikage in a dangerous tone of voice.

"H-H-Hai" replied a scared Saji.

"Good" said The Raikage after which he then dropped Saji on the ground and turned around to his Shinobi's. "Leopard, Panther! Heal him and once he full healed give him a small boat and enough food and Water to make it the Mizu no Kuni".

"Hai Raikage-sama", replied Leopard after which he and Panther went of to Saji and then Shunshin'd (Body flicker) away with him to treat him and send him on his way.

Once Panther and Leopard were gone Tazuna and Inari went over to The Raikage, where they then went on their knees and lowered their heads on the ground.

"Thank you Raikage-denka, our Country is forever in your debt…We were starting to believe that you would not arrive in time or you did not accept our petition to join the Heavenly Alliance and you not come to our aid", spoke Tazuna.

Which of course shocked the Konoha's teams at the fact that Nami no Kuni wanted to join the Heavenly Alliance.

"As my Grandfather said our people are forever in your debt, if there is anything we can ever do for you please do not hesitate to ask us. For our Country would surely have fallen had you and your Shinobi's not arrived when you did", spoke Inari.

After Inari and Tazuna had finished speaking The Raikage kneeled down to the two men and whispered something to them that, that the Konoha-nins could not hear. Also since The Raikage was wearing a mask and Inari and Tazuna were in front of him, neither Kakashi nor Neji could read his lips.

When The Raikage finished whispering to them, both Inari and Tazuna went pale white as if they had seen a ghost. Inari look like he was about to say something but before he could he quickly controlled him and kept silent.

After that The Raikage stood up again and helped both Inari and Tazuna up on their feet where he then spoke.

"There is no need to thank us Tazuna-san, my Shinobi's and I were happy to help you, and the Heavenly Alliance is always eager to have new members and new allies. Besides when we got both your petition your message for help two days ago we were already finishing preparation for an expedition to help your Country fight off the invasion. We would have been here sooner both our ship was delayed a bit by a storm and out main fleet fell behind. But they will be hear tomorrow with two Company's of Kumo Shinobi who will be station here to help protect you Country if Kiri tries anything again and with food, medicine and other supplies to help rebuild our homes ", spoke The Raikge after which he then went over to the Konoha group and face them.

"Greeting Lee-san I had hopped to met you again, but I did not think we meet so soon and I with would be my Shinobi's and I saving you and your comrades again", spoke The Raikage.

"Yosh! It is good to see you again Raikage-denka and thank you for saving us yet again Raikage-denka we are in your debt", spoke Lee which The Raikage waved him off telling him it was nothing.

He then turned to Gai "Maito Gai, It is an honour to meet you in person", spoke The Raikage respectfully. "Your reputation as a Shinobi and as a teacher of Shinobi's is well known and respected in Kumo considering how well you taught all your students especially Lee-san".

"Yosh! You honour me greatly Raikage-denka with your youthful praise, I can see the Flames of youth truly brightly in you", cried Gai which caused The Raikage to chuckle.

After which he then turned to Konohamaru, "Greeting Konohamaru-san it is an honour to meet you. I have heard great deal of your exploits over the last few years you have earned yourself a worthy reputation in the last few years".

"Thank you Raikage-denka", siad Konohamaru respectfully. Since after seeing what saw The Raikage do he thought it best to be respectful to him.

The Raikage the went over to TenTen "Mikumo TenTen aka Okami ken no Konoha (Konoha Blade Mistress), I also heard much about you your skill as a Assassin and a swordswomen is highly regarded and respected in my BOLT division".

"Thank you Raikage-denka, you are also an excellent as well", said TenTen politely, since from what she saw The Raikage was indeed a powerful swordsman.

After that The Raikage went to Shino Kiba, Yamato and Shikamaru and greeted them all respectfully and spoke well of how skilled they were. He even spoke politely to Morgi, Udon and Sai although he ignored Sakura, Ino, Kakashi, Boar and Sasuke without as much as a word to them. This of course did not sit well with Sasuke since he found it a blatant disrespect to him and his pride as a Shinobi.

Finally The Raikage came to Neji and Hinata who both stiffen slightly when he up to them. Since although this was not the same Raikage that had ordered Hinata kidnapping and inadvertently caused Neji father death, it still did not change the harsh feelings they had for Kumo.

When The Raikage came up to them he did something that no ever respect him to do especially the Kumo Ninja nor Neji and Hinata be bow to them down to them and spoke.

"On behave on my village Hyuga Hinata and Hyuga Neji I wish to officially apologise for the wrongs that my village have done to you. In the attempted kidnapping of you Lady Hinata and in the death of your father Neji-san, I'm sorry to say that during that time my village greatly shamed itself and I know it is little comfort to you, but I'm truly sorry for what happened to you both".

