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"Oh happened next?" Yugi asked, leaning forward anxiously and nursing his strawberry milkshake, amethyst eyes wide as they focused intently on Ryou.

The paler teen sighed, propping an elbow on the table and resting his cheek into an open hand. "Well, it could have gone worse. 'Kura told my dad the truth, more or less. About the Millennium Ring and where he came from. He said it would only be right for my dad to know since he gave me the ring in the first place. I don't think he believed us, but we didn't exactly have time to come up with a convincing story. Honestly, I was surprised to see him home at all." He hummed a small note of annoyance as he paused in his story to sip at his chocolate milkshake. He looked around a little at the other patrons of Burger World, all idly enjoying their normal lives even in the after math of the wide-spread disasters that had rocked the world only days before. He almost envied them.

"He sat quietly and listened to all of it at least. Afterwards he shooed 'Kura off so we could talk privately for a bit. Mainly about me being..." he trailed off and took another sip of his shake. "Well, he seemed a little...disappointed to say the least. I can't really blame him I guess, being his only son and all...Then he sent me off to bed so he could talk to 'Kura. I don't know what happened, but this morning he seemed to be handling it better. He even made a big breakfast and all three of us ate together."

"Well, that's good then, right?" Yugi asked, munching on a few fries.

"Well....yes and no." Ryou leaned even closer to the shorter teen, cupping a hand near his mouth. Yugi leaned in closer as well, turning his head slightly. "He's making 'Kura sleep on the couch."


"Yeah, on the couch. Not even in the nice guest room upstairs. I'd be "too close to Ryou"," Bakura scoffed from beside Ryou, choosing a card form his hand and setting it on the table in attack mode. "He also made me promise to "be good" until, get this, three days after Ryou's birthday. You're turn, Pharaoh."

"Why such a specific date?" Atem asked, drawing a card.

"Something about waiting until Ryou's eighteen and his dad's out of town. Apparently "dad", as I've been told to call him," the thief rolled his eyes, "conveniently remembered that he had a son and that his eighteenth birthday was coming up and decided to make an appearance for the occasion."

Yugi looked over to the thief, leaning slightly against Atem. "Well, I guess that makes sense. Maybe he's willing to accept that you two are together but just doesn't want to see it?" His gaze shifted to the cards in his lover's hand, trying to guess the Pharaoh's strategy.

"Oh, it's not just that," Ryou chuckled, taking a bite of his burger. "See, Bakura told my dad he was twenty."

"Which I still don't see what the big deal is," Bakura grumbled, drawing a card. "What's the problem? We're not even a full three years apart. It's not like I'm robbing the cradle," he chuckled at the phrase, setting two cards face down. "Attacking Mystic Elf- But apparently his father's not happy with that age difference. I don't get it."

Yugi chuckled while Atem and Bakura worked through the battle phase before speaking. "Ryou didn't tell you I guess."

"Tell me what?" the thief looked between the two teens. Ryou covered his face with one hand to hide a grin.

"Well, three thousand years ago it wouldn't have mattered. But according to the laws in this day and age and in this country, I'm considered a minor until I'm eighteen. You'd actually get in a lot of trouble if we..."didn't behave"."

Bakura looked down on Ryou, frowning. "That's stupid. So basically if I had lied about my age like the Pharaoh did then your father wouldn't be making me sleep on the couch?"

"I didn't lie about my age," Atem muttered, setting two cards on the field.

"Funny, I seem to recall you being maybe sixteen, probably even still fifteen when you sealed Zorc. Suddenly you're seventeen. What kind of messed up math are you using, Pharaoh?"

"After living with Yugi as I have, I felt seventeen more accurately-"

"Given that logic, I'm more like twenty-six then. Face it, you just didn't want to be younger than Yugi," Bakura snickered, calling an attack.

"It's just a number," Atem muttered, flipping over a trap card.

"Apparently not since there's some mystical change that occurs when you turn eighteen. I mean, Ryou's birthday isn't even a week away but I have to wait until then as if it's going to make some sort of difference." He flipped a counter trap. "It's stupid."

