E/O challenge: control

This piece is not beta'd therefor all mistakes are my own.

Set between season 3 and 4.


"When did things get so out of control? At what point did I lose the ability to see right from wrong? When did I lose myself to the need for revenge?" Sam knew the answers to these questions but refused to acknowledge even to himself the answers because that would mean he would have to stop. It would force him to regain control and he didn't want to because the one thing that was more important to him at this point was revenge. He ate, slept and breathed it. It was the only thing that got him out of bed in the morning and it was his companion as he slipped of into unconsciousness at night. Revenge for his heroes death.

Dean had dies two months ago. Sam had died one minute after Dean because the man that was left behind was no longer Dean Winchester's brother. This man was his avenging angel.