It took a minute or so for both Neji and Hinata to get over their shock of what just happened, but when it did Neji spoke up.

"There is no need for you apologise Raikage-denka you're not reasonable for what happened to my father, since you're not The Raikage back then", said Neji respectfully since he had no real anger towards The Raikage especially after what he did just now.

"Maybe so, but I'm still The Raikage and even though I was not it when the incident happened, I still share the reasonability, since I' am the Raikage now and it is my duty to at lest set the rights that my village has done over the years", replied The Raikage.

"We Understand Raikage-denka and thank you, and thank you for saving my life as well as the lives of everyone else here when you are your Shinobi's arrived", replied Hinata respectfully.

"There is no trouble,since as I said to Tazuna-san and Inari-san my forces and I were already preparing ourselves to come to Nami no Kuni had when the asked for our help", replied The Raikage.

"Wait! You were already getting ready to head here?... But why?" blurted out Kiba, where The Raikage turned to him answer.

"For several reason the first being that if Kirigakure and Mizu no Kuni took over Nami no Kuni, they would use it not only as a second front to attack your village. But they would also use it to blockade us from our newest members Umi no Kuni (Sea Country) and Tsuki no Kuni (Moon Country). As well as our long standing member Cha no Kuni (Tea Country) and cut off our trading ships with them and cut them from us. Also the second and more important reason as to why we are here is because of the fact that Lady Daimyo Koyuki of Hana/Yuki no Kuni (Spring/Snow Country) and Shibuki-san the leader of Takigakure (The Hidden Waterfall)", asked me to replied The Raikage.

"They asked you to? But why, they have their own Shinobi's and why would they care?" asked Ino.

"That's simple, because they knew that their forces would be unable to get here in time and Kumo is closer to it that they are. As for why they would care, that's even simpler both Takigakure and Yuki no Kuni have the same hero as Nami no Kuni has, and this is where his Gravestone monument is so it's only natural that they would what to protect the Country that his Gravestone is. I'm certain you know who I'm speaking about since he was one of your Shinobi's until your village banished him and left him to be killed by the Akatsuki, one Uzumaki Naruto", spoke The Raikage harshly as he narrowed his eyes.

At the moment The Raikage mention Naruto's name, most of the Konoha's winced at and lowered the heads.

After a minute or too of silence, Shikamaru raised his head and decided to ask something that he had been wondering for a few minutes.

"Excuse men Raikage-denka, I know this is troublesome to ask, but you said you got Wave message for help two days ago correct?"


"The how did you get here so quickly, since it takes about three to four days to get here from Kaminari no Kuni by boat depending on the weather. It takes twice as long on land and you didn't use any of your Airships, since we would have seen it, so how did you get here?" asked Shikamaru.

This of course got the attention of everyone else since as usual Shikamari was right.

At this The Raikage just chuckled and spoke, "That very astute of you Nara-san, you certainly live up to your reputation. As for your question, that is how I got here so quickly". The Raikage then point out to a cliff side off the coast to their left.

When the crowd looked over to the Cliff side they saw a ship coming from behind the cliff (8)

The ship was a distinctive red and gold colour in the shape of a bird, its bowsprit even resembles the head and beak of a bird, the sail resembles a pair of wings (and can be detached to become a glider), and the decorative wooden frill on the aft end of the boat looks like a tail. Altogether the ship was beautiful in very sense of the word.

"It's beautiful", said Ino, which everyone else agreed with as they all got a better look at the ship was it sailed near them.

"That it is and it is how my Shinobi's and I got here so quickly", spoke The Raikage with a hit of pride.

"What is it called", asked Sai as he looked at the ship and hoped that later on he could draw the ship since it was rare to see such a beautiful man made object such as this and wahted to at lest know its name.

"It called the Suzaku, she is a one of a kind and is the fastest ship in the world", answered The Raikage.

"That is quite a clam Raikage-denka", said Kakashi as he admired the ship and had to admit it was beautiful and was indeed ship worthy of any nobility and of it name (9).

"It is no clam Hatake-san it is a fact, since how else was I able to get here so quickly and besides it is made out of Tejina wood", spoke The Raikage, shocking Shino, Kakashi, Yamato and Kureani while confusing the others.

"So what?…what is this Tejina wood", asked Konohamaru, where Yamato answered for him and the others.