Ryou chuckled. "You waited this long, another week won't kill you." He brought his straw to his lips and paused. "It might kill my dad though..."

"I wouldn't kill your father, Ryou," the thief tsked, flipping another card. "He's just lucky I can't send him to the shadow realm. I miss that ability...I remove three fiends from my graveyard to summon Dark Necrofear to the field."

"I don't miss it," Yugi sighed. "I think it'll be a nice change to not have to worry about shadow games or Egyptian Gods or mystical items and the people who want them. It's nice to play Duel Monsters just for fun again."

"Aa, Aibou. I activate Black Hole and then play Monster Reborn to summon Dark Magician back to the field."

"That's a dirty trick, Pharaoh," Bakura chuckled. "But I activate Call of the Haunted and bring back my Diabound."

"This looks familiar."

All four jumped slightly as Marik appeared at their table, bending over to get a better look at the game.

"Marik! What are you doing here?" Ryou asked the spiky blond.

"I'm here because hikari's here," the yami replied as if it were the only logical answer in the world.

"Hey guys," Malik grinned, coming to stand beside Marik. "Your grandpa told us you were here, Yugi. It's good seeing you all agai- oof, Marik!"

"What?" Marik blinking at his hikari, arms wrapped securely around his shoulders.

"I see the psycho's still attached to you like glue," Bakura smirked. "So what brings you to Domino?"

"Can I tell them, hikari? Please please please please-"

"Alright, then tell them, already," Malik laughed. Marik grinned, releasing the other blond to face the others.

"Hikari's sister was offered a job at the museum so we're here looking at houses."

"You'll be living in Domino! That's great!" Yugi beamed. "When are you planning to move?"

"Well, we still have a lot to do in Egypt, but probably before the end of the year."

"That's wonderful news," Atem smiled, still focused on the game. "What will you two be doing? Have you given it any thought?"

"I don't know yet," Malik admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. "But it's nice to know that I have options, you know? Hey, when you guys finish your duel, you want to hang out?"

"Sure," Ryou smiled.

"Ra damn it, how did you do that?" Bakura snapped suddenly.

"I think it's obvious," Atem smirked, folding his arms over his chest. "So that takes you down to 300 life points, yes? Your move."

"Son of a..." the thief grumbled, drawing a card. Ryou took Bakura's chin in his hand, turning his face toward him and stealing a small kiss.

"It's just a game, 'Kura."

"One tombrobber's losing," Marik snickered.

"Shut it, psycho," Bakura growled at the blond.


"What?" Yugi blinked curiously. Marik pouted, hands on his hips and leaning toward the short teen.

"No, not you, Pharaoh's hikari. Tombrobber was supposed to ask."

"Marik, stop distracting Bakura," Malik sighed.

"Not like he'll win against Pharaoh," the blond grumbled, moving to sit in the booth behind Ryou and Bakura so he could see the thief's cards. Malik, keeping an eye on the hyper blond, dragged a chair to the end of the table so he could sit and catch up on current events.

Ryou closed his eyes and rested his head against Bakura's shoulder, letting out a soft, contented sigh.

"You ok Ryou?" Bakura asked softly after a moment. The teen looked up and smiled brightly.

"Yeah, 'Kura. Just thinking." He glanced around at the other patrons of Burger World, all idly enjoying their normal lives. He decided that he didn't envy them after all. 'No...if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing,' he thought, looking at his friends and then back up at his yami.

"You'd better think of something fast, Pharaoh," Bakura grinned, setting a card down. "I'm up to D-E-A."

"Hey 'Kura?"

"Hmm?" the thief looked down at Ryou curiously.

"Love you."

"I love you too, my Ryou," Bakura chuckled, moving his hand cards to his other hand and putting his arm around the teen. "You're move, Pharaoh," he grinned, nodding toward Atem.

(The End)

AN: Heh, look at that. I remembered the card game all the way through. How many people do that! (just joking and half-referencing a line from "Yami Marik Reviews Wolverine Origins", please don't kill me XD)

You know how Bakura said "Don't ask" like three times during the story and then Ryou said "Don't ask" before he kissed him like what, three chapters ago?

