Title: Harry Snape And The Sorcerer Stone


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Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces

"Well Snape looks like your going to fail," Quirrell told him. "And what a pretty little Mudblood you have there."

Harry pushed Hermione behind him. "Leave her alone," he said.

"Oh I can't leave her alone or you," Quirrell told Harry. "Not now that you have the stone."

Harry stared at him in shock and Quirrell used the chance to chain both Harry and Hermione up.

"Just like your stinking parents, always poking their noses where it doesn't belong," he went on. "Now let me have that stone."

He leaned forward and had almost gotten it when his hand made contact with Harry's skin. He screamed in pain as his hand disintegrated.

"How did that happen?" Hermione asked.

But Harry didn't answer, he was screaming in pain as well.

"You fool!" hissed a voice. "Don't touch him."

"Master, how can I get the stone if I don't touch him," Quirrell moaned.

"Use magic," it hissed.

Quirrell took out his wand but all of a sudden Harry found himself free. Quirrell launched a spell at Harry and Harry dived to avoid it.

"Nice try, Snape," Quirrell said. "But dodging Lord Voldemort's spells are a little harder then you think."

"I'm doing well right now," Harry said.

Quirrell smirked and then launched another spell at him, which Harry managed to get away from.

Meanwhile Hermione managed to get free and launched at Quirrell, getting the turban off. Hermione let out a horrible scream of terror as the face of Voldemort showed right at her.

"Quirrell, kill the Mudblood," Voldemort hissed. "She has discovered our secret."

Quirrell launched at her but then Dumbledore appeared and shot a spell at Quirrell followed by several teachers. Harry watched as Voldemort left Quirrell's body and he was left to die.

"Come along," Dumbledore said.

Harry nodded and he and Hermione left, Professors Sprout, Malfoy, and McGonagall trailing behind.

Ron was stuck in the hospital wing for several days while Dumbledore explained what had happened when Quirrell touched Harry's skin. Thankfully the stone hadn't been stolen and Dumbledore told Harry that it had been destroyed at last. Unknown to Dumbledore a good bit of the stone had chipped off during the fight and Harry had a bit of the Sorcerer Stone. He figured that he could use it later on when he understood it fully it. Harry went over the talk that he had with Dumbledore, thinking about how his mum had died so that Harry could live. It made him feel both warm and sad that he had such loving parents.

The exam results came in and to Harry and Hermione's amazement they both had passed with very good marks, Ron had barely passed. Due to Harry, Ron, and Hermione going down to try and get the stone, therefore saving the school from doom, Hufflepuff won the house cup. Harry hoped, if his parents were watching, that they were proud of him. Soon their wardrobes were empty and notes were handed out against using magic over the summer.

"I wish they forget to give them to us," Harry heard Fred Weasley say.

Hagrid took them on the little boats down to the train and the men there helped load their things into their compartments. Harry bought a lot of candy to make him due through the summer and Ron invited both him and Hermione to spend the summer with him.

"Thanks, I need something to look forward to," Harry told Ron.

They took off their robes and put on their jackets just as the Hogwarts Express pulled into Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Harry dragged his trunk and Hedwig and went through the barrier back into the muggle world. As soon as Harry appeared a very red headed girl pointed him out but was told to stop by her mum.

"There's mum and don't let the muggles get you down," Ron told Harry.

"Thanks, I'll try and remember that," Harry said.

And he joined his Uncle, who looked furious that he was even back, to his car and away from the station. He just hoped that his summer was a lot better then last.


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