"Tejina wood is a very special wood that comes from the Tejina tree, which is extremely rare types of tree that can only be found in Mori no Kuni (Forest Country). The tree's are very slow to grow where it takes up to fifty years to grow to full maturity and they need constant attention and are very sensitive to their environment around before they are full matured and can easily die if not cared properly and need Chakra to help be grown. But once they are full grown they are extremely strong and hard to cut down, since the wood itself is very strong yet it is also very light. A block of Tejina wood is worth a single bar of gold, hence to make a entire ship out of it would cost a fortune", said Yamato, since he knew the to make such a ship was probably enough to bankrupt several small Countries. This of course shocked the other younger Shinobi's as well as many others that heard Yamato explanation

"But why wood people pay so much for this wood, even though it is rare and strong it still doesn't make any sense", asked Tenten.

"It because of the wood's property, since not only is it very strong where it can take a great deal punishments from stormy weather and explosions. It is also very light, so that it came move very quickly in the sea and is also resistant to most type of Ninjutsu attacks due to being grown with Chakra. Which is why it is so valued by so many people", spoke Shino.

This relation completely stunned the other Konoha-nins and could only image how much the ship cost to make.

"But enough about my ship I think it is now best that we head back to the village and tend to the wounded, team twelve will stay here and him with the unloading of the supplies on the ship and help bring them to the village", said The Raikage. Where team twelve quickly acknowledge their orders and Shunshin'd to the ship.

Just as The Raikage was about to head to the village with the rest of his Shinobi's Kakashi suddenly spoke up.

"Raikage-denka please wait!", where The Raikage then turned to him.

"Raikage-denka if I may ask you, where did you find the Raijin? from our reports it was said to be lost about ten years ago. When it and the man who help stole it fell off a cliff Cha no Kuni (Tea Country) when battle against some of our Shinobi's", asked Kakashi.

"I took it after I fought and killed The Shinobi named Rokushō Aoi, who I came across by accident; he was a missing-nin from Amegakure (Hidden Rain) and was also a missing-nin from your village as well if I'm not mistaken", spoke The Raikage.

Kakashi nodded, since it was very much possible that he survived the fall off the cliff and into the sea, since they never found his body.

"Raikage-denka! If you would, please hand over the Raijin to us, since the sword belonged to Senju Tobirama who was one of the great founders of our village and was our Nidaime Hokage", said Kakashi.

"I' am sorry Hatake-san, but I will not, since it was I who fought and killed Rokushō Aoi not your or any of your village other Shinobi's, hence to the victors go the spoils of war", said The Raikage neutrally.

"I'm sorry Raikage-denka, but I must insist that you hand over the Raijin to me, as I said the Raijin belonged to Senju Tobirama was our Nidaime Hokage. Hence it is a treasured heirloom to our village and it rightfully belongs to our Hokage Lady Tsuande. Since she is the great niece of the Nidaime Hokage and is his only remaining relative, hence we have the right of family inheritance as well", said Kakashi insistently.

"As I said Hatake-san I'll not, as I am under no obligation to hand over the Raijin to your village, since other than the peace treaty our villages signed nineteen years ago. We have no other treaties with Konoha hence I don't have to give you the Raijin if I do not wish to, which I don't", spoke The Raikage neutrally.

"Raikage-denka, I must insist that you hand over the Raijin to me ", said Kakashi forcefully, but immediately regreated it.

For as so soon as he tried to order the Raikage to give him the Raijin a massive Killing Intent flooded the area, it took everything Kakashi had not to buckle and collapse under the shear intensity of the Killing Intent. He also was struggling to breath and couldn't even move his body as he was flooded with images of his bloody and grim demise.

"What Killing Intent!... It's Monstrous!" thought Kakashi as he struggled to keep standing up, as he started to curse himself a thousand times over for being so stupid as to threaten The Raikage. Especially after he just saw him destroy almost half of the Kiri invasion force by himself and then destroy their entire invasion fleets as well.

The rest of the Konoha teams weren't doing any better than Kakashi as they were now surround by Killer bee and The Raikage other bodyguards along with the remaining STORM-nins with their weapons out. They were all struggling to breathe let alone keep standing up with The Raikage massive Killing Intent. As they had never felt such an overwhelming Killing Intent in their lives, even Sasuke was paralyzed by The Raikage Killing Intent as a cold sweat fell down his face.

"He Killing Intent is so strong…it makes the Killing Intent Orochimaru used back in the Chunin exam look like a joke in comparison", thought Sasuke with twig of fear in his mind.

Some of the Konoha-nis turned around to see how the Wave Militia members and the Wave Samurai how they were holding. When they did they saw that the Wave Samurai and Militia members were in a even worse shape than they were, since the Samurai were on their knees breathing heavily and using their swords to keep themselves up. While the Wave Militia members were flat on the ground, either unconscious or simply unable to move out of pure terror of the Killing Intent.