That's what Bakura told him not to ask about. He didn't want to said the "L" word.

And the story ends on a sappy note, but it was a Romance/Adventure. What did you expect? You can't end a story on adventure. That leaves an unnecessary cliff hanger that spirals into an infinite loop. And any programmer in the world can tell you infinite loops are undesirable.

The sequel is still in the works in my head, but I will have a little teaser at the end in a bit here. I hope it intrigues you into wanting to read it.

Whatever it ends up being called.

But first some outtakes. Because they amuse me. :3 You can skip them if you want to though. The teaser is after a bunch of *'s.

(Brought to you by Horrible Hong Kong Subbing!)

"Come out Blue Eyes White Dragon!"

'And that voice belongs to that priest who insists on Priest Set becoming the Pharaoh. According to Isis, I was this priest in a past life. If I believe her, then that would mean Kisara...'

"Pharaoh," Akunadin's voice spoke once more. "You look very good as a naked king."

Seto blinked, a faint blush crossing his features at the thought. "Wh-what?"

(This is a World of Warcraft Reference!)

A familiar laughed reached the retreating group and they paused, looking up to see the Millennium Tablet floating into the sky, Tozokuo standing atop it and beaming down at them with crimson eyes. "It was inevitable!" His Diabound appeared behind him.

"Akefia?" Ryou called out, clinging to Bakura's hand.

"Don't look so smug! I know what you're thinking, but Kul Elna was merely a set back. Did you honestly believe I would trust some one-eyed foolish priest to carry out my plans? Hahahaha... Oh no, no, no, he was merely an instrument, a stepping stone to a much larger plan! It has all led to this...and this time, you will not interfere!"

(Another WoW reference!)

Tozokuo/Zorc looked back over his shoulder at them with a low laugh. Shadows seemed to seep from his body, gathering before him before to flew away. With a pained cry, the thief staggered to face them, hands rising to grasp at his robe as he glared at the Pharaoh.

"My demise accomplishes nothing! The Dark Lord will have you! You will drown in your own blood! The world shall burn! Aaaghh!"

(And one more from WoW)

"There is no running away! There is no where to hide! You will all die!" he shouted, laughing wildly. Slowly his body disintegrated, infusing with the Millennium Tablet, his Diabound imitating the act. A crimson burst of energy shot skyward, echoed by a larger blast that shot down from the clouds into the earth below, the Millennium Items scattering as the Tablet was destroyed in the process. Flames erupted where the blast had struck and the ground split open, allowing the massive form of the Dark Lord Zorc to emerge.

The Dark Lord looked down at on the group, eyes glowing blood red as he stretched his wings out, a clawed hand pointing down at them and his dragon-like appendage roaring.

"You are not prepared!"

(You can choose to replace "are not" with "were insufficiently". That works too but it isn't the true quote. XD)

(More bad Subbing + humor!)

"Zorc, I fight you in the name of all who have suffered because of you. In the name of those who pursue the light of hope, I will defeat you! I won't let this world be tinged by dark colors!"

"Remember children, always separate your darks and your whites!" Bakura shouted.

"Damn it, Bakura, you're supposed to be dead!" Yami yelled at the thief, who stood off camera.

"You're horrible dialog brought me back to-HEY"

"Bad yami! Go to your trailer!" the author snapped, pointing in the general direction of Bakura's trailer. The thief grumbled, glaring at the author. "Be nice or I'll turn this into a darkshipping!"

"Hey!" Marik and Malik shouted in unison.

(This was an alternate idea scene for something in Chapter 25)

Marik laughed as the elevator doors opened and he ran down the hall. He knew which room the Pharaoh and the Tombrobber were in and wanted to be the first one there.

He lunged for the door, fist already raised in preparation to begin knocking when he was suddenly jerked back by his cloak. He whined, straining to reach the door, hands flailing before him.