As the The Raikage stood in front of Kakashi, who was on the verge of collapsing, Kakashi saw that The Raikage now had an aura of energy surround him and his eyes were glowing bright Blue. Where his eyes were actually emanating Lightning from them (10) much to Kakashi shock and he saw that the sky had once again become dark with Storm clouds with Thunder in the background.

"You dare try and order me, the Rokudaime Raikake of Kumo around Hatake Kakashi", spoke The Raikage in a dark and ominous tone of voice. "You forget who I' am, as I am The Raikage of Kumo, while you are merely a Jonin for a foreign village, and although you may be a famed and powerful Shinobi from where you come from. As far as I'm concerned you are no more than an ant to me, and if you value your life you will never try and order me around like that again. For if it weren't for the fact that you and your comrades help protect Nami no Kuni until my Shinobi's and I arrived, I would kill you were you stood for what you just did. I would've thought you would be more grateful consider I helped save you and your people's lives... I suggest that you learn some gratitude Hatake, as next time I'll not be so merciful", finished The Raikage as the aura around him died down as did the Killing Intent, his eyes stopped glowing and the Sky became clear again.

When The Killing Intent died down, both Kakashi and the other Konoha-nins breathed in a sigh of relief.

"I understand Raikage-denka" said Kakashi while at the same time he berthed himself at tryiing to force The Raikage to do something he didn't want to, as he was certain he (Kakashi) nearly got himself killed and probably nearly caused a War between Konoha and Kumo."What the hell was I thinking", he thought.

"Now considering what you done for Nami no Kuni I'll allow you and your comrades to stay and rest hear for the night. But tomorrow I must insist that you leave Nami no Kuni and return to your own village", said The Raikage.

"Your kicking us out!" cried Ino in disbelief.

"Yes, since Nami no Kuni is under our protection, you being here threatens the neutrality of both this Country and the neutrality of the Heavenly Alliance", replied The Raikage.

"But how can you be neutral your already involved in the War, since you attacked Kiri twice both here and back The Hold and they're allies to Orochimaru and the others", cried Kiba.

"Our attacks on Kiri were not an act of War, The attack on The Hold was to rescue mission of the Princess Sachi of Umi no Kuni. Who is to be the next Queen of Tsuki no Kuni and an ally to the Heavenly Alliance. As for our intervention here, officially it was in retaliation of Kiri and Mizu no Kuni aggressive expansions against our trading routes in the Central Elemental sea with other nations. As well as the illegal invasion of Nami no Kuni who was neutral in this War of yours and because of Nami no Kuni requested aid from us and petition us to be a member of the Heavenly Alliance. While unofficially we did it as a personal favour to Lady Daimyo Kicho and Shibuki-san of Takigakure", said The Raikage.

"But you recued Kurenai-obasan and the others as well as helped the Rebel forces free their Prisoners from The Hold, that makes you involved", countered Konohamaru.

"Officially all I can say to that is that it was simply a coincidence that the Rebel forces attacked The Hold the same time as us. As for your Aunt and her teammates they simply followed us when we rescued Princess Sachi, who kidnapping was illegal from the start and we simply dropped you Aunt and here teammates back on the shores of Hi no Kuni when we found them on our ship. There is no proof what so ever that we have any involvement with the Rebel forces of Mizu no Kuni and Kirgakure and we have no Alliance with your village. There also no proof that we are in any kind of Alliance with the Rebel forces of Mizu no Kuni and Kirgakure, which would be against international law in involving ourselves in the internal affairs of another foreign Country without their consent. To say other wise would be conjecture and speculation without any proof to support the claim, since it would be simply our word against yours as both Kirigakure and Mizu no Kuni know when they accused us of breaking international law. I have already sent letters informing both Kirgakure, Mizu no Kuni as well as their allies as to why we intervened in the illegal invasion of Nami no Kuni, just as we did when we attacked The Hold so to prevent Kiri from accusing us taking sides in your War and retaining our neutrality. Also unofficially whether we have any kind of Alliance with the Rebels factions of Kirigakure and Mizu no Kuni is not of any concern to you. Even if we did it still does not involve Iwa, Oto, Kusa and the Hannya Clan regardless of their Alliance with Kirigakure since it is their internal matter. As for your Aunt and her teammates as I said to them when my Shinobi saved them, I simply did it since I don't like having lives being lost needless and as collateral damage during a military attack", replied The Raikage.

"Troublesome, your using political loop-holes to keep yourselves out of the War and from taking sides it", said Shikamaru.

"As the Leader of a Shinobi village a Kage must be a skilled fighter, tactician diplomat and politician, although the last one is a regrettable fact. Besides is it wrong to use such means to avoid War and the loss of lives? Konoha itself has use similar means. My way at least does not involve lives being sacrificed to keep the peace or to cast out others to save ourselves", sneered The Raikage. This caused many of the Konoha-nins to wince at the remark to their village history when it came to keeping its peace and secturity.

"Now that, that matter is closed I believe it is best that we return back to the village, since there are still many wounded there that need medical attention", said The Raikage after which he and his Shinobi Shunshin'd away.

Soon after the Konoha-nins and the remaining Wave defenders started to head back to the village and help with the wounded.

For the remainder of the day The Raikage, his Shinobi's as well as the Wave defenders and the Konoha Shinobi's, helped to deal with the bodies of the dead and care for the wounded, including the wounded Kiri-nins. After the most of the Kiri-nins were cured of the poison and healed of most of their wounds, The Raikage and some of the STORMS-nins, put Chakra-Suppressing Seals and Paralyzing Seals on them. So that they would prevent the Kiri-nins from using their Chakra and so that the STORM members could Paralyze their bodies if they should try to escape.

Fortunately none of the Kiri Shinobi's resisted or even tried to make an escape, since they knew if they tried to escape and return home the Mizukage would have them killed for failing to capture Nami no Kuni. Also they knew that since the Mizukage would belief they were already dead then their families would not be harmed for being captured by Kumo. Since it had been decided that once the expedition force came from Kumo, the remaining Kiri forces would be taken abroad the ships and transported to Kaminari no Kuni, and held in an internment camp near one of Kumo's fortresses.

Also later on that day some of the STORM-nins found the exploding notes the Sasuke team had planted underneath the walk path of the bridge. When confronted with this Kakashi had to explain what Sasuke had done and why he did it. This of course did not set well with the Wave defenders especially since they knew that if the Konoha group had been able to retreat bridge would had have been destroyed and they would have been left to slaughtered. When this revelation came to light it burned up all the remaining credibility that they had with the people as well as any that they may have gained when they fought along side them in the battle. Many in the Konoha group in turn blamed Sasuke for what happened since he had acted without orders and furthered isolated them from the people, Sasuke just simply ignored them since he had come pressing things to him to be concerned about.

By the end of the day the body counts was over five hundred and eighty Kiri Shinobi's dead not counting the five hundred crewmen and Shinobi's that were on the Warships and about two hundred and twenty Kiri Shinobi's captured. Along with them were a hundred or thirty dead or wounded Wave Militia members and about twenty eight Wave Samurai killed and another twelve wounded.

The Konoha group only lost one member to their group Badger, while the rest were of them were fairly badly wound but would live regardless. While The Raikage and his Shinobi's lost none of their members and they only had a few small wounds and scratches on them.

The losses wound have been heavy and there wound have been a lot more seriously wounded but thankfully the some of the STORM-nins with The Raikage were skilled healers. Where they were able to help Hinata Sakura and Ino heal a lot of the wounded from the battle, hence the casualties would have been a lot higher than they were.

-Later on that Night At Naruto's Gravestone-

Late that night when the full moon was covered behind several large black clouds, a tall dark figure stood in front of Naruto's Gravestone. The figure just stood there for several minutes looking down at it and the items that were around it, like the Raman bowel, Neji old Headband, the steel plate Shikamaru left, Kiba's picture of him, Naruto, Choji and Shikamaru together TenTen's Silver Kunai, Konohamaru Goggles, Lee's leg warmers, Sai painting of Naruto and the white orchid that Hinata left.

The figure went lift to the photo and the painting to get a better look at them in the dark, but put then back after a minute or two. After which the figure then knelt down and just looked at what was said on the Gravestone and ran it's through it.

Just as the figure had finished running its fingers through the letters of the Gravestone it suddenly felt something coming, where it then quickly disappeared in a swirl of Wind.

After the dark figure disappeared three more figures appeared in the clearing, two of the figures were shorter than the third but were almost equal in size and both were female due to the shape of their bodies in the dark.

The three figures quickly hopped over the large stones across the pond and stood in front of Naruto's Gravestone in silence. As they stood there the full moon came out of the clouds to shine down on the clearing. The clear Water reflected the full moon and the bright stars in the sky and made the clearing all the more enchanting under the moonlight and stars and the fire flies now flew around it.

As the Moon appeared from behind the clouds it also revealed the three dark figures to be Kakashi, Sakura and Ino.

Even though they had not been allowed to come with the others when they visited Naruto Gravestone they still wanted to visit it and thanks to Sai they could. Since before he and the others went to meet Inari men to lead them to the Gravestone, Sai had used his Chōjū Giga (Super Beasts Imitation Pictures), to create an Ink mouse to follow him and the others as they went to Naruto Gravestone blindfolded and the back to the camp.

After they returned to the camp Sai then summoned the mouse back to his scroll where it revealed the location of Naruto's Gravestone. He had done this because he knew how much it meant to his wife and to Sakura and Kakashi to visit Naruto's Gravestone and pay their respects to him.