"No! No! Let me! I want to-awww" he pouted as Malik calmly stepped between Marik and the door, knocking politely. "Hikari never lets me have any fun," he pouted, dropping into a crouch and hugging his knees, sulking like a two year old.

(And one more!)

"Hey...Hey! Other me! Other me? Wake up!"

Bakura jolted awake, right eye blinking while he found the left pressed into something soft. He closed his eyes and groaned as his head ached and the world spun.

"Ah. Good. Thought I might have been too late."

"What the hell," the thief muttered, burying his face in the softness under his head and muffling his words.

"Heh, that's what I was wondering."

After a moment, Bakura turned his head to the side, finding his arms protesting all commands to move, and blinked at his companion. "Where the hell are we?" he muttered grumpily. "And what is with all the pillows?" he asked as he realized that he was not only laying atop pillows but that they seemed to carpet the ground in various colors and sizes.

"I have no idea," Tozokuo shrugged. He sat cross legged a few feet away where Bakura lay, hands gripping his ankle and still donning the outfit he had last been seen in. "I kinda like these "pillow" things though," he smirked, looking around.

Slowly Bakura managed to bring his arms under him and propped himself up on his elbows, looking around. He looked back to Tozokuo finally. "I believe this is called Geminishipping."

"You believe what is called what?"

(I couldn't help it, I just had to slip that one in. Hooray for YGOTAS!)


AN: Well, I thought they were funny. Now this isn't the scene I was going to put here, but it's the one that was bugging me the most. It might be more:


But I did try to keep (ha, you thought I was going to say clean didn't you? No, I refuse to rhyme.) It is HEAVILY BRONZESHIPPING though, for those who don't like it. But then, maybe you'll read it and be interested? I think it's cute anyway. :3


Malik awoke slowly, a little surprised to see the sun was already rising. 'Heh, the first sunrise I've missed in years,' he thought with a small smile as he looked down to the mess of blond hair belonging to Marik. The yami's head rested comfortably on his bare chest, strong arms hugging the teen's waist while their owner snored softly. Malik closed his eyes, enjoying the quiet moment and the other's warmth. 'I need to get up...' he thought, fighting the urge to just sleep in with his new lover.

"Malik!" Isis called, knocking on his door. There was a trace of worry in his voice. "Malik, are you awake? Marik isn't in his room!" Malik smirked, already knowing this fact, and opened his mouth to reply.

"Be quiet, hikari's sister! Hikari's sleeping!" Marik called back, lifting his head a mere inch from his hikari's chest before settling back down sleepily. Malik felt his cheeks burn and stared at the blond in disbelief.

"A-ah...alright then..." Isis replied nervously, retreating quickly downstairs.

'Great...maybe I should stay in bed all day after all,' Malik sighed, running a hand through Marik's hair. "I have to get up, Marik."

"No. You're sleeping," the yami mumbled.


"Shh. I'm listening."

Malik blinked in confusion. "Listening to what?"

"Hikari's heart. I like it. And hikari's warm and smells nice. Go back to sleep." For added emphasis, Marik tightened his arms around the blond's waist. Malik chuckled.

"I have to get up though, Marik. Please?" Marik shifted his position and looked up at Malik, pouting sleepily. The teen smiled and kissed the yami softly. "Please?"

With soft growl Marik complied, releasing Malik and letting him get out of bed. "You could get up too, you know."

"Nnph," was the yami's only reply as he attached himself to Malik's pillow and fell back asleep. The teen took a moment to take in the sight before him: Marik with the blankets pushed down to his waist and revealing his bare torso shielded only by the pillow he clung to, face half-buried into it. With a smile, Malik moved to his dresser and retrieved his cell phone, flipping it open and turning on the camera.

'He looks so peaceful,' he thought as he took a picture and set it as the background image for his phone's main screen. 'There. Now it's officially my phone."

AN: Want to know why that scene is important? Well you'll just have to read the sequel to find out.

And to answer your question, no. There is no lemon scene. And even if there was, they didn't "go all the way".

Sorry if that spoils it for you. XD But at least I'm not going to tell you when that scene takes place. Mwahaha

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