"It's beautiful", said Ino as she looked around the Clearing and at the Gravestone.

"It is and I glad that despite the harsh life Naruto had, there is a place like this to remained the world what kind of person he was. I only wish his body could have been found so that he could at lest find rest here", spoke Kakashi soberly.

For the next minute or two the three of them just looked at the Gravestone and read the words on it over and over again, reminding themselves of the betrayal to Naruto and how their turned their back on a good person when he needed his friends.

"Somehow I'm sorry just doesn't make up for what we did" spoke Sakura suddenly.

"It because it doesn't really and no matter how much we wish to Naruto isn't coming back and we can never make up for abandoning him", said Kakashi. As he looked down at his former students Gravestone, Seeing it reminded him of him past shame of how he abandoned Naruto for Sasuke, simply because he believed that Sasuke needed it more, due to what happen to his Clan and that Naruto could handily himself and that he did not really need much help.

Sadly he had been wrong, since Naruto needed just as much help as Sasuke, since his childhood was just as bad if not worse than Sasuke's. He didn't even visit Naruto on the night before he was official banished from the village, since he believed at the time Sasuke needed more help and needed to know that he could become strong enough to fight Itachi in Konoha. Kakashi thought he could say good bye to Naruto when he official was banished, but sadly that didn't happen his Naruto left the night before so that he would not become a spectral to the village.

Afterwards when Naruto death spread Kakashi finally realised how fool he had been and how he had abandoned his student for another simply because he was easier to teach and was more talented than the others. He had abandoned his teammate and student and never tried to train him properly like a real sensei should have and it lead to his death, it was just another failing in a long list of failings in Kakashi life.

As he looked at Naruto Gravestone he could also see Naruto face on the Gravestone looking at him with shame, he had failed not only as a teacher but he had failed to protect his sensei's legacy and he had failed his friends. It was then that Obito words came out of the back of his mind like a spectre's ghostly voice, "Those that break the rules and regulations are scum. But those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum" and he was worse than scum.

After a few more minutes of just standing at Naruto Gravestone they all took out some incense and lit it were they made a silent pray for Naruto. After they all left the Gravestone one by one but not before they each said one finally word.

"May you find peace in the next life Naruto", spoke Kakashi

"Goodbye Naruto", said Ino was had tears in her eyes.

"Naruto… I'm…..Sorry", said Sakura who also had tears in her eyes.

After which once they crossed the stone pathway on the pond they left the clearing and head back to their camp.

Unknown to any of them the dark figure that had been there earlier came from behind the shadow of the trees, where he had been watching them and then disappeared again in a swirl of Wind.

-The Next Morning-

The next morning The Konoha group, along with The Raikage and bodyguards were in the middle of the Great Naruto Bridge, where The Raikage was bidding farewell to the Konoha group.

"This is where we part ways have to say, please give this to your Hokage and you council, it contains a copy of the letter that we have sent to Kiri and it allies as well as your ally Suna. It states our reason why we intervened when Kiri invaded Nami no Kuni and stating that Kumo and the Heavenly Alliance as well as our allies, will not enter this war and not take sides in it. We will remain neutral in it", spoke The Raikage as he handed the letter to Kakashi who nodded.

"I understand Raikage-denka", spoke Kakashi respectful, since he did not want to be on the receiving end of The Raikage wrath again.

Just when the Konoha group were about to leave The Raikage stop them and spoke.

"Wait!...Although we are not allies, we are still not enemies either, so I wish most of you luck in the War. Also even though I have no great respect for your village I still hope you come victories in your War against Orochimaru and his allies. Since I would not be sorry to see him or his allies the Yondaime Tsuchikage and the Godaime Mizukage fall, since their crimes against their own people as well as many other people are great", said The Raikage.

"Thank you Raikage-denka we shall be careful", replied Kakashi as he and the others then turned around and started to run off in the direction back to Konoha.

As they travel through the forests of Hi no Kuni, everyone in the Konoha group as they remained silent as they ran, since they had much to think about after what they saw and learned yesterday. Even though everyone was thinking about a different event yet all the things had one two things in common, they involved The Raikage and Kumo.

Also Kureani, Choji, Sakura and Lee were all have a sense of déjà vu of last month when they were travelling back to Konoha, after being recued from The Hold by Kumo. In which like before they could only wonder the reaction of the Hokage and the Council, especially certain members like Koharu and Danzo, when they learned what happened in Nami no Kuni and what they had seen yesterday.

And like before it was certain Konoha was going to be in for a big surprise very soon.


1. There are three separate Waves in this attack and are positioned on all four sides of the village and each Wave consists of two hundred Shinobi's.

2. A more advance form of Hinata's Dageki Sendo immense amount of Chakra into her fingertips and then releases it in a massive concentrated pulse wave of Chakra through her finger tips into any object that she hits (usually the ground). Where she creates a massive Shock Wave that causes the ground or anything else that the technique hits, to be completing torn apart and destroyed.

3. A Jian is a Chinese double-edged straight sword

4. Sitrep is a military term used in most military's, it means Situation Report

5. TenTen has two elemental affinities in this story one is Lightning while the other is Wind

6. Fitting don't you think, since considering Naruto's Nickname as the God of Thunder and Lightning and he his The Raikage.

7. Since they were able to channel their Chakra to their feet in time to stay still.

8. See Profile to see image of Ship named Suzaku

9. Suzuka the Japanese name for the Chinese Vermilion Bird and is often associated with the Phoenix

10. Imagine Raiden's eyes in Mortal Kombat

Non-Cannon Jutsu

(A) Kamigeki (Divine strike): A more advance form of Hinata's Dageki Sendo immense amount of Chakra into her fingertips and then releases it in a massive concentrated pulse wave of Chakra through her finger tips into any object that she hits (usually the ground). Where she creates a massive Shock Wave that causes the ground or anything else that the technique hits, to be completing torn apart and destroyed.

(B) Chakra Hari (Chakra Needles): Another Technique that Hinata created where she creates Shenbon needles made out of pure Chakra and fires them into certain parts of the targets body to paralyze them.

(C) Izuna (Rice Rope, Also the name of a Wind Spirit): A Kenjutsu technique that allows a swordsman to create an air vacuum that is caused by a pressure wave, which is created by the swordsman when he swings his blade and channels his Wind Chakra into it. The attack blows away all opponents with the air vacuum and cuts their bodies with small Wind Blades at the same time. The Wind Blades cuts are so fast and so precise that the wounds they make do not even bleed, but hurt greatly and can prevent a person from moving for a sort time due to the pains of the cuts.

(D) Byakurai (White Lightning): A Lightning Technique, which is one of The Raikage signature techniques. The Technique can only be done by a Lightning user who has a high affinity to Lightning and control over it. The technique requires no hand-seals, since the user has to concentrate a large amount of his Lightning Chakra into his or her finger tip, where once the user releases it, a powerful Lightning bolt is fired from the user finger.

(E) The Raikage's Floating Technique: By channelling a large amount of Lightning Charka around his body and into the metal soles of his boots. The Raikage can create an electromagnetic field around himself and magnetise the metal soles of in his boots to lift him up into the air and levitate in the air.

(F) Matoi Izuna (Wrapping Wind Spirit): Another Kenjutsu technique which is used when a user swings blade downward to the ground and channelling his Wind Chakra through his sword and realising it and creating a powerful pressure wave blast. That is so powerful that it will destroy the very ground as it travels to its target and will do devastating damage to whatever it hits.

(G) Raihei (Lightning Wall): A Lightning Technique, which can be summoned by The Raikage without any hand seals, the technique allows the user to create a large wall made out of Lighting protecting the user from high powered attacks. The Technique requires a high affinity to Lightning since, the Techniques draws static electricity in the air to create the wall of Lightning and control it.

(H) Tobi Izuna (Jumping Spirit Wind): Another Kenjutsu technique where the user channels his Wind Chakra into his blade and swings it to create a crescent shape air vacuum blade. That can slice right through stone walls or cut a person in two with such speed and precision that any wounds caused by with will not bleed.

(I) Zanzō (After image): This technique is a Taijutsu Technique that causes an optical illusion, where the user moves from one place to another and another with such incredible speed. That they leave an image that continues to appear to the opponent's vision, after the exposure to the original image has ceased. It then takes several seconds for the image of the person to disappear and for the opponent to realise that the person is gone. Making the opponent believe that the person has not moved from where he was until the image disappears.

(J) Kaze no Itami (Wind of Pain): A Wind Technique that creates a Vortex of Wind that is blasted at a target and sends the target flying away, while at the same time causing severe lacerations all over the targets body.

(K) Koutetsu no Toga (Steel Spike): A Steel Technique that requires the Kōton (Steel Release) Bloodline, where a user creates steel spikes from out of the ground to pierce his enemies from the ground.

(L) Tentaiya (Celestial Arrow): A special Technique that the Ishida Clan can use thanks to their Bloodline. Where the user creates an arrow of concentrated Chakra from either a specialy created bow or a bow bade out of Chakra and the fires it. Depending on the amount of Chakra used the user can either simple kill a man with the Technique like a normal arrow or blow up an entire house form one strike. Also when fired the user can change the arrow's direction or target when fired, since the arrow is made out of the user Chakra.

(M) Koubaton: Chika (Plant Style: Scattered Flowers): A Pant Technique that requires the Koubaton (Plant Release) Bloodline. Where the user creates hundreds of flowers to grow around their target and uses this Technique to scatter the flowers petals. That has Chakra covering them to sharpen their edges and have them fly around in a spiral sphere around the target and then collapse on itself shredding the target to pieces.

(N) Kuchiyose no Jutsu Ookamida (Summoning Technique Wolf Pack): A summoning technique from the Kisaragi Clan, where a user would use a summing technique than would summon a pack of wolves to attack the user's enemies.

(O) Tendou (Heaven's kick): A Taijutsu technique that the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan use where a member would kick their target up into the air and the jump up after them, before the target could recover from the kick. They would then use a falling axe kick on the target sending strength down in to the ground and causing massive damage to the target.

(P) Hiden: Gōen Ryūga (Secret Art: Ultimate Dragon Fang Blaze): A Fire Technique that can only be used by a member of the Yun Clan and that has the Ryuton (Dragon Release) Bloodline. The user inhales air and then exhales a massive long wide stream of super hot fire with incredible speed from the user's mouth like that of a flamethrower. That will burn any targets that are hit by it to a crisp.

(Q) Kazeshini (Wind Death): A Wind Technique that created by using a weapon like a sword or another long sharp weapon. When swinging the sword down and channelling a large amount of Wind Chakra into it. The user can create a massive gust of with and create a dozen or so crescent Wind shape blades, where as the gust of wind temporary blinds the target with the strong Wind blowing its face the with blades with then hit the target and slice it into pieces.

(R) Surarai (Thunder Slash): A Lightning Technique that The Raikage created by using the Raijin. The technique works where The Raikage uses the Raijin own pure electrical energy and combines it with his own Lightning affintity and unleases the combine power into a slashing blade of electristy capable of cutting most things. Depending on the amount of power that The Raikage uses he can create a small blade of energy to cut a man in two or destroy a entire house with a single slash.

(S) Ranton: Rēzā Doragon (Storm Release: Laser Dragon): A Storm Technique thatt allows a user of the Storm release Bloodline to create a massive dragon made out of electric energy that well distory any target it hitsand leave no trace of it.

(T) Katon: Haineko (Fire Style: Ash Cat): A Fire Technique that Yugito created where she blows as out of her mouth and the has takes the shape of a large cat made out of ash with a cloud of ash behind it and charges forward at its target. When the attack hits the target the person will be at first be cut by the high speed of the ash blowing past them. But after the ash is settled around the hot ash will burn their bodies up.

(U) Raiton:Suzukiri (Lightning Style: Cutting Sparrow): A Lightning Technique that allows the uses to create several birds or more (depending on the amount of Chakra) used made out of Lightning. Where the Lightning Birds will fly around and cut the targets that they come in contact with. The Lightning Birds can also be controlled to go to whatever direction the user wish's with hands-seals, if he or she is proficient enough in their control of their Elemental affinity and Chakra control.

(V) Raipō(Lightning Steps): A special a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow that The Raikage created where, The Raikage draws on the Geomagnetic Voltage derived directly from the Earth and channels the Voltage to the bottom of his feet and super charges them and the ground around him allowing him to go to point A to point B in a single step. The Technique works where The Raikage has to constantly draw the Voltage from the on the Geomagnetic Voltage of the Earth to the bottom of his feet and using the repellent force to go from one place to the other in an instant. The Technique literally allows The Raikage to skate across the Voltage that he has gathered and use it to move at monumental speed where he can move as fast as the speed of light. The technique itself is extremely difficult to master than the where the user has to have an extremely high affinity to Lightning and extremely high control because of the amount of Voltage the users has to draw and control. The technique also uses little to no Chakra his The Raikage draws the energy he needs from the Earth itself. He also can down the Technique in mid-air where he draws on the static electricity from the air itself, although he cannot maintain the technique as long as he can in the ground his there their isn't enough electricity in the air as there is in the ground.

(W) Seikara (Static Force): Another special Technique that The Raikage created himself where he generates a massive amount of Lightning Chakra to his fingertips. After which he then unleashes stream of Lightning bolts out of his fingers tips to hits it targets where the will be electrocuted. When dealing with large groups the Lightning bolts will spread to other nearby people, if they have any metal on their bodies, since the Lightning will be attracted to the metal, much like how a Lightning rod attracts Lightning during a storm.

(X) Tenpū Midarete (Heavenly Wind Rage): A Wind Technique that creates a massive explosion of Wind from it user location. It has enough force that it can easily level everything in its path up to a mile.

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